That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 186

Ethan’s Wrath (1)

Having hung up the call after telling Apollo to show her what she wanted, Alice believed her son must
be calling her back now since he had no idea what was going on.

“Answer it.” Ethan stood beside Alice, clearly seeing the caller’s name on the phone screen since the
device was just lying beside her in bed. Suveetie! Oh, how sweet! I want to see who this man really is!
Deep down, Ethan believed it was the same man whom Alice had called in the hotel last time.

Alice was reluctant to answer the call. In truth, she was tempted to decline it and turn off the phone
right. away. However, in the face of the intimidating gleam in Ethan’s eyes, she lacked the courage to
decline the


“Don’t even think about hanging it up, Alice!” Ethan snarled at Alice, seemingly able to read her mind.
Frightened by Ethan’s snarl, Alice accidentally tapped her phone screen with her shivering fingers and
hung up the video call. Damn! I swear I didn’t do that on purpose, but he is definitely not going to
believe it.

Ethan squinted, radiating an indifferent yet menacing aura Good! How gutsy! You just hung up the call
even though you’ve been warned. In the meantime, Alice looked up and met his eyes, nervously taking
a deep breath. Despite being a calm person, Alice couldn’t help but feel her heart skipping a beat the
moment she saw Ethan’s expression.

My hand was shaking, and I accidentally hit that button.” Alice did her best to explain, although she
knew Ethan would likely not trust her.


you believe it if you were in my place?” Ethan squinted and glared at Alice like a beast that was going
to devour her. Who is going to buy that story?

“Yes, I would,” Alice paused and nodded seriously a few moments later, thinking there was nothing to
doubt at all since she was indeed telling the truth.

“Don’t tell me you accidentally hung up the call” Ethan smiled while looking at the lady’s innocent look.
Deep down, he found Alice’s excuse amusing despite his frustration. I shouldn’t have entertained you
with so much nonsense.

“Yes, I did.” Alice nodded in response. Although her neck was beginning to ache as she looked up and
set her eyes on the man, she remained still without moving a muscle at all.

When Ethan saw Alice nod, he responded calmly and said, “Fine, I’m going to give you one more
chance. Return the call now” Ethan decided to give Alice one more chance to right her wrongs since
she claimed that she only hung up the call by accident.

I’m going to take a look at whoever this sweetie is! What kind of person is this guy whom she can’t get
out of her mind! More importantly, she won’t stop having video calls with him from time to time. What
exactly keeps them so happily engaged in their video–call conversations?

Alice was stunned when she heard Ethan’s reply. After all, judging from his character, she thought he
would just forget about it and move on. While locking eyes with him, she knew he would definitely
strangle her to death if she didn’t call back right away.

If I don’t do as he says, he is going to keep coming at me about it. Thinking their relationship was just
bound by a contract marriage, Alice started to believe Ethan would probably do her child no harm since
it seemed to her that he and Lorien were in love with each other.

Knowing Ethan, Alice was convinced he would help her keep the matter about Apollo a secret and do
no harm to the child. At the thought of that, she let out a sigh and reached for her phone to open the

chatroom between her and Apollo before giving the boy a video call.

Ethan blinked, finding it hard to believe Alice would return the call as he said without too much
resistance. When he saw what she did, the expression on his face lightened up. After a few moments,
the call request went on and on without anyone answering or declining it. Strange. Didn’t my boy hear
the call? Alice blinked in confusion, wondering to herself.

Nevertheless, Alice didn’t think it was likely for Apollo to miss the video call, considering how loud the
ringtone was when he called her back earlier. I guess there can only be one possibility–his phone has
been switched off. My Apollo is a smart boy, so he must have sensed something wrong and switched
off his phone.

After the call went unanswered for a few moments, it was automatically disconnected. “No one picked
up the call. She shrugged her shoulders innocently, thinking she shouldn’t be blamed for that.

While Ethan looked at Alice without saying a single word, she probingly asked, “Do I have to call
again?” Deep down, she knew it would probably be the same even if she called again.

“Is there someone who’s going to answer the phone call?” Ethan squinted and looked at Alice
ambiguously. seemingly sensing something wrong as if he knew the caller on the other side had
intentionally switched the phone off.

It’s probably going to be the same if you call again, so why do you even bother to ask me in the first
place? Ethan gritted his teeth at the thought of that. When Alice looked up and fixed her gaze on the
man, Ethan’s eyes fell upon her seductive lips, and his gaze darkened before he pounced on her

Alice was startled by Ethan’s reaction, so she instinctively dodged away from the man in an agile
manner. thinking he was going to hit her. At the same time, Ethan gazed at her unhappily, surprised by
her agile display and speed. 4 normal girl like her shouldn’t possess such skills..

Meanwhile, Alice also felt a little panicky, realizing her reaction might have been a little inappropriate.

At that moment. Ethan suddenly heard his phone’s notification alert that was specifically for messages
received from someone special. When he reached for his phone and checked the message, he saw a
brief line of text that read. Justin is back in Rodcaster. Tell him to meet up with us.

Is Justin back? It’s been a while since he’s been gone, but what has brought him back? Ethan was
reminded of the time Justin had engaged someone to take care of the proposal for Irvin. He then
thought it was perhaps time for him to talk to Justin, thinking he would probably find the answer he had
been searching for. After that, Ethan gave Alice an ambiguous look and walked away.

On the other hand, Alice heaved a sigh of relief when Ethan left, wondering if he was going to hit her
earlier. At the same time, she could tell that the man was really mad, she had never seen him so angry.
Shortly after that, she heard him going downstairs and walking out the door, which left her wondering
why he would leave and whether Lorien had left with him. Nonetheless, she went on to give Apollo a
call with Ethan gone and realized her son had indeed turned off his phone earlier. Oh, how smart my
boy is!

Since Ethan was gone, Alice decided she might as well visit Apollo. When she arrived, Caroling
happened to be away, which created a perfect opportunity for her to spend some time with her son.
Also, she reckoned it was a good time for her to figure out a plan to take on the Woland Family.

Meanwhile, Apollo told Alice that Ethan had come looking for him earlier, leaving his mother confused
about Ethan’s motives. It was then that she began to think their current place of residence was no

longer safe for them, so she decided to move elsewhere with Apollo. Later that night, Ethan returned
home with a gloomy look on his face.

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