That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 183

My Wife (2)

“Okay.” Alice nodded quickly.

The two of them then rushed to Zayn’s research institute.

Yesterday night, Jane called Alice to inform her that Pierce’s heart rate was abnormal. After ending the
call with Alice, Jane took Pierce to Zayn’s research institute.

“Mr. Knight? Are you actually here in person?” Zayn was genuinely surprised when he saw Ethan.
“Who managed to convince you to come?”

“He’s my brother–in–law,” Ethan replied naturally, his expression and tone casual. After that, he
introduced Alice to Zayn as she stood beside him. “She’s my wife.”

When Alice heard his introduction, she was stunned. Aren’t we keeping our marriage a secret? Well,
perhaps it’s because we are in Cliaria and not many people know us.

Zayn’s face showed a hint of surprise, but he quickly regained his composure and greeted Alice
politely, “You’re Mrs. Knight, eh? Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” She smiled politely. “Dr. Wynn, I want to know my brother’s current condition.”
She was too worried about Pierce’s condition, so she didn’t bother much with pleasantries.

“Considering how he’s been in a coma for seven years, Mr. Woland’s condition is not looking good.”
Zayn’s expression became serious when discussing the matter.

Her heart sank at his words. Does this mean there’s no hope that Pierce will wake up?

Seeing her expression, Ethan immediately frowned and retorted, “Don’t make it sound so mysterious.
My wife is timid and easily scared.”

“No, but his condition is indeed quite serious.” Zayn wanted to protest, but after meeting Ethan’s gaze,
he changed his words. “As a doctor, I don’t have a hundred percent certainty…”

Alice’s eyes instantly lit up. “In other words, is there hope that my brother will wake up?”

Hearing that, he coughed slightly. “I don’t—” When he felt Ethan shoot a cold glance at him, Zayn
quickly changed his statement. “Of course, there is hope. I will do my best to help him wake up.”

“That’s wonderful!” She was on the verge of happy tears, for she had waited for seven years and
consulted numerous doctors, but none of them could help. Now, she finally saw a glimmer of hope.

“I’ve never seen someone like you.” Zayn rolled his eyes at Ethan.

However, Ethan didn’t pay any attention to him at all. As long as his wife was happy, nothing else

Zayn was somewhat stunned. Is he really the Ethan I know? I can’t even bear to look at him like that.
As such, he decided to ignore Ethan and turn to Alice instead. “Mrs. Knight, let me explain Mr.
Woland’s treatment plan to you.”

“Yes, please.” She nodded repeatedly.

Zayn began explaining, using many professional terms that she couldn’t understand. However, she still
listened attentively because she didn’t want to miss any information about her brother,

As Ethan glanced at her, he asserted himself once again. “Make it simpler. Explain it in terms that my
wife can understand,” he ordered.

Zayn’s heart skipped a beat at those words. He was already providing a simplified explanation, but
since Ethan had spoken up, he had no choice but to comply. “Yesterday, I performed the first treatment
on Mr. Woland, and he showed some response. The abnormal heart rate last night was not necessarily
a bad thing: it indicates that he still has some sensory perception of the outside world.”

“In other words, his abnormal heart rate is a result of the treatment taking effect, am I right?” Alice
finally understood this time.

Zayn wanted to provide a more in–depth explanation, but after considering Ethan’s earlier remark, he
decided to withhold some of the technical details and answered, “Yes, you could say that. You don’t
need to worry.”

“Okay.” She became visibly relaxed, and a smile finally appeared on her face. Pierce has a better
chance of waking up now. Finally! This is truly wonderful news.

She stayed in Cliaria for another two days and kept Pierce company, whereas Ethan stayed by her side
the entire time. Although she asked him several times to attend to his matters and not stay with her, he
refused each time.

Two days later, she boarded the plane back to Rodcaster along with Ethan. She couldn’t help but feel
that something was off.

As soon as they arrived in Rodcaster, Ethan had arranged for a car to pick them up. Alice didn’t make a
fuss, considering that she used a special passage under his arrangements, and with him inside the car,
no one could see him or expose anything. However, after getting in the car and traveling for a while,
she realized that they weren’t heading toward the Knight Residence.

He seemed to sense her confusion and explained, “My parents have taken Caroline out today. No one
is at home. I own a house nearby, and since it’s late, let’s stay there for now.”

Indeed, the past few days had been tiring for her. She wanted to go home quickly and rest, so she
didn’t say anything.

When they arrived at the villa, she asked where the guest room was and went directly to the room with
her luggage. She was truly exhausted and in need of rest..

That left Ethan visibly taken aback. Seeing her tired expression, he decided to suppress the words on
the tip of his tongue. We still have a long way to go, so there’s no rush. I should let her rest well tonight.

After Alice took a shower and got ready for bed, she received some photos from Cea. As she looked at
the photos, she froze for a moment. In each photo Cecilia sent her, Ethan was accompanied by a

‘I found these online. Cecilia’s message followed.

‘Oh, Alice replied with a calm and indifferent tone.

Seeing that, Cecilia sighed secretly, knowing that Alice truly had no feelings for Ethan. However, a
woman’s curiosity and love for gossip were unstoppable at times. ‘Based on the photos, they probably
have some sort of special relationship. Look, here are photos of them going to a hotel together, and
there are also photos of this woman coming out of his house. When Mr. Knight is with her, his
expression isn’t as cold as usual. It’s obvious that they’ve known each other for a while and have been
in contact. These photos range from ten years before just a month ago. But strangely, every time such
articles surface, they get suppressed before they can spread. If I hadn’t pulled some strings, we
wouldn’t have been able to find

this information at all.

Alice believed Cecilia’s words and trusted her abilities. Indeed, these photos were not something an
ordinary person could find.

“This woman is a famous model, but she’s been developing her career in Perou. However, every time
she comes to Rodcaster, she’ll reach out to Mr. Knight. Rather, she comes to Rodcaster to visit him
every time. What do you think is the relationship between this woman and your husband?‘

This was what Cecilia was most concerned about. She wanted to know the relationship between Ethan
and the woman in the photos.

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