That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 179

Ethan’s Scheme (1)

Ethan and Alice’s matter would be completely resolved, and Rosy wouldn’t have to worry about it
anymore in the future.

With furrowed brows, Ethan thought, She went back to her room just like that? I waited here for so
long, and she just went back to rest? She’s the one who said she wanted to talk to me.

Although he was frustrated, there was nothing he could do. After all, she was his wife. What else can I
do? I can only spoil her.

He then got up and went upstairs. As he passed Alice’s room, he tried the doorknob and found that the
door was locked from the inside. At once, his heart sank. Does she really need to guard herself against
me like this? Is this necessary?

After taking a deep breath, he reminded himself not to be impatient and to take it slowly. Little Fox is
still wary of me. I can’t rush things.

Alice had originally planned to handle things with Rosy the next day and leave directly. However, just
before dawn, she received a phone call from Jane, who informed her about some unusual situations
involving her brother. Worried and anxious, she immediately booked the earliest flight.

Before the break of dawn, she hurriedly left the Knight Residence and headed to the airport. She was
too anxious and worried, and the flight was scheduled so soon that she didn’t bother to disguise

The last time she retrieved the document with her brother’s fingerprint, she disguised herself as Tanner
because the trip would raise suspicions about her visiting her brother. However, this time, no one would

know that she was going to see him, and those people were no longer monitoring her. Hence, leaving
openly would actually draw less suspicion.

On the other hand, Ethan woke up early as well and noticed that Alice’s room door was left open. Her
room was slightly messy, especially the clothes in the wardrobe, which had clearly been rummaged

He checked Caroline’s room but didn’t find Alice there. So, he quickly went downstairs but still couldn’t
find her. After that, he took out his phone and dialed her number, but no one answered after several

At that moment, Alice had already arrived at the airport and was busy with the formalities, Her phone
was in her bag, and she had lowered the volume during the night, so she didn’t hear the ringing.

His face darkened gradually, and he decided to call Caleb.

Before long, Caleb returned his call and said, “Mr. Knight, Mrs. Knight bought a ticket for a flight to
Cliaria… Bruce did the same, and their seats are next to each other.”

Caleb’s voice sounded somewhat shocked. What’s going on? Mr. Knight has just solved Mrs. Knight’s
case of business espionage for Bruce, and now she’s trying to elope with him?

Meanwhile, Ethan’s eyes flickered quickly. Yesterday, she said that Caroline had already adapted and
that it was time for her to let go. And today, she’s planning to leave the country with Bruce already?!

Previously, he had been certain that she had no feelings for Bruce, but recent events made him
uncertain. Does she have feelings for Bruce?

After a sigh, he said firmly, “Book me a seat next to her.” I will see for myself what she is up to.

On the other hand, Alice truly didn’t expect to encounter Bruce on the plane, let alone have seats next
to each other. What the hell is going on? I don’t think his case of business espionage has been
resolved. Archie has already filed charges against him and applied for his arrest from the prosecutor’s
office. How can he still appear on a plane?

At this thought, she narrowed her eyes slightly. Archie had just returned to the country with her, and
they had been keeping a low profile. Obviously, their influence within Rodcaster was not enough.
Although Archie has applied for Bruce’s arrest, with Thomas‘ connections in Rodcaster, it wouldn’t be
difficult for him to secure Bruce’s release. Is he trying to escape?

“Alice, what a coincidence,” Bruce said, surprised to see her. As she had guessed, he indeed had the
intention of escaping. Of course, calling it an escape was more like going on a trip. After all, in his
current situation, no one at the company listened to him, and he had nothing to do.

Before she could recover from the shock, she felt a shadow block most of the light. So, she instinctively
looked up, and upon seeing the person in front of her, she became even more stunned. What the hell?
Why is Ethan here too? She didn’t know how to react and just stared blankly at Ethan.

“You’re drooling.” Ethan looked at her with a smile that was incredibly charming, but his words were just
not so pleasant.

When Bruce noticed Alice’s dumbfounded gaze at Ethan, a hint of disgust was clearly displayed on his
face. Oh, she is truly disgusting. Why does she react like this when she sees a hot guy? That’s Ethan
Knight! He’s not someone you can lock your eyes on! Mr. Knight just has a strict upbringing and good
manners; otherwise, he would have kicked you off the plane a long time ago. It’s obvious that he is
displeased with the way she is looking at him. The remark he made earlier was clearly meant to
humiliate her, but she is incredibly stupid and doesn’t realize it.

At this moment, neither Ethan nor Alice was paying attention to Bruce, so they were unaware of his

Alice instinctively reached out to wipe the corner of her lips, only to realize that she had fallen into
Ethan’s trap. Feeling frustrated, she sighed secretly. She had initially planned to change her seat, but…

Bruce and Alice were seated next to each other, with Bruce by the window and Alice by the aisle.
Seizing this rare opportunity to be on the same flight as Ethan, Bruce wanted to get closer to him.
“Alice, let’s switch seats. You can sit by the window, and I’ll sit by the aisle. If you need anything, I’ll be
at your service.”

Alice could clearly see his intentions, but his suggestion aligned with her thoughts, for she noticed that
Ethan had already taken a seat just an aisle away. She felt that he was somewhat dangerous at the
moment, and her instincts urged her to maintain a distance. While she didn’t believe she had provoked
him, her innate response was to avoid potential hazards.

When Ethan saw her moving to the window seat as Bruce suggested, his eyes narrowed slightly, and
he suddenly stood up. “How about you sit with me, Mr. Yeager? There’s an empty seat next to me.”

“Sure, sure, sure. Bruce nodded repeatedly, overjoyed. Mr. Knight actually knows me? He even
initiated a conversation with me and invited me to sit next to him!

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