That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 174

Why, Ethan Knight (6)

After watching the live stream, Charles quickly made a phone call, which the person soon answered.
However, the person clearly sounded impatient. “What’s the matter this time?”.

The excitement in Charles’ voice was evident at this moment. “Did you watch the live stream just now?
Alice just stole Galerprises’ tender document for Bruce’s sake, and the company’s gonna investigate

and take her to court for this!”

There was a brief silence on the other end of the line; the person was probably checking the news.
After a while, the person replied, “Is she out of her mind?”

“Alice is stupid in the first place, plus she’s head over heels in love with Bruce and would do anything
for him. I already told you that she’s nothing to worry about,” Charles said in an apparently relaxed
voice. He analyzed on his own, “I already told you that she had nothing to do with those things. She’s
just an idiot. If I were Pierce, I wouldn’t tell her anything, so I don’t think she knows anything about him.
Are we still gonna look into her now? Do we still need to get rid of her?”

There was another silence on the other end of the line. Then, the person replied with a chuckle, “Well,
so much for the Morenos. In that case, we’ll let her off for now. As for Pierce, we’ll start elsewhere to
investigate him.”

Charles replied, “Now that Alice got involved in Bruce’s theft of trade secrets, we can seize the
opportunity to get our hands on the Woland Group right now.” This was his main purpose in making the
phone call.

“Yeah, we can do that. The Woland Group has made a lot of money these years, so it’s okay to make it
ours. And besides, we might be able to force Pierce to show himself by doing so. Once he dares to do
that, I’ll make him disappear from this world forever.” The person on the other end did nothing to
conceal their murderous intent.

“You’re right that we mustn’t let Pierce stay alive. Alice is an idiot, but Pierce isn’t. I’m worried that he’s
still alive and has found out some secrets about what happened seven years ago.” Charles also had
ruthlessness written all over his face with complete disregard for his past relationship with Pierce. Of
course, there was another important reason why he wanted to get rid of Pierce-he wanted to take back
the Glenn Group and get his hands on the Woland Group. If Pierce really were still alive, this probably
wouldn’t go smoothly.

At this moment, the two of them thought of Alice as an absolute good-for-nothing. As they thought little
of her, they didn’t watch out for her at all; they even withdrew the men they had initially sent to
investigate her.

Since it was a live stream, Charles wasn’t the only person who watched this.

Ethan received news of the live stream, too.

“Mr. Knight, Archie Moreno said he’s gonna investigate Young Madam Knight. If she really has
something to do with the matter, I’m afraid he’ll even take her to court,” Caleb reported in a low voice.
He was really scared. He had reported this to Ethan a few days ago, at which time Ethan told him to let
her be, which he actually did. But who would’ve thought that the matter would turn out like this? Alice
actually went so far as to steal trade secrets. Caleb didn’t think the theft of trade secrets was the point
here, as this was no big deal for Ethan. The point was Alice had done so for Bruce’s sake, which was…

Caleb gingerly looked up at his boss. When he saw Ethan purse his lips thoughtfully, his legs actually
stopped trembling. Much to his surprise, Ethan didn’t seem very angry.

Indeed, Ethan wasn’t really angry at this moment. He was only puzzled as to why the matter would turn

out like this. Smart as Little Fox is, there’s no way she couldn’t tell that Bruce Yeager was coaxing her,
yet she actually helped him steal the tender document. Why? Why would she do this? Even if she
really did that, with her cleverness, there was no way she would leave behind such an obvious flaw and
wait for others to catch it. As I see it. the situation right now is full of holes. This isn’t supposed to be
her way of doing things! So why on earth would things turn out like this? Just what exactly is her

That being said, he just watched Archie say he was going to investigate her. Archie had said so directly
in front of the reporters, so it was obvious that he wasn’t joking. Well, whatever her purpose and
intention are, I can’t let others investigate my wife. However, he couldn’t ask her directly about this. If
he were to do so, it would appear that he was suspecting her and questioning her. Therefore, he’d
better help her out by getting to the root of it first.

He found a phone number and dialed it. It belonged to Archie, and he saved it after having somebody
look into Galerprises a few days ago.

Caleb stood there without saying a word.

When the phone call was answered, Ethan first politely introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Ethan Knight.”

“H-Huh? You’re Mr. Knight? Are you Ethan Knight?” Archie said on the other end with apparent
bewilderment in his voice; obviously, he was shocked by Ethan’s self-introduction. However, he reacted
quickly enough. The next moment, he asked, “May I know why you called me out of the blue, Mr.

Ethan had always been direct. Without beating around the bush, he came straight to the point. “Forget
about investigating Alice, and I’ll compensate for your losses. Let me hear your conditions.” Naturally,

he already understood the whole situation and knew full well that Galerprises didn’t suffer any losses.
However, what he said indicated that however much Archie demanded as compensation and whatever
conditions he proposed, he would agree to them.

Only then was Archie really taken aback; he was even more astounded than when he suddenly got a
phone call from Ethan for no apparent reason just now. “You’re freaking me out, Mr. Knight. What’s
going on here?” Ethan Knight’s pleading for Alice? What’s going on? Ethan and Alice? What do these
two have to do with one another? Why didn’t I know that? Wait a minute, why should Ethan Knight
plead for Alice? Does Alice need him to plead on her behalf?!

At this moment, Archie almost jumped to his feet and slapped his desk. Why? Why? Why on earth
would Ethan Knight do this? What the heck does Alice have to do with him? This is none of his
business, so why would she need him to plead for her?

Ethan replied, “I think I’ve made myself clear enough. As I said, let me hear your conditions. If I can’t
meet them, there’s still the Knight Family.” Such words carried even greater weight, for they meant that
even the Knight Family could stick up for Alice.

“Ha!” Archie let out a chuckle. “No, I don’t understand what you mean. Alice is just an employee of our
company. Is she related to you in any way, Mr. Knight?” Why would Ethan Knight mention the Knight
Family? Just what did Alice do to get this guy to step in for her? Not only that, he’s even willing to let
the Knight Family intervene in this! I don’t get it!

Ethan stopped Archie’s curious inquiry with just a sentence. “Mr. Moreno, you just have to tell me your


“What if I say no?” Archie asked tentatively. Honestly, the offer Ethan made was really very tempting.

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