That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 188

Ethan’s Wrath (3)

Lorien could tell that Ethan was in love with Alice. However, the woman didn’t want to share the same
room with him, which was why they had been sleeping separately. This is getting interesting

“Ethan, what base are you on with Alice? Lorien was curious. “Have you both kissed and hugged each
other? Have you two held hands before? When Ethan began to look more and more annoyed, Lorien
widened her eyes and teased him, saying, “Come on, Ethan. You must be kidding me. If you haven’t
done any of those that I just said, why did you guys even get married in the first place?”

“Get out of my face now.” Ethan gritted his teeth while giving a terse reply.

“Ethan, has Alice hugged you before?” Lorien blinked and tried to annoy Ethan even more in a playful
manner. When she saw Ethan’s gloomy look, she smiled even more mischievously, but she was smart
enough to know that it was time for her to leave before things turned ugly. “I have to go.”

When Lorien opened the door and was about to leave the room, she ran into Alice, who happened to
return for something she had left behind. At that moment, the two ladies found themselves facing each
other. As soon as they noticed each other, their gazes met.

Alice, whose eyes were fixed on Lorien, immediately noticed her pajamas along with her disheveled
hair. Although her pajamas had a traditional-looking appearance, it still felt a bit awkward to see her
coming out of Ethan’s room in pajamas.

Hmm, seeing her walk out of Ethan’s room in pajamas, there can only be one possibility-they’re having
an affair. Instead of reacting with anger, Alice’s eyes brightened with what she saw. After all, she was
also someone who tended to be curious about gossip just like everybody else, especially when it was
about Ethan. Well, I guess I no longer have to worry about what Ethan is up to anymore.

In the meantime. Lorien tried to explain herself as she was worried that Alice might misunderstand the
situation. Nevertheless, she was quickly stunned once again when she noticed Alice’s unexpected
reaction. Although she knew Alice had probably gotten the wrong idea, she didn’t expect Alice to react
the way she did.

At the

same time, Ethan was also watching when Alice ran into Lorien. Although he was initially worried. that
she might misunderstand, he quickly noticed the strange gleam in her eyes. In that instant, he felt as if
there was a huge boulder pinning on his chest, wondering why Alice was excited instead of angry to
see another lady walking out of his room. What does this mean? Why does she seem happy about it?
Why?! Ethan was tempted to give her a beating to release his anger.

Ethan then walked out of the room and glared at Alice, radiating a menacing aura that filled the
atmosphere with overwhelming energy. After all, he knew how misleading the situation was, but more
importantly, he knew she misunderstood the situation, yet she didn’t show any signs of anger or
frustration. Instead, her face was written with excitement and joy, which annoyed Ethan so much that
he wished he could kill her.

“Okay, I didn’t see anything. Nothing at all.” Alice met the man’s gaze in a stunned manner, trying to
respond with a perfunctory explanation. Nevertheless, she knew deep down that her response was not
even an explanation. Rather, it was more of an expression of her stance and attitude, which clearly
indicated that she would turn a blind eye to what she saw.

Ethan was stunned, his face darkening even more after he heard what Alice said. While clenching his
jaw, he felt as if he was a beast that could sink its teeth into her neck and snap it in half.

“You saw everything. Why did you lie?” Lorien pursed her lips, pretending as if she was annoyed
despite keeping a straight face. She is so cute! She is quite the perfect match for Ethan, isn’t she? I

have a feeling I’m going to

hear more stories about the Knight Family soon. As it was Lorien’s first time seeing Ethan so pissed off,
she couldn’t help but feel impressed by how much emotional impact Alice could bring upon him.

Alice blinked and wondered to herself, Are they worried that I’ll go around telling the whole world about
it? Since Cecilia got her hands on those pictures through unusual means, Alice reckoned it was unlikely
for anyone to trace them back to them. After all, it seemed to her that their tracks were covered, which
was a sign that indicated Ethan’s reluctance to reveal his secret relationship with Lorien.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep this a secret. I won’t tell anyone about it. Pinky promise!” Alice
explained herself and promised to never tell anyone about Ethan’s affair with Lorien, emphasizing the
last few words. with a heightened tone. At the same time, she looked at Ethan as she spoke, even
showing him a gesture that told him to rest assured.

the gaps “Oh, is that so?” Ethan gritted his teeth speechlessly, forcing the words out of his mouth
through between his teeth. Ethan’s predatory eyes were fixed upon Alice, and it seemed as if he was
ready to kill her anytime. His emotions and anger were surging through him.

“Yeah, I promise…” Alice nodded repeatedly, as if afraid that he wouldn’t believe her. Meeting his
murderous gaze, she took a deep breath and wondered if he was going to kill her.

When Ethan saw Alice nodding so rapidly, he didn’t want to listen to her anymore. Instead, he stepped
forward and approached her, extending his arm to grab her wrist since he could no longer hold back his

violent urges.

However, Alice was only momentarily stunned before she quickly retreated and closed her bedroom
door. in the blink of an eye.

“What the?! That was quick! She must have been through some special training or something.” Lorien
couldn’t believe her eyes, her admiration for Alice growing stronger and stronger after she saw what
she did. Alice is so cool! How did she get a set of skills like that?

On the other hand, Ethan was no stranger to Alice’s display of agility as he had seen it before. Thus, he
wasn’t as surprised as Lorien was, only squinting and fixing his cold gaze on the door. “Open the door.”

“No! I told you I’d keep it a secret, didn’t I? You don’t have to silence me.” Alice leaned against the door
with her body, refusing to open it.

When Ethan heard her words, he was baffled. Silence her? Why would I do that? What makes her think
I want to kill her? I might feel like strangling her to death right now, but why would I want to silence her?

Meanwhile, when Lorien heard that, she couldn’t help but snigger in amusement. Nonetheless, Alice
was hiding in her room, acting as if she didn’t hear or see anything.

“Just open the door first.” Ethan took a deep breath in an attempt to make himself sound calmer, but
even so, his voice still sounded chilly and creepy.

In the meantime, Alice only remained silent behind the door, deeming herself a fool if she were to let
Ethan into the room.

“You either open the door yourself, or I will get the keys.” Ethan suppressed his anger as his voice
sounded frightening.

On the other hand, Alice’s heart pounded rapidly like a jackhammer when she heard Ethan’s warning.
Since he was the landlord, the door couldn’t shut him out much longer even though she had locked it.

Then, Alice set her eyes outside the window and walked closer to it. Deep down, she reckoned it was

for her to stay away from Ethan, considering how temperamental and mad he was. Furthermore, she

herself that she would never disturb Ethan again once she left him for good.

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