That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 184

The Love Rival (1)

The thing that concerned Cecilia the most was the relationship between Ethan and the woman in the
photos. Although she knew Alice only married Ethan for Caroline’s sake, she couldn’t help but find the
fact pretty annoying.

“That’s not important, Alice replied nonchalantly. After all, she was never Ethan’s real wife anyway. Now
that she was going to divorce him soon, she didn’t care who that lady was to Ethan, for it didn’t matter


After reading the message. Cecilia smirked. ‘Why do I feel like slapping you in the face? You’re Ethan’s
wife! You guys are legal spouses! Legal! Where has your temper gone to?‘

‘Do you need me to find out more about this lady?‘ Cecilia wasn’t exactly a gossipy person; instead,
she just wanted to see whether there was anything out of the ordinary between Ethan and that woman.
After all, she found out that the last time Ethan met that woman was before he married Alice. If Ethan
still hangs around with this woman even after they supposedly cut ties with each other, then things
don’t seem as simple as they


As Cecilia’s best friend, Alice knew what was on her mind, but at the same time, she also knew Ethan
well enough to believe he was not a playboy. ‘Even if Ethan really did what you think he did, I doubt he
would meet up with that woman, not when we’re still bound by our marriage.‘

-Well, I, too, don’t think Mr. Winters is as bad as he seems…‘ Cecilia let out a sigh, thinking that Ethan
was a trustworthy man. Deep down, she wished Alice could take things further in her relationship with

Ethan as she wanted her friend to find a soulmate whom she could entrust her future with.

Yup, I trust Ethan. He knows what should and shouldn’t be done. Alice sounded firm, but little did she
know that she was about to be proven wrong.

The next morning, Alice woke up to her hunger around 6.00AM. She had been too tired the night
before and went to bed directly without eating. After that, she crept off her bed and headed over to the
kitchen where she found some cooking ingredients in the refrigerator. Then, she began making herself
breakfast, whereupon she served the food on the table and was about to enjoy it. At that moment, the
manor’s door swung open just before a silhouette came to view, leaving Alice stunned.

Can somebody tell me what’s going on? She gazed at the figure that opened the door and walked into
the house as though the person owned the place.

Obviously, it’s not her first time being here. Seeing a visitor with a familiar face around six in the
morning, Alice was instantly reminded of the photos Cecilia sent her the day before. Damn, I told
Cecilia that Ethan wouldn’t have met this woman until we divorced, but it looks like I’ve been proven
wrong. Dang it! Alice stared at the woman silently without moving.

Lorien looked back at Alice and blinked a few times, asking in confusion, “Are you the new babysitter?”

Alice was slightly stunned, but she didn’t admit nor deny it. After all, she didn’t know whether she
should respond, considering the complicated relationship between Lorien and Ethan. Furthermore, her
awkward position in the relationship also made it hard for her to think of an appropriate answer.

“Great. Please take my belongings from outside, will you?” Lorien thought Alice was the babysitter
since Alice didn’t deny it.

Alice then shifted her gaze to the huge luggage Lorien had just wheeled into the house, wondering how
much more stuff she brought with her. The next second, Lorien had already walked out the door with

Alice behind her back. However, when Alice walked right through the door, she accidentally closed the

door behind her.

While there were two more pieces of luggage and a duffel bag, Lorien carried two of them, whereas
Alic took the other remaining luggage. Before Alice could even react, Lorien already overtook her and
was standing in front of the door. Since Lorien opened the door by herself, Alice believed she must
know the password. However, instead of entering the password, she opened the door by scanning her
thumbprint directly.

When Alice saw that, she blinked in surprise and started to wonder whether there was perhaps an
affair that Lorien and Ethan had. Nevertheless, she quickly thought of her six–month marriage with
Ethan that was going to end soon anyway. Therefore, she wasn’t really bothered by that discovery as
she believed her divorce from Ethan should face no trouble, considering how close he was to Lorien.

While Alice knew Lawrence had always been a generous man, it was clear to her that he had no idea
abou the agreement between her and Ethan. Initially, she was worried that Lawrence wouldn’t allow her
to leav the Knight Family out of guilt, but now, she didn’t think she would have to worry about that
anymore. After all, she believed Ethan would find a way to resolve the issue for the sake of his true
love. As Alice got absorbed in her train of thought, her eyes were filled with a gleam of happiness.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Lorien met Alice’s eyes and felt goosebumps running all over
her skin. “L–Let me tell you something. I’m as straight as a ruler, got it?”

While Lorien got the wrong idea from Alice’s eye contact with her, Alice couldn’t help but laugh at
herself in secret. Am I being too obvious?

“Wow! Am I seeing things? All the dishes here seem delicious. I’m starving! Can I join you?” Lorien
entered the room, her eyes lighting up when she saw the table full of tasty dishes.

“Sure.” Alice couldn’t bring herself to turn Lorien down when she saw the latter’s expression.
Furthermore, she didn’t mind sharing her dishes since she had cooked a lot of food.

“That’s great!” Lorien cheered in exhilaration without hiding her excitement.

In the meantime, Alice chuckled in amusement, thinking Lorien’s reaction reminded her of Caroline;
she acted the same way Lorien did every time she saw something delicious. What was more, their
reactions were so similar that the expression on their faces looked similar.

Nonetheless, Alice had no hard feelings toward Lorien at all. While Lorien was halfway through eating
her meal, Ethan woke up, and Alice couldn’t help but wonder how he would feel the moment he saw

“Hey, you’re up. I must say that your babysitter is a pretty good cook.” Lorien glanced at Ethan while

continuing to eat. She ate even faster, seemingly worried that someone else might take her food away
from her.

“You’re the new babysitter, eh?” Ethan set his eyes on Alice, radiating a cold and intimidating aura.
Babysitter? Was this how she introduced herself to Lorien?!

“What? What’s wrong?” Lorien was stunned, noticing Ethan’s darkened look that told her something
was wrong when she glanced at the two.

Ethan didn’t say a single word but instead kept his eyes fixated on Alice, seemingly waiting for her
reply. Deep down, he wanted to hear what she had to say about the matter.

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