That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 178

Divorce (3)

“Mr. Knight, thank you for… looking out for me.” Alice felt truly grateful to Ethan for giving Archie the
call. Although he didn’t help much, she still appreciated his kindness. However, she couldn’t reveal her
relationship with Archie, so she couldn’t directly express her gratitude.

Meanwhile, Ethan looked at her without saying anything. Why is she thanking me for looking out for
her? Isn’t that what I should do? Is this something she should thank me for?

Since she was used to his silence, she didn’t think much about it and went straight to her point. “Mr.
Knight, it has been some time since Caroline moved into the Knight Residence, and she has
completely adapted to life here.”

“Well, she has a good ability to adapt.” He agreed on this point.

“So, I think it’s time for me to let go. Even though the time isn’t…” She wanted to mention that the six-
month period they had agreed upon had not elapsed, but since Caroline had already adapted, she
could leave early.

“Alice? You guys are still awake?” Rosy, who happened to come downstairs, suddenly interrupted her
words. “Well then, Alice, I bought a few things today that I think would suit you. Come upstairs with me
and take a look.” She rushed up to Alice and reached out to hold her.

Rosy words and actions left Alice puzzled as she was the one who made her sign an agreement as
soon as she entered the Knight Family, so she had always been cold and distant toward her. Why is
she suddenly so friendly?

She couldn’t just accept things from Rosy casually, so she politely refused. “Thank you, Rosy, but it’s

“Then, can you help me see if the things I bought for myself look good on me?” However, Rosy didn’t
let go of Alice but insisted on pulling her upstairs.

Alice felt that Rosy was Caroline’s family after all, so she couldn’t easily reject her and embarrass her.
In the end, she could only stand up reluctantly.

“Alice and I are in the middle of a conversation, Mom.” Ethan was listening to Alice’s words, but before
he could figure out the meaning behind what she was saying, he was interrupted by his mother just like
that. This made him a little dissatisfied. Now his mother even wanted to take Alice away directly, so he
couldn’t help but protest.

“I’m just borrowing your wife for a while. Do you have to be that anxious? Can’t you wait for a while?”
Rosy glared at him and then pulled Alice toward the stairs.

Hearing that, Ethan rubbed his nose. I’m quite anxious, indeed. However, the way his mother called
Alice ‘your wife‘ sounded pleasant to his ears, and he couldn’t bring himself to compete with his mother
for his wife. So, the words he wanted to say remained unsaid.

Meanwhile, Alice followed Rosy upstairs, and when she made sure Ethan couldn’t see them, she
directly asked, “Is there something you wanted to talk to me about, Mrs. Knight?”

“It’s nothing, really. I just heard you say that Caroline has adapted, and you want to let go. Are you
planning to leave?” Rosy lowered her gaze slightly to conceal her guilt.

“Yes. Since Caroline has fully adapted now, I plan to leave early.” Alice naturally wouldn’t hide this from

“So soon?” Rosy exclaimed. After realizing her slip of composure, she quickly added, “When do you
plan to leave then?”

“In the next couple of days. By then, I will sort things out with Mr. Knight.” Alice thought that since she
and Ethan were legally married and had also signed the agreement, these matters needed to be

“Why the rush? You can stay a little longer. I can see that Caroline doesn’t want to let you go either.”
There was a hint of guilt in Rosy’s eyes, and her voice became slightly softer.

“I will leave sooner or later. Now that Caroline has adapted, it’s best for her if I leave now.” Alice was
accustomed to considering everything for Caroline’s sake, so she thought through many things in

After a moment of hesitation, Rosy said softly, “You don’t need to trouble Ethan in some matters. You
can come to me, and I will handle them directly. He is a man after all, and there might be some things
that he can’t handle gracefully.”



handle everything on my behalf, Mrs. Knight?” Alice’s eyes flickered lightly.

At her question, Rosy nodded repeatedly. “Sure. I can handle everything for you.”

“Alright, I’ll deal with the procedures with you tomorrow, and if possible, I’ll move out tomorrow as well.”
Alice didn’t think too much about it. For her, it didn’t matter who handled the matter as long as it was
done well. After all, when they got married, she wasn’t even present. Ethan had just sent Caleb to
collect the marriage certificate, so Rosy should be able to handle these things as well.

After that, Rosy specifically added, “Okay, I’ll talk to Ethan about it.”

“Okay.” Alice nodded indifferently. Although she and Ethan had signed a marriage certificate and lived
together for several months, they weren’t actually close. Ethan was usually silent and not someone she
could have a proper conversation with. Since Rosy was willing to take care of everything, she couldn’t
ask for more.

Rosy didn’t take Alice to her room, so there was naturally nothing to see. They had their conversation
in the corridor on the third floor.

Alice had initially planned to talk to Ethan about Caroline, but now that Rosy said she would handle
everything, she simply told her the situation. After going downstairs from the third floor, she didn’t return
to the hall on the first floor but went straight back to her room on the second floor.

On the other hand, Ethan had been waiting in the hall for a long time but didn’t see his wife return.
However, he thought that it might not be appropriate for him to disturb their rare mother–daughter–in-
law time, so he continued waiting in the hall.

It wasn’t until Lawrence returned and Rosy came downstairs alone that he looked at his mother in
confusion. “Mom, where’s Alice?”

“She came downstairs earlier. We talked for a while, and she came down after that. Didn’t you see
her?” Rosy glanced at her son. “Could she have gone directly to her room to rest?” In fact, she knew
that Alice had gone back to her room as soon as she came downstairs. This was what she liked about
Alice, for Alice had truly kept her word and not grown any feelings for Ethan.

Of course, for Alice to go straight to her room without going downstairs to find Ethan not only satisfied
her but also relieved her. She was genuinely concerned about the agreement being discovered by her
son. However, since Alice said that she would move out tomorrow after handling some things, this
matter would be completely resolved. She wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore in the future.

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