That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 187

Ethan’s Wrath (2)

When Ethan returned home later that night, he didn’t seem happy. After all, he didn’t think Justin would
be so tight-lipped about Alice’s matter. As someone close to Justin, Ethan found it strange for the
former to hide something about Alice from him. Why would he do that? Apart from that, he was also
surprised to hear about Justin’s unexpected return, considering how rare he came back to Rodcaster.
Something tells me there is a reason behind his return this time.

Upon returning home. Ethan was upset when he didn’t see Alice anywhere. He then tried to give her a
call, only to realize her phone had been switched off, which made his face darken even more. Although
he immediately told Caleb to search for Alice, he still had no luck at all as he didn’t get a reply from his
subordinate. It was then that he realized there was nothing he could do if Alice wanted to leave him.

In the meantime, Lorien was still in the manor where she woke up to a phone call early in the morning.
“Hey, Grandpa” A bright smile showed on Lorien’s face the moment she answered the call.

“What do you mean by the text message you sent me yesterday? Does it mean there is going to be a
wedding that I can attend soon? Am I going to be a grandfather soon? Are you getting married?” The
voice on the other side of the phone sounded energetic and happy.

Oren wondered why Holland would call her so early in the morning until she quickly thought of the text
message she sent him the night before. Well, you got the wrong idea, Grandpa. “No, it’s not me,
Grandpa. It’s

Lorien smiled and excitedly said, “Ethan is married.” Deep down, she was curious to know how and
would react upon hearing the news.

Holland paused speechlessly for a while and snapped out of his trance. “What did you just say? Is
Ethan married?” The old man raised his voice.”

“Yes, Ethan is married. His wife is an adorable young lady. Lorien expressed her liking for Alice.

“Why wasn’t I informed about that? How could he keep me in the dark about his marriage? Nobody told
me anything about it.” Holland was evidently pissed. “That b*stard! How could you hide something like
this from me? What is he up to? Where is he now?” Holland would give Ethan a rough beating if he
was standing right in front of him.

“He is at home now.” Lorien could barely hold in her laughter when she heard Holland’s response.

“Hand the phone over to Ethan. I want to talk to him.” Holland wanted to question Ethan’s motives for
hiding his marriage from him.

Soon, Lorien made her way to Ethan’s room and knocked on the door with the phone in her hand.
“Come in.” Ethan, who was awake, was waiting for news about Alice while attending to an unexpected
situation at work. When he heard the knock on the door, he naturally assumed it was Alice and was
frustrated with the thought that she left without telling him. Thank God she still knows her way back
home. Anyway, I can still forgive her as long as she gives me an explanation.

As soon as Lorien turned the doorknob and opened the door, she saw Ethan sitting by the window and
attending to his work. At the same time, he appeared to be wearing the same outfit he had worn the
day. before. Seeing that, Lorien went on to make herself easy and walked into the room. “You’re still
here?” Ethan looked at the lady in surprise, having no idea that Lorien was in the house the whole time.
After all, Lorien was already in bed when he came back the night before, which was why he thought
she had left.

“Ouch! I know you don’t care much about me, but that hurts. How could you neglect me like I don’t
exist?” Lorien pursed her lips, wondering how Ethan didn’t know that she was still in the house.

“Is there anything important? If there isn’t, you should go.” Ethan didn’t seem interested in entertaining

Lorien Although he would be sure to take care of any problem Lorien ran into, he usually treated her
with a nonchalant attitude.

“Your grandpa called. He wants to talk to you.” Lorien had no hard feelings toward Ethan’s indifference,
for she had already gotten used to it.

“What’s the meaning of this, you b*stard?! How could you not tell me about your marriage? How dare
you hide it from me?!” Holland snapped at Ethan, accusing his grandson of keeping him in the dark
about his marriage, he had been waiting for that day to come for almost three decades. How am I
supposed to accept this?

“Didn’t Dad tell you about it?” Ethan raised his eyebrows, thinking his father had relayed this to his

Holland went silent on the other end of the phone for a while and asked, “Does your dad know about
your marriage?”

“Yes, of course. I thought he told you about it. Ethan responded honestly but quickly admitted on the
inside that it was his fault for not telling Holland about it himself. Nevertheless, he believed Holland
wouldn’t blame him for that because of his father’s protection.

“Good! Every one of you here is beginning to defy me. That’s great!” As Ethan expected, Holland
shifted his anger away from him. “Just wait and see, people. I’m going to teach you guys a lesson.
Here I come!” Holland snarled madly and hung up the phone.

Ethan then rubbed his nose guiltily, thinking Holland was indeed mad this time. On the day that they
became legal spouses, both of them went elsewhere for a business trip, so Ethan thought Lawrence
had told Holland about it.

No wonder I hadn’t heard much from Grandpa until that phone call came in. As Ethan hadn’t carried on
with his wedding. Ethan thought Holland didn’t permit it because of concerns related to Caroline’s
identity. However, it was now that he realized Holland had been kept in the dark all along. Well, things
are going to be eventful at home.

“Ethan, Grandpa seems mad. Lorien was curious about the development of events.

“Get lost.” Ethan gave Lorien an unhappy glare, blaming her for everything that happened.
Nevertheless, he knew Holland would soon find out about the matter even if Lorien didn’t tell Holland
about it. It’s not like Grandpa will never find out; it’s just a matter of time.

“Fine, I’ll make myself scarce,” Lorien responded with a smile instead of anger.

Nonetheless, Lorien suddenly stopped in her tracks just when she was heading toward the door.
“Ethan, do you guys share the same room?” she asked after she failed to see any signs that might
suggest another woman had been in Ethan’s room, not to mention the fact that Alice was nowhere to
be seen inside. In response, Ethan only gave Lorien a chilly stare.

“Wait, seriously? Don’t tell me you and Alice have been sleeping separately!” Lorien acted as if she had
just discovered a big secret. When Ethan’s face darkened, it only served to confirm her suspicions.
Gosh! That’s unbelievable! Lorien was surprised by the revelation, but at the same time, she also found
it amusing since she didn’t think Ethan would end up in such a position. Well, it’s obvious that you’ve
fallen for her, Ethan, which is why you both sleep separately. She must have been against the idea of
sharing the same bed. This is getting interesting!

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