That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 192

Ethan’s Shocking Move (1)

Ethan furrowed his brows, and just as he was about to answer, Holland said, “The Knight Family
doesn’t lack money or power, and I’m not forcing you to marry someone of the same status. Even if you
marry an ugly woman, I won’t interfere; after all, your wife is for your eyes. Even so, you should at least
marry someone smart. In the end, you married someone stupid. Don’t you know that intelligence is
hereditary? Could you bear the consequences if the intelligence of my great-grandchildren is affected?”

It was apparent that Holland already knew that Ethan had married Alice. Alice was too close to Ethan at
the moment, so she naturally heard everything. She narrowed her gaze slightly when she heard
Holland’s words. At the same time, Ethan’s face was clouded over.


Holland, who was on the other end of the phone, didn’t give Ethan a chance to speak and continued,
“I’ve called your father and found out that you married her because of Caroline. Tell me, what are your
plans now? Anyway, I can turn a blind eye to whatever you do, but I absolutely won’t allow you to affect
great-grandchild’s intelligence. You’re the only male descent of the Knight Family for your generation,
and the future of the Knight Family is on you and my great-grandchildren. So, this matter cannot be
taken lightly. You’ll have to think about how to handle the problem now.” After saying this, Holland hung
up without waiting for Ethan to answer.

After the call ended, Lorien happened to walk out of her room, presumably awakened by the noise. She
was still a little dazed. “Was that grandpa on the phone? I could hear him shouting just now,” she said

Alice then glanced at Lorien and then at Ethan. “I have some matters to take care of,” she said. Alice
remembered that she had already told Rosy that she would be leaving early and would arrange for it

accordingly. However, because of Pierce’s situation, she had to rush to Cliaria, thus delaying the

Rosy had previously told her not to talk to Ethan about it, as Rosy would handle everything. But now
that Lorien was present, it wasn’t appropriate to discuss certain matters in front of her. So, Alice
decided to return to the Knight Residence and talk to Rosy to resolve the matter once and for all.

The reason Ethan married her in the first place was because of Caroline, and Caroline should be doing.
well in the Knight Family. After all, everyone in the Knight Family genuinely liked her and treated her
well. Besides having a lively and outgoing personality, Caroline was adaptable. Holland’s concern
about her affecting the intelligence of the next generation of the Knight Family was completely
unnecessary, as she had never slept with Ethan since they got married. However, now that she had
heard Holland’s words, she felt it was necessary to step down and let Ethan have a smart offspring with
his beloved.

“Where are you going? I’ll take you there,” Ethan suggested. He knew that Alice had heard what
Holland said just now, and those words were indeed hurtful, so she must feel uncomfortable. “Don’t
worry about what Grandpa said. I’ll handle it,” Ethan explained softly

Things had happened too suddenly just now that he hadn’t expected Holland to comment on his wife. I
won’t allow such events to happen again in the future. Right now, all Alice wanted to do was to return to
the Knight Residence to see Rosy and deal with the matter of leaving early. She wouldn’t mind if Ethan
accompanied her there since he was also involved.

Just as Alice was about to say something, her phone suddenly rang. She was surprised to see that it
was a call from Keith. He had just taken Apollo with him this morning. Why is he calling me now? Did
something happen. to Apollo?

Alice thought it might be about Apollo, so she quickly answered the call. Ethan also noticed Keith’s on
the caller ID and knew that it was Keith calling. He couldn’t help but frown when he saw how quickly
she answered, as if she was afraid of delaying something. She and Keith?


“Alice, can you come over here? We’re waiting for you at…” Keith’s voice rang over the phone. It was
obvious that ‘we’ referred to him and Apollo. Since Ethan was standing in front of Alice at the moment,
naturally heard Keith’s words. He slightly narrowed his eyes, showing a hint of coldness. Keith is asking
her out again?

“Okay.” Alice agreed without hesitation as she was worried that something might have happened to
Apollo since nothing else was as important as Apollo’s affairs. As soon as she agreed to meet them,
she completely ignored Ethan and dashed out.

As Ethan watched her leave, his gaze parrowed slightly. She’s so anxious to leave just because of the
phone call from Keith? What else is happening between her and Keith that I’m not aware of?

Lorien was a little dumbfounded. Did Alice ignore Ethan and just leave like that? On top of that, Ethan
didn’t even stop her and just let her go. Lorien thought this matter was becoming more and more
interesting. The whole place will be livelier when Grandpa’s here.

Following that, Ethan immediately called Caleb. “Find out where Keith is.”

Shortly after, Caleb quickly gave Ethan a call. “Mr. Knight. I found out that Keith has invited Mrs. Knight
over and is preparing to propose to her again.” Caleb was shocked when he found out about this and
immediately reported it to Ethan. Ethan’s expression immediately turned grave. What’s going on?
Hasn’t Keith given up yet? It seemed like someone else was trying to steal his wife. Ethan never
showed mercy to his enemies, nor would he go easy on them.


“Find out what Keith is up to now.” If Keith had too much free time, he would come.

with ideas to go after his wife every day. Ethan wouldn’t let that happen, so he planned to keep Keith

“Alright. Got it.” Caleb was stunned for a moment but quickly understood Ethan’s meaning. Although
Ethan didn’t say it outright, Caleb knew that he was supposed to investigate Keith.

When Alice went over, she realized it wasn’t because something had happened to Apollo, but that Keith
simply wanted to ask her out. She saw the flowers in Keith’s hand, and her eyes flickered. Suddenly,
she managed to guess what Keith was about to do.

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