That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 175

Divorce (1)

Most importantly, this was an act put on by him and Alice in front of the Wolands and the person hiding
behind the Woland Family. He wouldn’t really investigate Alice, to begin with, so he could absolutely
get something from Ethan without spending a dime. If he were to turn down such a good offer, he
would be doing an injustice to himself.

Ethan fell silent for a moment. Then, he slowly replied, “In that case, I’ll make this a matter within the
Knight Family.”

Caleb was stunned as he looked on. What does Mr. Knight mean by this? He obviously sounds like
he’s gonna throw his weight around!

Once again, Archie was stunned on the other end of the line. Clever as he was, he understood what
Ethan meant, of course. By saying that he would make this a matter within the family, Ethan implied
that he would make Galerprises belong to the Knight Family!

He had long heard about Ethan being ruthless in doing things, and it now seemed that the rumor was
true. But now, Ethan was pleading on Alice’s behalf, and Galerprises was Alice’s company in the first
place. He wondered what Alice would do if Ethan really were to make the company belong to the
Knight Family.

At the thought of this, Archie couldn’t help curling his lips into a smile. For an instant, he wanted to yell
at Ethan, ‘Go ahead and try to make Galerprises belong to the Knight Family, then!‘ and see whether
Alice would let Ethan off for this. In the end, however, he forcibly suppressed the urge to do so. Ethan
was not to be messed with, and he still had no idea what was going on right now. So, he had to ask
Alice about this before deciding on what to do. Letting out a breath in secret, he suppressed all the
mischievous ideas in his mind and replied ambiguously, “I’ll think about your offer, Mr. Knight.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for your reply, Mr. Moreno.” Ethan, who had always been a man of few words, gave a
polite reply.

After hanging up on Ethan, Archie immediately dialed Alice’s number. As soon as he got through, he
yelled, “Alice, I want an explanation!”

Alice was instantly dumbfounded. “An explanation? For what? Did our plan go wrong or something? It’s
been going smoothly, no?” Having devised the plan herself, Alice knew how it was going, of course.
Things had turned out exactly as they had planned.

“No, the plan didn’t go wrong, but something happened, which makes me very curious,” Archie replied
in a loud voice that sounded quite agitated at this moment.

“What is it?” Alice was really dumbfounded; she really had no idea what was going on.

“Ethan Knight just called to ask me to stop investigating you. So, explain to me what’s going on here!”
Archie yelled, once again raising his voice by a few decibels.

Alice was stunned for a moment. “Ethan Knight just called you?” She was equally surprised by this turn


Hearing the tone of her voice, Archie let out a snort at once. “Yeah, that’s right! Not only did he call to
ask me to stop investigating you, he even offered to compensate me, saying he’s willing to fulfill
whatever conditions I propose. Now answer my question: what did you do to make him plead on your
behalf? What’s your relationship with him?”

Hearing the tone of Archie’s voice, Alice knew that she had to explain this. After seven years of
spending time together, she absolutely trusted Archie, so she didn’t hide this from him either. “Caroline

is a

member of the Knight Family.”

For a moment, Archie didn’t realize what she meant. “So?”

Alice explained further, “She already returned to the Knight Family.”

Only then did Archie understand what she meant. But then, his brow furrowed. “And then what?”

Alice pondered for a moment. Then, she said, “After that, Mr. Knight-”

Archie’s countenance changed. He cut her short at once, saying, “Don’t tell me he’s trying to repay
your kindness toward Caroline! I know what kind of a person he is. Even if he wants to repay your
kindness, there’s no way he’ll do so in such a way.” Ethan was a principled man, and he always did
things in a straightforward, simple, and crude way. Therefore, such a roundabout and tactful way of
doing things wasn’t his style at all. Judging from his approach right now, he seemed to have scruples
about something, though it seemed more like he was trying to cherish something.

“I’m staying at the Knight Residence now,” Alice said while letting out a breath in secret. She could
almost predict how Archie was going to react to this.

It was clear that Archie had yet to understand this completely. “You’re staying at the Knight Residence?
Why? You can’t stay there even if it’s for the purpose of looking after Caroline. If people learn about
this, who knows what they’re going to say about this? The Knight Family isn’t the same as the Yeager
Family. Alice, have you ever thought of the consequences—”

Alice had no choice but to explain again, “Ethan and I got a certificate.”

Archie was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he lowered his voice, asking, “What certificate is it?”

“The kind that you must apply for at the city hall with a partner. You know, the kind that many people
will get once they reach a certain age-” Alice wished she could tell Archie directly that she and Ethan
were officially married, but she feared that doing so might upset Archie badly. Well, I’d better be more
tactful by letting him figure it out on his own so that he can take some time to come to terms with it.

As it turned out, Archie reacted much more quickly than Lydia and others did. Apparently, he instantly
figured out what the certificate was for. “You’re really something, Alice! How dare you get married in
secret?! How dare you?!” he chided. After muttering to himself, he yelled immediately, “Alice, I’ll give
you half an hour to come to me. You know the consequences if I don’t get to see you in half an hour!”

Alice knew there were certain things that she couldn’t hide from and had to face up to when it was time
to do so. After pondering for a moment, she asked, “But in what capacity am I supposed to go to you

Archie fell silent at once. He and Alice had just put on such an act. If she were to come to him right
now, they might end up giving themselves away. However, if she were to come over as Tanner West, it
would also reveal some other things.

He struggled to suppress his anger, but he couldn’t do so no matter how hard he tried. “Fine! Could you
first explain why you got married to Ethan Knight?” Despite being unable to meet Alice in person, he
definitely couldn’t let this slide, so he had to know everything he needed to know.

Alice replied honestly, “It was for Caroline’s sake.”

Archie let out a deep breath while trying hard to suppress his emotions. “We’re talking about getting
married here Do you know how serious this is? And yet you married yourself off like that for Caroline’s
sake? How dare you—”

“Our marriage’s a sham. We’ll get divorced.” Alice didn’t hide this from Archie. Most importantly, of
course, it was clear that she could no longer hide it from him.

Archie was rendered speechless; it took him a few seconds to find his voice. “What do you mean? The
marriage is a sham? You’ll get divorced? What’s all this about?”

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