That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 195

Getting a Divorce (1)

Milton’s words were clear-Ethan had discovered what was most important to them. Yet, he did not
destroy it, which meant he had shown them merry.

A glint flashed across Keith’s eyes, and he had a faint smile spread across his lips. He never thought
Ethan would go easy on him since he had proposed to Alice. Hence, it was unbelievable that Ethan still
decided to let him off. Although Keith could fix those things that Ethan had destroyed, he would be so
busy that there wouldn’t be any time for other stuff. However, if the things Ethan left for him were
ruined, he would not be able to fix them. By then, everything would be doomed.

It proved that Ethan had everything under control. It was his choice to either keep or ruin certain things
That was also the reason why Keith loathed him. Still, he could not help but thank Ethan for showing
mercy. At that moment, he knew Ethan was inhumane! Thus, he had no choice but to lower his head in

No matter how arrogant Ethan was in front of Keith, he was offended by Keith’s words. It was true that
Alice was forced to marry him; she only did it for Caroline and not because she had feelings for him.
Thus, the first thing he had to do now was to make her fall in love with him.

After Ethan had dealt with his love rival and was going to head home, he received a special text. Within
a split second, Ethan’s eyes darkened and narrowed. “Prepare a chopper. We’re going to Rythens.”

When Caleb heard his words, he was startled, and his expression changed. Ethan rarely used his
private plane, so it must have been an urgent mission if he had used it, especially if he needed a

He immediately knew what was happening when he heard that Ethan was going to Rythens.

“Yes,” replied Caleb. Without any hesitation, he immediately made a phone call.

In the meantime, Ethan took out his phone and dialed Alice’s number.

In the past, he would not need to inform anyone about his whereabouts. Now that he was married, he
needed to tell his wife. Although some things should be confidential, he still felt conditioned to inform
her about his departure.

As soon as the phone rang, Alice picked up the call. She was heading to the address that Archie gave
her. Rather than getting close, she stood far away and observed, wanting to see if she knew that
person. When her phone rang, she jolted and immediately answered it since she was afraid of being

Initially, she was going to decline the call., but when she saw it was Ethan, she subconsciously
answered it.

Ethan was surprised when the call went through instantly, but he was delighted since Alice had
answered. his phone quicker than Keith’s.

Thanks to his good mood, his voice was gentle as he spoke, “I need to be on a business trip for a few
days. It might take about three to five days.”

Hearing his words, Alice blinked slowly, mildly taken aback. She thought he was going to tell her
something important. Why did he inform me about his business trip? I’m going to divorce him and leave
the Knight Family soon.

She did not know how to respond when Ethan specifically called her to inform her about this. In the
end, she hummed in response and said, “Okay.”

On the other end of the phone, he chuckled and replied. “Good girl”



Chapter 195 Getting a Divorce (1)

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She quickly blinked her eyes again and thought, I just replied with an OK. How does that make me a
good girl?

Just as she was confused, she heard Caleb’s voice from the other end of the phone. “The chopper is
ready. Mr. Knight.”

Alice’s eyes

twitched when she heard that there was a helicopter. Although she did not know Ethan’s job, she knew
it was a unique and dangerous occupation. Now that she knew he would use a helicopter, she could
guess that his work would be urgent and full of risks.

Since he was also Caroline’s father, she could not help but remind him, “Please be careful.”

“Okay.” Ethan’s voice filled with delight. “T’ll hang up now.”

Then, he immediately did so, leaving Alice staring blankly into space as she gripped her phone. She
felt that Ethan was strange to have called her.

After guarding the hotel for a long time, she noticed a man with a mask walking out of the building. He
looked almost the same as what she saw in the picture. However, the person she hired to follow the
man could not get a picture of his face. Plus, he wore a mask, so she decided to come personally. She
wanted to know if she knew this man, and only then would she be able to plan her next step.

The man was masked, so Alice could only see his eyes and forehead. She had always had a keen
eyesight and strong memory. When she first saw the man, she knew he was a stranger, but when he
stepped out of the hotel and raised his head, she could feel a sense of familiarity when she saw his

The man was quick. Since he only glanced over for a few seconds, she could not grasp more

After he left, she thought for a moment before leaving.

This time, she returned to the Knight Residence. Just as she stood by the doorway, she could hear
people talking inside the house. Their voices were so loud that she could listen to them even if the door
was closed.

“I can let it slide that he’s married someone who’s not his status; he could even marry an ugly woman
for all I care. However, I don’t want that woman to affect my grandchildren’s intelligence.”

Alice was familiar with that angry voice. After all, she had just heard it from Ethan’s phone this morning.
It was none other than Holland.

She did not expect him to be here so soon, though.

In the living room, Marie was shushing him. “Why are you shouting? Do you want the others to hear

Holland was so furious to the point where he even raised his voice higher when he heard her. “What is
there to be afraid of? I’m telling the truth. Look at Alice. She gave the company to others and even tried
to steal the company’s confidential files! That is the most foolish thing I’ve ever seen someone do. How
great could her child be? What if she gives birth to a child as foolish as her?”

“How could you say that? I think she’s great. Look how well she taught Caroline. Marie had just seen
Caroline and was satisfied with her. She felt that since Alice was able to teach Caroline well, Alice
would not be an ill-mannered person.

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