That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 191

Marrying Her Will Affect the Intelligence of Future Generations

Ethan was usually very busy and unlikely to stay at home all the time. She thought that she should
reach there later this time round, preferably after Ethan had left to avoid any embarrassing situations
like yesterday morning. As for Lorien! If Lorien was alone at home, it would be fine. To be honest, she
had a good impression of Loren and quite liked her.

At 10:00AM, Alice took a cab and returned to the villa. She guessed that Ethan should be out at this
time. and indeed, she didn’t see his car when she arrived at the villa. Ethan had told her the password
for the gate that night, so she used the password to open the door before going straight upstairs.
However, when she walked past Ethan’s room, the door suddenly opened.

Before Alice could react, he pulled her in and pressed her against the wall, which stunned her. She
thought that Ethan had gone out, so she never expected him to still be at home. He was usually
swamped and rarely stayed at home, especially at this time. Did he put all his work aside to accompany
Lorien? If so, it made sense. But Alice didn’t understand why he suddenly pulled her over. Is he trying
to settle yesterday’s score” But didn’t Loren come back last night? He should have been with her last

Alice raised her eyes and looked at him. At this moment, there was not much emotion on his face, as if
he was as calm as usual, but Alice felt that he was completely different from usual. However, she didn’t
see much emotion in his expression at the moment. He wasn’t angry or cold like yesterday. He was


“You haven’t left?” Alice secretly sighed as his reaction was dreadful.

Hearing that, Ethan raised the corners of his lips, seemingly smiling, and replied. Tm waiting for you” It
seems that she had guessed that I might not be at home at this time, so she chose to come at this
time. Hell, she sure had thought it through

Therefore, he didn’t go out and waited for her at home. It was indeed a wise decision. He noticed that
she had left in a hurry yesterday and then saw a document in her room. He thought she might come
back to get it, so he waited for her at home.

“Waiting for me?” Alice was stunned. He didn’t go out but waited for her to come back. Shouldn’t Lorien
be the reason he chose to stay int

“Is there something I can do for you?” Alice was flustered by this honor

“What do you think?” Ethan didn’t answer but asked her back instead. There was a glint in his eyes,
and his voice was extremely gentle. The speechless Alice shook her head, not having the slightest
idea. She couldn’t believe that he would skip work just to wait for her at home

Tm so angry that I need someone to appease me.” Ethan’s lips hooked up slightly, forming a smile that
seemed to mean something. Ethan’s words carried a deliberate hint of ambiguity, but also a reminder
of something. A reminder that he heard their conversation when she called Lorien last night, as it was
something that Alice had said to Lonen.

Apart from matters of the heart, Alice was quick to react to everything and immediately understood his
meaning. She knew that he must have heard her call Lorien last night. Well, if he heard it, there was no
need to hide it. Shouldn’t he thank me for being understanding? Of course, this proved that he was with
Lorien Last night

At that moment, he was leaning too close to her, and she could feel his breath on her face. She even
smelled alcohol. Did he drink this early in the morning? Ethan was always self-disciplined and drinking

so early in the morning didn’t seem to fit his character. She claimed to be allergic to alcohol, but it


severe as her other allergies, and it wasn’t life-threatening


Even so, she couldn’t drink, nor could she stand the smell of strong alcohol. She was the kind of who
would feel nauseous just by smelling it and would get drunk after just one stp. Thus, she never drank.
When she smelled the alcohol on him, she wanted to get away from him, but there was a wall behind
her. so she had nowhere to go.

“Where’s Miss Thelva? Alice tried her best to remain calm and recalled that Lorien had stayed here last
night, but now only he was at home, which was strange. However, her question, coupled with his earlier
statement, made Ethan overthink. He said he was angry and needed someone to appease him, and
she mentioned Lonen.

As Ethan squinted his eyes, he kept quiet and suddenly lowered his head before pressing his lips
directly on her neck and biting her

Alice hissed in pain as he bit her very hard. Is he a dog? Why is he simply biting people? “Why did you


“I didn’t marry a wife for nothing.” Ethan whispered in her car, and his breath sprayed on her skin. His
meaning couldn’t be more obvious

“But you didn’t have to bite me, right?” Alice couldn’t help but retort.

Ethan was taken aback for a moment, then smiled. “Yeah, you re night. I didn’t marry my wife just to
bite her. There are more important things to do” Ethan’s gaze fell on her red lips. He smirked, and he
leaned in toward her. However, at that moment, his phone suddenly rang. His gaze darkened, and he
was clearly annoyed at being interrupted, but he didn’t want to answer the call. Instead, he stretched
his arms out and wanted to carry Alice, but his phone kept ringing.

“Your phone… Alice reminded him, wanting to shih his attention. With that. Ethan silently let out a sigh
and took out his phone. His gaze narrowed slightly, but he still answered the call. However, she was
still in his arms, and he didn’t let her go. He even pulled her closer to him.

“Grandpa, Ethan said after answering the phone. Alice was taken aback. So, it was a call from Holland
Knight. She had been living with the Knight Residence for a while now and had never met Holland.
Lawrence said that he was staying with Leshe

I thought that you’d forgotten that I still exist.” Holland sounded agitated. “Now tell me, who did you
marry? Who is ” Upon hearing that, Ethan furrowed his brows slightly, and just as he was about to
answer. Holland spoke up again….

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