That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 180

Ethan’s Scheme (2)

“Sure, sure, sure.” Bruce nodded repeatedly, overjoyed. Mr. Knight actually knows me? He even
initiated a conversation with me and invited me to sit next to him! He was somewhat taken aback by
this pleasant surprise.

After Ethan stood up, Bruce took the seat beside him, but suddenly, Ethan turned around and sat

next to Alice.

At this moment, Alice was stunned, and so was Bruce.

“This is your seat, Mr. Knight.” Bruce didn’t understand what was happening and thought that Ethan
had mistakenly sat on the wrong seat, so he pointed to Ethan’s original seat..

“Oh, I’m not used to sitting with strange men,” Ethan replied, as if it were only natural.

Hearing that, Bruce looked at Ethan, then at Alice, feeling that something was off, but he couldn’t put
his finger on it. Not used to sitting with strange men, but used to sitting with strange women? But I’ve
heard that Mr. Knight has never been interested in women. It’s absolutely impossible for someone like
Alice, who is dumb, foolish, and even disfigured, to catch his eye.

Of course, he would never have thought that Alice was married to Ethan. Even if someone forced him
to believe it, he wouldn’t.

After Ethan sat beside Alice, he casually asked, “Where are you going?”

Alice didn’t plan to hide from him, so she replied, “Cliaria.” In fact, she felt he was asking pointless
questions since the plane was heading directly to Cliaria, so where else could she be going?

With an arched brow, he asked again, “What are you going to do there?”

She just glanced at him but didn’t answer. I’m not talking to you. Who knows why you suddenly
appeared here? Moreover, he came in like he was interrogating a criminal, which made her feel

Meanwhile, Bruce, who was unwilling to be ignored, suddenly spoke up. “Oh, I made plans with Alice to
go to Cliaria together for a trip.”

At his words, Alice widened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief. Who’s going on a trip to Cliaria with
him? Is he out of his mind?! What the f*ck?

“Is that so?” Ethan ignored Bruce, just looking at Alice with calm eyes, revealing no unusual emotions.
However, for some reason, Alice suddenly felt a chill, and she also sensed a dangerous aura.

She wanted to deny it, but if she did, Ethan would surely ask more questions. However, considering
that he already knew about her brother’s situation, there was no harm in telling him. As she was
contemplating, she didn’t answer immediately.

When Ethan noticed that she was not contradicting Bruce’s words, he looked away and focused on the
front. Then, he lightly tapped his fingers on the armrest of the seat. Tap, tap, tap…

Each tap made Alice anxious. It felt as if a small hammer was striking her heart with each beat, and the
sensation was strange, but overall, it made her anxious.

She didn’t know how many times he had tapped, nor did she know how long he would continue. So,
she took a deep breath and whispered, explaining to him, “I’m going to Cliaria for my brother, not with
Bruce. I didn’t even know he was on this flight.”

At her answer, a smile gradually tugged on his lips, and he stopped tapping. His gaze once again
turned to her, and he smiled, looking incredibly charming.

At the same time, she thought of what Bruce had said earlier. It was clear that he saw Ethan sitting
beside her, and Ethan didn’t reject her, so he wanted to use her to get closer to Ethan. This thought
made her feel disgusted, and she was determined not to give Bruce that opportunity. “Don’t mess
around. Don’t let Bruce figure out our relationship.”

Instantly, Ethan’s smile disappeared. What? What does she mean by ‘don’t mess around‘? What does
she mean by ‘don’t let Bruce figure out our relationship‘? Why can’t Bruce know about our relationship?
Am I that shameful to her?

“Let’s change seats, Alice.” Bruce truly lacked self–awareness. He thought that as long as he made a
request, Alice would agree.

At this moment, Ethan’s gaze turned slightly cold. Who does he think he is to dare to command my wife
in such a tone? He then glanced at Alice. She won’t agree, right? If she dares to agree, then I’ll… I’ll
kiss her right now. As this thought crossed his mind, even Ethan himself was taken aback for a
moment. He couldn’t decide whether he hoped she would refuse or agree.

Meanwhile, Alice’s eyebrows visibly furrowed, showing signs of impatience. He is truly disgusting. I
only pretended to go along with him one last time because I had other plans. Does he really think he is
my everything and I should obey him? At this thought, she glanced sideways at Bruce and replied with
just one word, “Scram.”

Her plans were already over, and Yeager Corp was in chaos because of her. Bruce was simply an idiot,
and the Yeager Family no longer held any significance to her. Of course, more importantly, she had
discovered new clues. Although the events from seven years ago were related to the Yeager Family,
Damien was clearly not the mastermind.

To uncover more evidence, she needed to start with the third party behind it all. So now she had no
reason to continue to appease Bruce.

As Ethan was earnestly considering how he would kiss her next, he was stunned by her words. Huh? I
thought she wouldn’t refuse his request. Although he knew she didn’t truly have feelings for Bruce, he
knew she must have had some purpose that required her to listen to Bruce. So, he thought she would
agree. She actually rejected him? And she rejected him so directly, so… rudely. But I like it! That’s my

“Alice…” Bruce also clearly froze, looking at Alice with disbelief. “What’s wrong with you? Mr. Knight is
still here. Don’t make a spectacle of yourself.” He completely failed to grasp the seriousness of the
situation. Is she throwing a tantrum? Perhaps because I said I would marry her earlier but didn’t follow
through, but the bidding didn’t work out in the first place, and she had messed it up. How dare she
have the nerve to throw a tantrum at me? If it weren’t for Mr. Knight being here and me wanting to get
close to him, I wouldn’t even bother this fool.

Alice couldn’t be bothered to pay any more attention to Bruce. Make a spectacle of myself? You are the
one doing that, Bruce. Regardless, she and Ethan were still husband and wife, a family.

“Alice, come oyer here. Don’t disturb Mr. Knight.” Bruce was still not giving up; he was still trying to
establish a relationship with Ethan.

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