That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 196

Getting a Divorce (2)

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Marie felt that since Alice was able to teach Caroline well, Alice would not be an ill-mannered person.

When Holland heard her words, he scoffed and replied. “That’s because Caroline is one of the Knights.
It’s in her genes. If Alice is her biological mother, she will be as dumb as her mother.”

Alice had a grim expression when she heard it. She could not care less if they talked behind her back.
However, she was upset that Caroline was dragged into this. The way she could hear them from
outside meant that Caroline could overhear the conversation too if she was on the second floor.

Not wanting to listen to it anymore, Alice pushed open the door.

Since Holland was still mad about what she did, he gave a long face and scoffed when he saw her. On
the other hand, Marie looked awkward. She stood up and greeted Alice, “You’re back, Alice.”

“Hello, Old Mr. and Mrs. Knight.” She greeted them politely but with a distant tone.

Marie was surprised since she did not expect Alice to address them in such a way. “Oh dear, you don’t
have to be so distant with us. After all, you’re Ethan’s wife. Just call us Grandpa and Grandma. You
must be tired from all the outings. Let me get the servant to prepare some fruits for you.”

“Thank you, Old Mrs. Knight.” Alice looked at her and smiled. Her tone remained the same.

At that moment, Marie was startled as she looked at Alice. Initially, she thought Alice was upset
because she had heard what Holland said. “Don’t mind his words. Alice. Your Grandpa is just bad-
tempered. He means no harm.”

“Don’t worry, Old Mrs. Knight. I won’t be offended.” As Alice spoke, she still had a smile plastered on
her face. Although she was not offended by Holland’s words, she felt that some things were better to
be made. clear. Thus, she looked at Rosy and said. “You should explain the situation to them, Mrs.
Knight. The child I give birth to will not affect your family’s intelligence.

After all, she and Ethan were not living together since their marriage was fake. Moreover, they were
getting a divorce soon. Hence, there was no way she and Ethan would have a child, nor would her
child have anything to do with the Knight Family. In other words, the children’s intelligence from the
Knight. Family would have nothing to do with her.

A glint flashed across Marie’s eyes, not only because of how Alice spoke to Rosy but also how she
addressed her.

Initially, she thought Alice was distant because it was their first meeting. However, things seemed
unlike what she had expected. At that point, Alice kept her distance from the Knights and had no
intention of maintaining a close relationship with them. Rather, she was trying to keep them away from

That was the first time Marie had ever encountered such a situation. After all, those noble people would
never have such an attitude toward them, let alone a woman who was Ethan’s wife. Alice was either
too stupid or too rational.

Even Holland, who was angry, was surprised by her reaction. When he looked at her, he saw her
standing there quietly, neither upset nor dissatisfied. However, he could feel an aggressive aura coming
from her. It was so intense that it felt like she could wipe out everything into non-existence without
moving an inch.

No. I must be imagining things. There is no way Alice has such an intense aura when she is just a
useless woman, thought Holland as he shook his head.




Chapter 196 Getting a Divorce (2)

+5 Bonus

As for Rosy, who was quiet throughout the conversation, her expression changed when she heard
Alice’s words. “I…”

Alice could be decisive and have the strength to kill them, but she always held back against Rosy for
the sake of Caroline. Yet, she was not one to be a pawn to others. “I think it’s best to explain things
clearly to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, Mrs. Knight.”

Eventually, she still respected Rosy and did not make things awkward. “If you have any spare time. I
hope we can finish things as soon as possible.” After all, her priority to return was to deal with her
marriage with Ethan. The result would be the same whether Holland had said those words. It did not
mean anything to her.

“Yes. Of course.” Rosy quickly nodded, seemingly as if she was afraid that Alice would spill something

“Okay. I’m going to see Caroline. Then, Alice ignored the others and went upstairs.

To her, the Knights were just strangers. All she cared about was her daughter.

“What is that attitude? Is this how she treats the elderly?” Holland had never been disrespected in his
whole life, so he was baffled when Alice went straight up the stairs without saying anything else.

By then. Alice was already on the second floor. Although Holland’s voice was not as loud as before,
she could still hear him. She made no reaction, nor did she stop walking. It was as if he was talking
about anything else but her.

Hearing his words, Marie glared at him and said, “What attitude? What did you expect from her? If I
were Alice, I would’ve splashed your face with water when I heard your words, but neither did she get
mad or lash out at us. She didn’t even seem displeased at all. What more do you want from her when
she’s already so well-mannered?” Marie knew Alice’s stoic expression was caused by Holland’s words.

Thinking about it, she sighed and said. “I dare you to cause more trouble. Ethan chooses to marry her,
which means he’s satisfied with how she is. Do you think he’ll be happy if he finds out you’re making
things hard for his wife?”

“I’m not doing anything to her. I’m just telling the truth. If she disagrees with it, she can just say it aloud.
With how silent she is, it makes me feel like I’m the bad guy.” Holland lowered his voice even more.
“I’m all riled up because I saw the news about her stealing the confidential files from the company. I
didn’t expect that she’d be back so soon.”

“What do you mean silent? Is being well-mannered a bad thing too? Do you want her to go nuts on
you?” Marie was furious.

He touched his nose awkwardly and said, “Yes, she is well-mannered. No wonder she taught Caroline

Hearing his words, she could not help but give a snarky comeback. “Ethan is the one who chooses her,
so Alice has to be a good girl. Don’t tell me you’d rather trust the rumors than Ethan’s taste in women?”

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