That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 173

Why, Ethan Knight (5)

Bruce was startled for a moment before he quickly nodded. “Yes, yes, you’re right. I’ll have it arranged
so that Galerprises won’t have any chance,” he replied. “You’re getting smarter now, Alice. The tender
submission will begin in two hours. I still have to make some preparations, so I’ve got to go.” At this
moment, he was still gazing at Alice affectionately, but he no longer mentioned the subject of marrying
her. Obviously, he was going to turn his back on her before he even succeeded in getting what he

Alice sneered inwardly. Can he be even more disgusting than this? Well, this is a good thing, anyway.
Had he not been so despicable and greedy, my plan wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. She had spent
seven years making the arrangements. At first, she had wanted to find more evidence, so she mustn’t
rush to catch the bad guys. However, now that there was a new turn of events on Charles’ side, she
could be even more ruthless toward the Yeager Corp, by which time she would let both sides fight each
other to make it easier for her to find more evidence.

When the tender submission began two hours later, Bruce entered the hall with a swagger. He already
had everything arranged so that Galerprises, which was supposed to submit its tender document
before him, would do so after him instead. As long as he announced his bid first, Galerprises would
have no choice but to admit defeat and watch him secure the project.

It was useless even if there were people involved who knew the contents of Galerprises’ tender
document. After all, their having read the document couldn’t be considered as evidence. Even if
everyone knew that the tender document in his hands was originally Galerprises’ own, no one would
have proof of it. As long as he announced his bid first, he would definitely get chosen first, unless
Galerprises could come up with an even better tender document. However, that was totally impossible,
so he was feeling smug right now.

When it was finally his turn, he had his project manager announce his bid. Seeing the visible change in
Archie’s countenance, he almost laughed out loud right away. Archie seemed anxious and panicky; it
seemed that Galerprises could only be eliminated.

After Bruce’s project manager announced his bid, it was clear that the personnel involved were
satisfied. They had a look of approval on their faces, while the representatives of other companies
taking part in the tender submission looked all envious..

Bruce darted a glance at Archie. In the end, he couldn’t help but curl his lips into a smug smile.

Just then, Archie stood up instantly. “I have something to say,” he said. “Mr. Yeager’s tender document
is a carbon copy of Galerprises’ own. I’m now accusing him of stealing trade secrets.”

“Ha!” Bruce laughed at once. “Archie, how dare you accuse me of stealing your trade secret? That’s my
line! You’ve got to have proof to back up your accusations, or I can sue you for slander!”

Archie looked at him with a triumphant smile. “Sorry, but I do have proof of it. My company just had the
tender document in your hands notarized yesterday, and here’s the notarial deed. Would you like to
take a look at it, Mr. Yeager?”

Bruce was instantly stupefied. Who on earth would have a tender document notarized? No, wait a
minute. Tender documents have to be kept confidential in the first place, yet Archie actually had the
tender document notarized? Is he crazy?

“Mr. Yeager, you might find it difficult to understand why I had the tender document notarized. Actually, I
did it for fun… because I had nothing to do.” Archie smiled a dazzling smile. “It can’t be helped. That’s
how capricious I am.”

“How’s your company gonna use the tender document after you had it notarized?” Bruce really couldn’t
figure this out.

“Oh, so you’re worried about this for us? Well, it’s really unnecessary, Mr. Yeager.” Archie smiled even
more happily before casually taking out several documents. “My company has plenty of tender
documents like this one, so it’s really nothing. I never thought you’d value it so much as to steal it. If
you really wanted it, you could’ve just told us. I could’ve absolutely sent you a few of these.”

It couldn’t be more obvious that he was showing off. Would we be short of these documents with Alice’s
help? What a joke! “As for the tender document that we’re going to submit, it’s even better and more
accurate, of course.” He took out another tender document and even purposely waved it in front of
Bruce. “Mr. Yeager, if you wanted to steal our tender document, you should’ve stolen something better.
The one you’d stolen was so bad that we even considered it too hard to be used as toilet paper.”

Bruce was stunned, and his face quickly went through several expressions. He never thought
something he had gone to the trouble of stealing from Galerprises would actually be treated as garbage
by the company. He wasn’t shrewd in doing business, but he wasn’t an idiot either. At this moment, he
finally realized that he had been fooled by Archie. The man must’ve set up this trap for him after finding
out that he was going to steal his company’s tender document. Unfortunately, Alice, that idiot, didn’t
notice this at all, thus making him feel so embarrassed today.

Just then, Archie’s face fell, and he fixed Bruce with a penetrating gaze. “Mr. Yeager, we’ll definitely
hold you accountable for stealing our company’s trade secrets.”

Bruce’s eyes flickered. He could totally shift the blame onto Alice by saying that it was she who had
given him the tender document. He could say Alice had fooled him by claiming that the tender
document was made by her; he could also say he didn’t know beforehand that she had stolen the
tender document from Galerprises. He made up his mind to make a scapegoat out of Alice. “This
tender document was given to me by A-” he began.

As soon as he began his speech, however, Mr. Affleck suddenly said, “Alice once arranged a meeting
between Mr. Yeager and me. At the time, Mr. Yeager wanted to buy our company’s tender document,
but I didn’t agree to it, so I suspect that she had something to do with our company’s tender document
being leaked.”

What Mr. Affleck said did reveal Alice’s involvement in this, but it confirmed Bruce’s guilt, too. Now that
he had said so, Bruce could no longer try to shift the blame onto Alice by saying that he didn’t know this
beforehand. After all, he had directly said to Mr. Affleck that he was willing to buy Galerprises’ tender

This was also part of Alice’s design. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have arranged a meeting between Bruce
and Mr. Affleck. Knowing full well how despicable Bruce was, she definitely wouldn’t give the man any
chance to avoid all punishment.

As a result, Bruce had no choice but to bite back the words on the tip of his tongue.

Archie let Mr. Affleck continue to announce their bid, while he immediately summoned the reporters
who had actually been arranged to be there beforehand. “Our company will file a lawsuit against Bruce
Yeager for stealing our company’s trade secrets. We’ll also have Alice Woland, our company’s
employee, investigated. He immediately announced the company’s decision in public. He and Alice had
agreed on this beforehand for the purpose of dealing with Bruce. Of course, what was more important
was to put up the smoke screen.

The reporters had the situation at the scene and Archie’s speech was on live stream. After watching
the live stream, Charles quickly made a phone call, which the person soon answered. However, the
person clearly sounded impatient. “What’s the matter this time?”

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