That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 197

Getting a Divorce (3)

“I’ll observe more about her,” Holland said in a defeated tone.

Marie glared at him and scolded, “Observe? She doesn’t need your observation. She’s Ethan’s wife,
not yours.”

“I’m Ethan’s grandfather. Shouldn’t I be on the lookout for him?” He refused to back down.

In that split second, she wore a grim expression. “You don’t. Alice is already married to Ethan and is a
part of the Knights. What else do you want from her?”

Looking at her face, Holland immediately softened his voice. “Nothing. I’m just saying.”

Marie took the opportunity and reminded him again, “No. You can’t even say anything bad about her or
renege on your words. Some words are not meant to be said. They are harsh and will disrupt the
family’s peace.”

“Okay. I understand,” he replied sulkily.

Only then did she turn to look at Rosy, who was quiet all along. “What did Alice mean when she was
talking to you? What misunderstanding?”

“It’s nothing. Maybe those rumors are wrong,” Rosy replied weakly. Since she felt guilty, she glanced at
Marie before lowering her head.

Looking at her reaction, Marie frowned and asked, “What does she mean by wanting to deal with stuff
with you? What kind of stuff?”

The more Marie spoke, the guiltier Rosy felt. This time, she dared not raise her head, and her voice
was faint. “It’s just something about Caroline.”

Marie frowned even deeper when she looked at Rosy. “You’re the lady of the Knight Family. You should
act more generous when dealing with stuff. Moreover, you’re Alice’s mother–in–law, so you should try
to understand her as much as possible.”

“Yes, I will.” Rosy did not dare to look at Marie and kept nodding.

Marie glanced at Rosy one last time before sighing. To be honest, she felt that Rosy was a woman who
was capable of handling everything but often acted stingy and calculative on some matters.

On the other hand, after Alice had gone up the stairs, she went straight to Caroline’s room. When
Caroline saw her, she immediately flung herself into Alice’s embrace and hugged her tightly.

“Sweetie.” Alice knew that she must have heard what Holland said. Although Caroline was still young,
she had always done her best to protect Alice. That was how she knew Caroline was upset by
Holland’s words.

“Are you going to leave, Mommy?” Whenever Alice tried to bring up this topic, Caroline would find ways
to avoid discussing it. Yet, at that moment, the kid took the initiative to mention it.

“Yes.” Alice did not want to lie to her. Although her daughter was still young, she had always treated her

“If you want to leave, just leave, Mommy.” As Caroline spoke, she gripped Alice’s hand even tighter,
with sadness filling her voice.

Hearing her words, Alice felt a pang in her heart. She knew precisely why Caroline would say such a
thin Caroline must have thought that the Knights were bullying her, explaining why she decided to let

her go. At such a young age, Caroline had been protecting her, caring for her at all costs.

Inevitably, Alice was touched and heartbroken by this sight. If she could, she would not want to leave
her baby behind.

“Just go, Mommy. I’ll take care of myself. I will behave, so you don’t have to worry about me,” said
Caroline as she hugged Alice tightly. She did not want her mommy to leave, but she rather her mommy
led a happier life than this. Although this was her place to stay, it was not Alice’s. No one would protect
Alice in this house, not even Ethan, because she knew he was never there for her whenever she
needed him.

Since she was still young and did not have what it took to protect Alice, she was willing to let her leave.

“Oh, Caroline…” Alice felt like crying and held back her tears, not wanting to leave Caroline. In that split
second, she even selfishly thought it would be best if Ethan had never found her. That way, Caroline
would still be her sweetheart. Yet, Alice knew she could not do such a selfish act. After all, Caroline
was a part of the Knights, so she belonged to them.

Eventually, Caroline let go of Alice and looked at her sadly. “Mommy, can I see you if I miss you?” she

Hurt filled Alice’s heart as she quickly nodded. “Of course. I’m leaving to handle some things, so I won’t
be able to use my current phone number, but I’ll give you a special way to contact me. That way,
whenever you miss me, you can contact me with this.”

“Okay. I will.” Caroline nodded obediently and smiled. “I’ll contact you whenever I miss you, Mommy.”
She was satisfied as long as Alice wanted her and contacted her.

“Caroline, I have to leave because of something important, not because of some person or matters. Do
you understand me?” Alice did not want her to have any grudges against the Knights and become
unhappy. Yet, what she told her was the truth. She had to leave because of a personal matter, which
had nothing to do with the others.

When Caroline heard her words, she was surprised but then nodded. “Okay. I won’t be angry with
Great- Grandpa. I’ll be good.”

Looking at her, Alice became distressed. How is my sweetie so well–behaved and considerate? I wish I
could just take her away with me. But she knew it was impossible.

After Caroline went to bed, Alice finally left the room. Caroline had clung to her and refused to sleep
since she knew her mother was leaving. When Alice looked at the time, it was almost 11.00PM.

Holland and Marie were not in the living room when she went downstairs, but Rosy was. She could tell
that Rosy was waiting for her. “Mrs. Knight.” She came downstairs and greeted her politely, her voice

distant as ever.

Rosy breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Alice. Then, she stood up and asked softly, “Is Caroline

“Yes.” Alice hummed in response and said nothing more.

“Let’s go to the study room. It’s quieter there.” Rosy did not dare to look at her.

Alice could not care less about her reaction and followed Rosy to the study room.

As soon as they arrived, Rosy piped up, “Please don’t be mad because of what Old Mr. Knight said,

Alice was surprised by her words, but she soon smiled and said, “I’m only here for one reason, Mrs.
Knight, and that is because of Caroline. To me, the Knights are all strangers. I couldn’t care less about
what they think of me.”

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