That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 189

Ethan’s Wrath (4)

Moreover, Alice promised Apollo to spend the day with him. Apollo had been staying with the Rowland
Family earlier, and he treated Keith like a father figure. When Alice came back from Cliaria the day
before, Apollo visited her especially to keep her company. Because of that, she made sure no one
knew her schedule yesterday, wanting to protect Apollo from any potential danger.

Although Alice initially had no plans to meet up with Apollo, her son insisted that she accompanied him.
Eventually, she gave in and decided to go along with her son. Furthermore, she didn’t think she would
have time for Apollo later on when she became swamped with important business. Thus, she agreed to
meet Apollo after much hesitation, saving her night for some quality time with her son. I’ll talk about the
rest another day when Ethan is calmer.

On the other hand, Ethan, who had been waiting outside the room all day, decided to reach for his keys
when he didn’t hear anything from the inside. However, when he opened the room, he didn’t see any
signs of Alice. Besides the door, the window was the only exit in the room, which led Ethan to believe
that Alice must have gotten away through the window.

At the sight of that, he grew angry and grabbed his phone to give Alice a call, but to no avail, as no one
answered the phone. Of course! She won’t pick up my call. Why would she after escaping through the
window? Fine, let’s see how long you can remain in hiding. You can run, but you can’t hide forever.

“Oops! It looks like Alice was so scared of you that she escaped from the window.” Lorien was
surprised by what Alice just did. “You’re simply too frightening, Ethan. You’re going to scare away any
woman who tries to come near you.” Lorien could sympathize with Alice, understanding why she
escaped; Ethan’s aggressive approach might have actually scared her off.

“Pack your stuff and get out of here!” Ethan glared at Lorien, showing her the door directly.

Lorien curled her lips upward, thinking Ethan must be in love with Alice, for he was willing to chase her
away because of Alice’s sake.

Thus, she reckoned she needed to give Alice a call to see what was on her mind. Also, she would like
to explain the earlier situation to Alice, knowing Holland wouldn’t go easy on her if he found out.

“Hi, I’m Lorien Thelva!” Lorien introduced herself as soon as the call went through.

“Miss Thelva, how may I help you?” Alice was a little surprised to receive a call from Lorien.

“There is something I’d like to explain to you about. To be honest with you, Ethan and I are not in the
kind of relationship you think we are. It’s all a misunderstanding. I…” Lorien went on to explain herself.

Alice was stunned, blinking rapidly in disbelief. I saw it with my own eyes. How else could it be fake?
She then quickly realized Lorien might have called her to give her an explanation so that she wouldn’t
go around spreading false rumors. At the thought of that, she echoed Lorien’s words and said, “Yeah,
sure. I got it.”

Lorien paused in disbelief, not expecting Alice to buy her explanation so easily. Wait, this is surprisingly
easier than it should be. Lorien was prepared to have a lengthy conversation with Alice, but before she
could – even get to the part about her relationship with Ethan, Alice told her she got it.

“I’m going to make a move soon, so you might want to come back as soon as possible.” Lorien had
called Alice to persuade her to come back before Ethan did anything else silly.

“Wait, what? You’re leaving?” Alice raised her voice.

Alice’s dramatic reaction left Lorien slightly stunned, and she couldn’t help but wonder why Alice was


agitated. What’s going on? Does she want me to go or stay?

“Ethan is having a bad time now, Miss Thelva. If you leave now, what is he going to do?” Alice quickly
calmed herself down after realizing her slight indecency.

“You can come back and keep him company…” Lorien blinked in confusion as she didn’t understand
Alice’s reply. What do you mean by what he is going to do? You’re his wife, so you’re the one who
should keep him company, shouldn’t you? What does it have to do with me? Furthermore, Ethan’s
attitude makes it obvious that my presence will only annoy him even more.

“It’s not going to change anything even if I go back. You saw what happened this morning. If I go back,
I’ll only make him angrier. Only you can comfort him.” Alice was reminded of Ethan’s frighteningly
aggressive behavior she saw earlier that morning, even shuddering at the thought of it. Thus, she was
worried that Ethan would blame her for driving Lorien away from the house if she returned. Oh, no! I
don’t even dare to imagine the worst-case scenario.

Lorien curled her lips upward, finding it hard to believe her ears. After all, it seemed to her that Alice
was the only one who could comfort Ethan, yet Lorien didn’t think Alice knew this at all.

“What are we going to do, then?” Lorien wanted to know Alice’s plan.

“Don’t leave yet. I’m going to be busy these few days, and I can’t go back. That’s it. I need to go now.
See you.” Alice hung up the call before Lorien could reject her.

Meanwhile, Lorien was left staring at her phone in a trance as she tried to make sense of what was
going on. Should I leave or stay, then? Despite her hesitation, it quickly dawned on Lorien that the
misunderstanding would worsen if she left like that. In that case, Ethan’s chances of being together
with Alice would become even slimmer.

Later that night, Ethan returned to the manor, thinking Alice should be back by now, only to be
disappointed once again. He squinted and was about to give Alice a call just when the door swung
open. At that moment, his eyes brightened, and his lips curled upward. She’s back! Finally!
Nevertheless, when the person who came in was not Alice but instead Lorien, Ethan’s eyes darkened
once more. “Why is it you again? I thought I told you to leave.”

“Alice told me to come back.” Lorien didn’t seem afraid this time, thinking she was just doing what Alice
told her to.

What?! Did Alice tell you to keep me company?

While Ethan raised his eyebrows in confusion, Lorien went on to explain seriously, “Alice said you’re in
a bad mood, so she told me to come and keep you company. It looks like she cares about you too.”

Upon hearing his cousin’s words, Ethan couldn’t help but feel pissed yet amused. With goosebumps
running all over his skin, he wondered whether Alice genuinely cared about him; he didn’t understand
why she would tell another woman to keep him company.

No wonder she didn’t tell me at all even though she wouldn’t be home early. That was what she meant,
eh? To get another woman to accompany me so that she can ghost me.

Soon, Ethan reached for his phone and dialed Alice’s number. Fortunately, his call went through this
time. “Where are you now?” Ethan gritted his teeth and asked as soon as the call was connected.

“Me?” Alice paused in a panic. She was able to tell from his strange tone that something was wrong. In
fact, she only picked up the call because she thought Ethan’s mood was already lifted due to Lorien’s
behavior. Much to her surprise, Ethan sounded angrier than he initially was, and it was even more

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