That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 171

Why, Ethan Knight (3)

That being said, there was one thing that Charles agreed with Elijah about–Lucas did leave behind
quite a lot of possessions and so many houses, which would be enough for them.

Little did they know that this was far from over, though.

They had yet to work out a solution when Mr. Lector arrived at the Woland Residence with lots of
reporters. Before Charles could figure out what was going on, the reporters dashed up to him and
showered him with praise, making him dizzy.

Only then did Mr. Lector say, “Old Mr. Woland, you’re so kind and generous. Right now, all you need is
to sign your name, and we’ll have everything donated according to your wishes to help those in need.
Please sign this document, Old Mr. Woland.” He handed a document and a pen to Charles.

Despite being dizzy at being lavished with praise, Charles wasn’t completely befuddled yet. “What is

Mr. Lector replied flawlessly, “This is a document signed by Mr. Pierce Woland and Miss Alice Woland
to give away all the estate left by Lucas Woland and his wife. They said this is what you want, so they
will respect and lend you their support on this, Old Mr. Woland.”

Charles was absolutely stupefied. When did I say I wanted to give away those things? They’re all mine,
so why should I give them away? However, there were so many reporters present at this moment. If he
were to say he wasn’t going to donate anything, he would probably be torn apart. The reporters had
purposely flattered him just now. If he were to refuse to sign the document right now, not only would he
be objecting to it, but he would also be going back on his word. Moreover, Pierce and Alice had signed
the document, so he could no longer keep the fortune even if he wanted. However, those things were

all his. He didn’t want to give them away, and he mustn’t give them away either. If he were to do so,
how was he going to get by in the future?

Leaning close to Charles‘ ear, Mr. Lector whispered, “Old Mr. Woland, my client said that if you refuse
to give it away, he will sell off the estate of Lucas Woland and his wife at one dollar. As their son, he
absolutely has the right to do so, by which time you’ll only end up losing your reputation without gaining

In an instant, Charles‘ face paled several shades. In reality, he didn’t know much about the law, but the
attorney didn’t seem to be lying to him. And besides, he had no other choice at this very moment. If he
refused to sign the document right now, he might become the object of criticism. Despite his
resentment, he couldn’t do anything about the situation at this very moment. In the end, he had no
choice but to sign the document. With so many reporters surrounding him and the attorney urging him,
he didn’t even manage to read closely what was written on the document.

Seeing him sign the document, the reporters showered praise upon him again.

Charles‘ face went livid at their words.

Elijah was totally stunned. What on earth is going on here?

Mr. Lector left with the signed document. As soon as he left, a group of people came in to pack things

Everything in the Woland Family was part of the estate left by Lucas and his wife, so all of them would
be given away. The group of people checked everything without leaving anything behind; Alice didn’t
even leave a needle for Charles and the others. After sorting everything out, the group of people
immediately chased Charles and others out of the house, saying, “Old Mr. Woland and Mr. Woland,

please move out of here as soon as possible. This house has been donated to us, too, so we’re going
to take over it.

Having just returned from shopping, Sophia was still unaware of what had happened. Seeing people
moving things away from home, she instantly panicked. “What are you doing? Why are you moving our


These people ignored her and kept on moving things. After all, they were justified in doing so.

Of course, this wasn’t only happening at the Woland Residence. The same thing happened at all
properties under the name of Lucas and Sienna, too,

Over the past seven years, those in the Woland Family had occupied Lucas and his wife’s family
property. In the past, Alice had been lenient with them for the sake of their kinship, but now, she
mercilessly settled the score with them, even going so far as to donate the family’s residence that was
located in the countryside. She really didn’t leave anything behind for those in the Woland Family.

In just a single day, those in the Woland Family lost everything and were driven out without even a
place to stay. Since everything in their houses was either moved away or sealed, they didn’t even
manage to take anything out with them.

The Wolands had gotten a lot of money from Lucas and the Glenn Group over the years, but they were
already used to spending money like water. The Glenn Group had been in a slump in recent years and
thus hadn’t made any money, so the Wolands didn’t have much savings left. One could really say that
they had become homeless in just a single day.

It was nothing if they had always been poor and were used to living a hard life, but these people had
been living a life of opulence and luxury by leeching off Lucas like parasites over these years. Now that
they were suddenly left without anything, how could they possibly stand it?

Charles had some money left in his hands, though. He wanted to keep up appearances and was used
to living a life of luxury over these years, so he checked into a decent hotel.

At this moment, the Wolands were all packed into the hotel room that Charles checked into.

Unable to withstand such a disparity, Sophia swore tearfully, “What a pair of ungrateful b*stards! How
could they actually drive their own grandparents into a corner like this?!” It was quite something for her
to have the cheek to consider herself Alice and Pierce’s grandmother. After all, she knew that Lucas
wasn’t her own son, so what entitled her to say that she and Charles were their grandparents? At this
very moment, she swore at Pierce and Alice as if justice were on her side, forgetting how they had kept
hunting down Alice and how they had schemed against her.

At this moment, Elijah was at a complete loss for what to do. He could only turn to look at Charles,
asking, “Dad, what should we do now?”

Charles looked sullen while pursing his lips. He never expected so many things to happen in just a
single day. Not only did they end up losing the Glenn Group, but they also lost those family
possessions; they weren’t even able to keep anything. In the end, they only managed to take some
clothes with them, which they usually wore.

Cunning and wicked as Charles was, he was only an old man from the countryside. In reality, he didn’t
have any good ideas either.

“Dad, you’ve got to do something about this! Now that we’ve lost everything, how will we survive now?”
Bethany burst into tears at once. “We don’t even have a place to stay now, and besides, we have little
money in our hands. I have only a few hundred left in my bank account.”

After Lucas‘ death seven years ago, Charles had ordered that Elijah take over the Glenn Group and
distribute money to everyone every month, so they were able to receive a good amount of money

regularly every month. As they got the money very easily, they had no qualms about frittering the
money away, thinking that however much money they had spent the previous month, they would
receive it again

the next month.

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