That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 194

Ethan Showing Mercy

“Don’t blame me for being ruthless since you tried to snatch my woman.” Ethan always acted openly
and. never played tricks. He made his motive clear.

“Who says she’s your woman? Both of us are single so it’s none of your business if I want to marry
her.” She’s also the mother of my son, added Keith silently in his heart. Although he was once again
rejected by Alice, he had no intention of giving up.

“Ethan, kill me if you can do so. Otherwise, I’m going to marry Alice.” Keith suddenly laughed with a
firm. and provocative determination in his smile. Even if Ethan destroyed his career, he would never
surrender or give up Alice.

No matter how ruthless and powerful Ethan was, he dared not kill him. Keith had already made up his
mind to marry Alice. “Do you think you still have a chance?” Ethan raised his eyebrow and looked at
him. with disdain.

“Of course. Ethan, don’t overestimate yourself. Alice liked the flowers I gave her that day, and we had a
good chat. If we compete fairly and let Alice choose for herself, she might not choose you. She’s more
likely to choose me. So, it’s not me who doesn’t stand a chance–it’s you.” Even in

s situation, Keith couldn’t admit defeat in front of Ethan. He felt that Ethen was too arrogant and
doeering and would only force Alice. Alice was afraid of Ethan and wouldn’t truly like him. This time,
Ethan didn’t say anything. He just took out a document and placed it in front of Keith.

“What is this?” Keith didn’t take it seriously at first, so he just glanced at it, but after that one glance, he
was completely stunned. He quickly looked over and stared at the document for a long time before
finally reaching out to take it and flip through it.


As soon as he flipped through it, Keith saw the photo and names on it. His lips moved, and his twitched
a few times, but he didn’t say a word. Then, he picked up the document again and stared at the
heading for a long time as if he didn’t recognize them The words ‘marriage certificate‘ were printed on

At this moment, Keith was completely stunned, and his mind was blank for a while. He never thought
that Alice and Ethan had already been married. When they were at the Woland Residence, Alice told
him that she and Ethan were husband and wife. He didn’t believe it at all, but now that he had seen
their marriage certificate, he had to believe it. Damn it, since Ethan had marriage certificate, why didn’t
he just show it to me directly? Why did he have to be so ruthless and ruin my care?

However, Keith definitely couldn’t say this out loud. Otherwise, he would look inferior in front of Ethan.
Keith had the urge to confront Ethan. So what if you have a marriage certificate? But Keith knew very
well that having a marriage certificate was really impressive. It meant that he was protected by the law,

Keith felt unbearably frustrated at this moment, and after holding it in for a long time, he finally blurted
out, “Ethan, are you crazy? Why would you bring your marriage certificate with you wherever you go?”
“I’m sure you’d like to do that too, but do you have one Ethan glanced at him and replied nonchalantly.
At this moment, Keith was rendered speechless by Ethan’s retort. He felt like he was about to vomit
blood. “Alice definitely didn’t marry you willingly. You just have forced her to marry you.” When Keith
recalled the situation that day, it was obvious that Alice was afraid of Ethan, so she must have been
forced by him. Otherwise, there was no way that she would agree to marry Ethan.

Keith spoke the truth, but Ethan looked at him calmly and suggested, “Then, why don’t you try forcing


At this moment, Keith wanted to curse. How could he still force Alice to marry him when Ethan had
already done so? Ethan was intentionally showing off and blatantly flaunting his actions.

“Ethan, you’re a bandit. Do you think everyone is a bandit like you?” Keith thought for a moment and
retorted. He was so infuriated at this moment that he wanted to suppress Ethan’s arrogance.

“Bandit? Well, as long as it works, and my woman likes i” Ethan laughed as if he was enjoying his
victory. If he wasn’t a bandit, how could he get himself a wife? If he wasn’t a bandit, how could he have
obtained the marriage certificate? So, he was glad to be a bandit)

Keith was speechless again after being refuted by Ethan. He was filled with hatred as he saw Ethan’s
smile, and he wanted to tear it off his face. Ethan was ruthless, truly ruthless. Not only was he ruthless
in his actions, but also in his words. His words cut like a sword.

If it worked, that was all that mattered! At this moment, Keith had to admit that Ethan was right. There
was no clear line between right and wrong in matters between men and women. Whatever you do, as
long as it worked, as long as you could marry the person you like, it would suffice. In the end, he was
one step behind Ethan..

“Ethan, you can go now. I admit that I’m unlucky today Keith realized that if he continued to argue with
Ethan, he would just make himself bitter. So, it was better to let Ethan leave quickly. He had already
lost this battle, and he had lost it badly. He had once thought that no matter how overbearing and

domineering Ethan was, he would never give up his decision to marry Alice. Alas, all of these weren’t
as powerful as a piece of marriage certificate.

At this moment, Ethan was feeling especially good and didn’t mind Keith’s attitude since his goal had
been achieved. He knew that from this moment on, Keith had given up and would no longer have any
intention of marrying his wife. Finally, Ethan left feeling satisfied.

“Boss, we basically finished checking the inventory. The most important and core items are still intact
and haven’t been destroyed.” After Ethan left, Keith stood in the same spot for a long time while staring
blankly into space until Milton came to report the situation to him. Keith’s gaze slowly turned toward
him. He seemed to be both relieved and incredulous. With Ethan’s abilities, he couldn’t have missed
the most critical items, could he?

“However, there are traces of it being tampered with, but they aren’t destroyed in the end,” Milton
seemed to sense his doubts and added cautiously. Milton had more or less learned what happened. It
meant that Ethan had indeed discovered their most important and core items, but he hadn’t destroyed
them, which meant that he definitely showed mercy on them.

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