That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 185

The Love Rival (2)

“Well, I guess I should leave you both to it. I shall return to my room.” Alice reckoned she should
sensibly walk away at that moment, thinking it wasn’t appropriate for her to be a third wheel around
them. Therefore, she quickly made her way to her room upstairs as soon as she finished her sentence
without even waiting for Ethan to respond. Meanwhile, Ethan was left with a darkened expression on
his face as he watched Alice leave.

“Wait a minute, isn’t she the babysitter? Who is she, then?” Lorien could tell from Ethan’s darkened
look that she had gotten the wrong idea about who Alice was. Apparently. Alice was not who she
thought she was. After all, she naturally assumed that Alice was the babysitter since she hadn’t
admitted or denied it.

“Is she your soulmate or lover? Your girlfriend, perhaps?” Before Ethan could answer her question, she
went on and kept guessing even though she didn’t expect an answer from Ethan. Knowing him, he’ll
respond to my question with nothing but silence.

“I’m married.” Ethan revealed the answer, refusing to keep her guessing all day.

“Y–You’re married?” Lorien couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise and disbelief, for she didn’t expect to

that answer.

Lorien gulped and blinked as everything began to dawn on her. “So, is she your young


Ethan didn’t answer the lady’s question but instead turned grimmer. What do you mean by saying she’s
my young wife? Do I look old to you? I’m only three years older than her, you know.

When Ethan didn’t deny it, Lorien quickly knew she was right. Thus, she chuckled gleefully and said,
“Why do I have a feeling that she doesn’t love you that much? In fact, it even looks like she’s trying to
bring us together.”

“You talk too much” Ethan glared at Lorien angrily as a sign of warning, and he spoke intimidatingly. I
can tell what Alice is up to by myself. There is no need for you to remind me, lady!

At the thought of that, he felt a strong urge of strangling Alice to death for rewarding his love unfairly.
Then, when he noticed that Lorien was already finished with her dishes, he couldn’t help but feel even
more annoyed about it. After all, he had never tried his own wife’s cooking before, yet Lorien beat him


“Come on, why are you so mad? I was just saying. You don’t have to be so worked up, plus I’ve never
seen you acting so emotionally before.” Lorien’s eyes were filled with excitement as she knew Ethan
was someone who wouldn’t get emotional so easily, but he seemed to be mad over something she
deemed trivial this time. “Hmm, I’m sensing some other possibilities here. Could I be right?” Lorien
grew even more curious after finishing her meal.

Upon hearing the lady’s words, Ethan gazed at the lady with a pair of furrowed eyebrows, trying to
figure out the meaning behind her words.

“Could she be pretending as if she doesn’t care about you at all to hide her jealousy? Could she be
crying alone in her own room every time she does that?” Lorien reckoned her hypothesized scenario
was highly likely, considering how outstanding Ethan was. As such, she didn’t think there was any
woman who could resist his charm.

Ethan was stunned, glaring at Lorien before he rose from his seat and headed upstairs. Seeing the
man’s reaction, Lorien was slightly surprised; it seemed to her that Ethan was taking her word for it,

although what she said about Alice earlier was just her mere speculation. He seems desperate, which
means he really cares about her. In that case, it looks like he’s fallen for her during the marriage.

At the thought of Ethan’s feelings for Alice, Lorien couldn’t believe why she hadn’t received about their
marriage; even Charles hadn’t heard anything about it either.

any news

Having been by Charles‘ side all this time, Lorien was convinced he had no idea about Ethan’s
marriage with Alice, not to mention the fact that she just came from that old man’s place. What’s going
on? How come Ethan didn’t say a thing about his marriage to Charles? What’s that woman doing in her
room? Is she crying sadly like I think she is? I’d be happy if she is, but what if she isn’t?

In the meantime, Ethan, who had just gone upstairs, made his way to Alice’s room. Before he could
even reach for the doorknob, he could already hear her laughter from the inside. As his eyes darkened,
he opened the door straight away without even bothering to knock. Then, he saw Alice lying on her
belly in the bed with her carphones on as she appeared to be happily chatting with someone through a
video call. Crying sadly? That’s not even close!

Meanwhile, Alice, who was too absorbed in her video call, wasn’t aware of Ethan’s presence due to the
earphones that prevented her from hearing any movement. At that moment, she was busy talking to
Apollo over the video call without paying too much attention to her surroundings. More importantly, she
didn’t think Ethan would come bothering her; instead, she believed he must be having a sweet time


Shortly after, she turned around and realized the lighting right in front of her had turned dimmer. It was
then that she saw Ethan standing right in front of her bed. In that instant, she felt cold sweat trickling
down her forehead, and she asked herself how she hadn’t noticed him at all.

Damn it! That was close! Thank god I told Apollo to fetch something for me. I doubt he saw Apollo.
Alice then secretly ended the video call. She didn’t want anyone from the Knight Family to know about
Apollo, including Ethan.

The moment Ethan saw Alice ending the video call, he squinted and radiated a menacing aura. “When
did you come in?” Alice nervously gasped for breath but did her best to calm herself down.

“What’s wrong? Why can’t I come in?” Ethan responded with a tone cold enough to send chills down
anyone’s spine.

“Where is Miss Thelva? Don’t you have to keep her company?” Alice took a deep breath and wondered
what was wrong with Ethan. Shouldn’t he feel happy that the woman is visiting?

Ethan’s face darkened, and he felt a strong urge to strangle Alice to death. On the other hand, Alice
pursed her lips in silence when she saw the scary look on his face. He’s obviously pissed now. I’d be
foolish to pick a fight with him now.

“Who were you talking to over the phone?” Ethan felt panicky, recalling the happy look on Alice’s face
when he entered her room. How could she leave me alone with that woman and return to her bedroom
just to chat with someone else so happily?

Alice blinked, trying to figure out an explanation. After all, she didn’t want to expose Apollo until she
resolved her conflict with the Woland Family. However, her phone started ringing just then, and it was
Apollo’s customized video call ringtone. Alice was stunned, and her eyelids twitched uncontrollably.
Damn it! I told Apollo to show me something, and he’s back now. I ended the call earlier, so he must be
calling back now without knowing what’s going on here!

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