That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 190

Appeasing Mr. Knight

However, it sounded like Ethan’s anger hadn’t subsided at all. Instead, he sounded even more agitated.
Could it be that Miss Thelva didn’t go back?

“Wherever you are, come back within an hour,” Ethan ordered harshly without waiting for her to finish
speaking. He didn’t want to listen to her anymore as her words would only make him angrier.

As soon as the call ended, Alice glanced at the phone and then at Apollo, who was sleeping beside her
as she rarely had the chance to keep the little guy company. Her eyes flickered as she wondered
whether Lorien had really left, which was why Ethan was so furious. If Miss Thelva did leave, wouldn’t I
be digging my own grave if I go back now?

After thinking it through, Alice thought that she should first give Lorien a call to confirm. In order to not
wake Apollo up, she took the phone and headed to the balcony before dialing Lorien’s number.

When Lorien saw Alice’s number on the phone, she couldn’t help but smile. Instead of answering the
call, she looked at Ethan and said, “Alice is calling me. What do you think she’ll say?”

Ethan’s gaze turned cold, and his expression became grave, making him look particularly terrifying. He
had called Alice and told her to come back, but she was calling someone else. What is she up to?

On the other hand, Lorien beamed when she saw Ethan’s ghastly expression. She pressed the answer
button and even put it on speaker.

“Miss Thelva, where are you? Didn’t you return to Lule Villa?” Alice asked without beating around the

“I’m here.” Lorien glanced at Ethan, who was standing beside her, and she couldn’t help but curl up her

“Then why did Mr. Knight call me just now? He was still furious.” Alice was taken aback. Since Lorien
was still at the villa, she couldn’t understand why he was so worked up.

Mr. Knight? Hearing Alice’s address, Ethan couldn’t help falling into deep thoughts. How eager is she to
disassociate herself from me?

“I wasn’t able to appease him.” Lorien’s words intentionally hinted at something.

“How could that be? If you can’t appease him, then no one can.” Alice was stunned, seemingly not
understanding the meaning behind Lorien’s words. Indeed, Alice was dull when it came to matters of


“I have already tried my best, so what else should I do?” Lorien looked at Ethan again and deliberately

“As long as you are there, everything will be fine.” Alice felt that Lorien’s words were rather blunt, so
she didn’t continue with the conversation. After all, it wasn’t something she could participate in since it
wasn’t a matter involving her.

The reason she didn’t go back was to avoid the embarrassment that happened earlier in the morning.
After all, her presence was inappropriate in that situation. She couldn’t understand why Ethan was
infuriated when she was being thoughtful?! Ethan’s expression turned grim as he listened. If Alice
stood in front of him right now, he would have strangled her without hesitation.

With that, Alice hung up the phone directly. She felt that everything should be fine since Lorien was in

villa. If that was the case, she didn’t need to go back. Moreover, she couldn’t go back as she had to
accompany Apollo.

Lorien blinked her eyes as she found her sister-in-law adorable. She was growing to like her more and


“Hahaha!” Lorien couldn’t help but burst into laughter when Alice hung up the call again. Meanwhile,
Ethan’s face was clouded over. He couldn’t believe that Alice left him with another woman just like that.
Doesn’t she understand that she is my lawfully wedded wife?!

“Ethan, since you’re so enraged, you should go to Alice so that you can calm down.” Lorien looked at
Ethan with a smirk and deliberately teased him. The reason she didn’t leave was to add fuel to the fire
for Ethan. Seeing that they still slept in separate rooms even though they were married, if he didn’t
forcefully assert his dominance, with Alice’s level of awareness, who knew how long it would take for
things to change?

Hearing that, Ethan glared at Lorien, and she stuck out her tongue before quickly returning to her room.

Alice thought everything should be fine, so she went to take a shower after hanging up the phone.
However, her phone rang again while she was in the bathroom. Previously, Alice didn’t want to disturb
Apollo’s sleep, so she turned down the volume of her phone. With her being in the shower, the ringtone
was drowned out by the sound of flowing water, so she didn’t hear the phone ringing again.

Apollo, who wasn’t in a deep sleep, was awakened upon hearing the phone ring. After opening his
eyes, he blinked a few times before answering the call.

“Alice, you sure are something.” The moment the call connected, Ethan’s chilling voice, which was full
of murderous intent, could be heard. As Apollo listened to Ethan’s threatening tone, he was slightly

stunned. Who is this? Why is he so fierce? How dare he speak to Mommy like that?

“Alice, if I don’t see you at home in an hour, you will be responsible for the consequences.” Ethan
threatened her without waiting for her to respond, as he didn’t want to hear her speak. This angry man
sounds a lot like Ethan. After a brief contemplation, Apollo turned off Alice’s phone. Who’s Ethan to be
so rude to my mother? He had gone overboard.

Ethan was stunned for two seconds when the call was disconnected. His blood boiled as he never
expected Alice to hang up his call. He took a deep breath and dialed again. Sorry, the number you’ve
dialed is currently switched off.

At that moment, Ethan had the urge to kill. Not only did she hang up his call, but she also turned it off.
Great. Ethan’s face grew darker and his gaze colder when he couldn’t get through to Alice’s phone, as
he didn’t know where to find her since he couldn’t get her on the phone. He had Caleb check on her,
but till now, Caleb still hadn’t found out where she was staying.

The next morning, when Alice woke up, she reached for her phone and found it had been turned off.
She thought it had run out of battery, but when she pressed the power button, it turned on and showed
that the battery was still at 50%. However, she didn’t give much thought to it. Just then, Apollo woke up,
so she casually placed her phone aside and went to make breakfast for him, which was why she didn’t
see the missed call from the last night that Apollo hung up on.

She thought everything was okay. Yesterday, she went back to get something, but after what
happened, she climbed out of the window in a hurry and forgot about everything else.

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