That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 182

My Wife (1)

“Since you’re our customer, we’re obliged to fulfill your request,” the flight attendant replied calmly
without a trace of an oddity in their tone, seeming as though they were intent on fulfilling the request.

“That wasn’t my request! I didn’t ask for that. I didn’t say that!” Bruce’s expression became increasingly
unpleasant, and his voice trembled noticeably, showing that he was genuinely scared at this moment.
After all, he was frightened because of Ethan’s identity. He realized the flight attendant knew Ethan, so
would they actually tie him to the outside of the plane under Ethan’s order?

“Take this gentleman away.” The flight attendant ignored his words and instructed at once.

“How dare you? This is illegal! I will sue you. I will sue all of you!” His face turned pale with fear, his
voice trembled, and his attempt to display a show of force was clearly ineffective.

“Fine, you can sue us after the plane lands.” The flight attendant remained fearless and dominant.
“Now, take him out.”

“This is insane! You’re all insane! How dare you…” He desperately huddled in his seat, but several
airline staff members approached and unbuckled his seatbelt.

As they approached him, Bruce panicked. He no longer dared to put on a show and turned to Ethan,
dropping to his knees with a loud thud. “Spare me, Mr. Knight, spare me. I was wrong.” In truth, he still
didn’t know what he had done wrong, but no matter what, he decided to apologize first.

However, Ethan didn’t even spare a glance at him. Instead, he kept his gaze fixed on Alice. “Are you
thirsty? Do you want something to drink? Or are you hungry? Do you want anything to eat?”

Bruce might not have been successful in business, but he was quick–witted at times. When he noticed
Ethan’s attitude, his eyes flickered, and he shouted once again, “Alice, please save me…”

“Alice? Do you think you can call her by her name?” Ethan finally turned his gaze toward Bruce, but his
eyes were glacial. “Take him away.”

“Spare me, Mr. Knight! I won’t dare to do it anymore. I promise!” Bruce was truly terrified and at a loss
for what to do.

“What is it that you won’t dare to do?” Ethan glanced at him with slightly narrowed eyes.

Bruce was quite quick to react to this situation. As he glanced at Alice and recalled everything from
moments ago, he quickly said, “I won’t dare do anything to Ali… to Miss Woland again, and I won’t
speak improperly to her.”

“Take him away.” Ethan was relatively satisfied with this response. His expression softened visibly, and
his voice was no longer as cold.

“Mr. Knight, I’ve already made my promise. Please spare me.” Bruce was dumbfounded, for he didn’t
expect that even after begging like this, Ethan still wouldn’t let him off.

The flight attendant found Bruce’s shouts too loud and decided to cover his mouth. Then, she thought
for a moment and gave another instruction, saying, “Blindfold him. That way, he won’t get scared when

sees it.”

By now, Bruce was trembling all over. Since his mouth was covered, he couldn’t make a sound and
could only struggle desperately. However, two people held him firmly, and there was no way he could
break free. Just like that, he was forcibly taken away.

Alice’s eyebrows were slightly arched, but she didn’t say anything or show any other reaction.

When Ethan noticed this, he couldn’t help but smile again. He leaned closer to her ear and deliberately
asked, “You’re not even a little worried about him, are you?”

She simply glanced at him and couldn’t be bothered to respond. Although the Knight Family held
immense power, based on her understanding of Ethan, she knew he was not someone who would
abuse his authority. He wouldn’t tie Bruce to the outside of the plane, considering the harm it would
cause not only to Bruce but also to the airline staff. She guessed that the flight attendant had taken
Bruce away and locked him somewhere on the plane.

Of course, even if Ethan did tie Bruce to the outside of the plane, she would not worry about him at all;
she would only applaud the act. With Bruce gone, no one could disgust her anymore, which improved
her mood.

Noticing her faint smile, he paused for a moment before letting out a laugh. “I’ve noticed that you’re

“Heartless?” Alice cast a fleeting glance at him, feeling indifferent. She had never concealed anything
in front of him since she didn’t need to make him like her.

However, he chuckled lightly. “It’s good. I like it.” He liked her personality.

At his words, she was momentarily surprised, and her lips twitched slightly. “It doesn’t matter whether
you like it or not.”

We shouldn’t have had any connections in the first place, and everything is going to end soon. What
does it matter if he likes my personality or not?

Ethan’s heart skipped a beat. This woman never misses an opportunity to provoke me. Suddenly, he
remembered the phone call she made while dealing with the Woland Family and the words he
overheard her say about true love outside the private room that day. After a sigh, his eyes darkened
slightly as he asked, “Whose liking does it matter, then?”

“It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you.” Alice looked at him and blinked.

With that, he felt a tightness in his chest. Could she be any more direct?

“I’m tired. I’m going to sleep for a while.” She hadn’t slept well last night and had gotten up early to
catch the flight, so she was genuinely tired.

Although he was feeling frustrated and wanted to ask for clarification, he couldn’t bring himself to do it
after seeing the fatigue on her face.

She slept until the plane landed.

“Is there something you need to take care of in Cliaria?” Alice asked him out of courtesy.

“I’m here to keep you company.” Alice had provoked Ethan on many occasions ever since getting
married, so perhaps he had gotten used to it. By now, he had already let go of his anger after what
happened on the plane.

“To keep me company?” Shocked, she looked at him while feeling confused.

“Aren’t you here to visit your brother? Let me keep you company.” He was usually taciturn with others,
but he didn’t hesitate to explain things to his wife when necessary.

As soon as she heard his words, her expression instantly changed. “Did Dr. Wynn tell you something
about my brother?”

He noticed her concern and spoke in a soothing tone. “He did mention something, but it isn’t too
serious. You don’t need to worry too much. We can discuss it when we get there.”

“Okay.” She nodded quickly.

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