That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 193

Ethan’s Shocking Move (2)

With that, Alice directly said, “I support Apollo’s decision to reunite with the Rowland Family. I won’t
interfere in his affairs, and let’s not waste each other’s time by discussing anything else.” Since she
couldn’t marry Keith, she directly turned him down and didn’t drag things out. Keith, being a tactful
person, immediately understood what she meant and held back from saying anything. Alice then spoke
to Keith about some things related to Apollo before leaving.

Originally, Alice planned to return to the Knight Residence, but she received a call from Archie on the
way, who said he had found some information about the person who had contact with Charles. He said
the person was currently at the Shayan Hotel, so Alice changed directions and rushed to the hotel.
That person was very cautious, and Alice had been searching for days but to no avail. They finally
managed to get something, so she didn’t want to miss this chance.

Meanwhile, it only took Caleb an hour to find out what Keith was up to. “Mr. Knight, I’ve found it.”
Caleb’s efficiency in handling things was high. As soon as the call went through, Caleb’s voice came
through, but his tone sounded a tad odd.

“Speak.” Ethan’s gaze narrowed slightly before he spoke decisively and straightforwardly. He didn’t
expect to get results so quickly.

“What Keith does is a bit complicated, and also…” Caleb paused and added reservedly, “Mr. Knight,
shall I send the information for you to take a look first?”

“No need.” Ethan refused. Whatever Keith was doing, it wouldn’t affect his plans. He had already
warned Keith, but he didn’t heed the warning. When faced with an enemy, Ethan never held back. He
always struck to kill with one blow, and since Keith was his love rival, he had all the more reason to
strike him down.

“So, should we take action against him?” Caleb gulped nervously, and he sounded cautious. He
noticed that Ethan had gone insane lately. He couldn’t have investigated Keith for no reason. Since he
had found out, there was no way he would sit idly by. The only thing Caleb hadn’t expected was the
situation to be so complicated as Ethan decided to take action without going through his findings…

“What do you think?” Ethan squinted his eyes and smirked. His smirk was cold and arrogant. There
was no way Ethan would hold back when Keith was about to propose to his wife.

“Understood.” Caleb let out a sigh inwardly. Although he had concerns at first, since Ethan was
adamant, he naturally had to carry it out resolutely.

“I’ll go too.” He felt that this matter would be handled better if he went there personally.

Caleb was dumbfounded as he never expected Ethan to be there in person. It was apparent that it was
a pressing matter. Ah, why did Keith have to provoke Ethan And why did he have to propose to Ethan’s
wife so openly? Now he even planned to propose to Ethan’s wife again. Isn’t he asking for trouble?
Two men rivaling in love spells trouble, they say. What would happen when these two et? Just thinking
about it was stimulating.

In the evening. Keith suddenly received a phone call. “Boss, something happened.” The voice on the
other -end of the line was panicked and fearful.

“What happened?” Keith’s expression instantly changed as Milton’s SOS call was too out of pocket. He
viewed the call as a bad omen, sensing an incoming storm.

“Something big happened, Boss. You should come and see for yourself.” Milton didn’t explain in detail.
It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but he didn’t know how to Besides, he wasn’t even sure to what extent
the damage was. But the situation was alarming, and it seemed to have reached a critical level.

“Okay, I’ll be there right away.” Keith’s expression became solemn. What he was doing was very
special and important at the same time, so he couldn’t afford any mistakes. Now that Milton mentioned
a big problem, it meant that the situation was very serious, and he couldn’t help but worry.

“What’s going on?” When Keith arrived and saw the scene before him, he was shocked. It was a heart-
wrenching sight.

“Boss, you’re finally here. I don’t know the exact situation yet, and we’re still counting the losses, so we
don’t know the extent of the damage yet.” Milton heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing him, but the worry.
and tension on his face didn’t diminish in the slightest indicating that the situation was still severe.

“Do you know who did this?” Keith’s gaze was icy cold, and his expression was terrifying.

“We don’t know yet. Boss, could it be our mortal enemy?” Milton guessed because he couldn’t think of
anyone else.

“Is he capable of this? You’ve overestimated him.” Keith refuted Milton’s words. He knew best how
powerful their mortal enemy was. Even the most sophisticated organization would find it difficult to
investigate his affairs, let alone invade and cause this much damage. So, who could it be? Someone
had this ability to not only investigate his affairs but…

Someone suddenly came into his mind, and following that, a man appeared and ambled toward him.
As Keith looked at the man in front of him, he blinked his eyes, and for a moment, he thought it was an
illusion caused by his imagination. Speak of the devil, and here we have the devil himself–Ethan.

“Ethan, is it you?” After Keith came back to his senses, he gasped for breath. He knew it wasn’t his
illusion but rather a cruel reality. Was it Ethan who ruined his career just because he proposed to
Alice?! And now he dared to appear in front of him? Is Ethan here to show off?

“What else could it be?” Ethan glanced at him expressionlessly, as if it was a trivial matter. Keith
clenched his fists tightly, and at this moment, he wanted to punch Ethan hard, but he held back.

“Ethan, you are too cruel.” Keith loathed him for what he had done. He had spent five years achieving
what he had now, and he didn’t expect it to be ruined by him

“Don’t blame me for being ruthless since you tried to snatch my woman.” Ethan always acted openly
and never played tricks. He made his motive clear.

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