That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 198

Getting a Divorce (4)

“To me, the Knights are all strangers. I couldn’t care less about what they think of me.”

The statement elicited Rosy to ask, “What about Ethan?”

“It’s the same,” Alice replied without hesitation. It was the truth anyway.

At that moment, Rosy was startled. She looked at Alice and wanted to say something but swallowed
her words eventually. Instead, she took out the agreement that Alice had signed before joining the
Knight Family. “This is the agreement that we first signed. Since you did well, I’ll give you some

Alice did not look at the agreement. She thought there was something more vital than that. “Are you
done with the divorce procedures? Should I be present? Or should I provide any paperwork?” Since
she wanted to cut ties with Ethan, she wanted to do it thoroughly. Laws protected marriage, so she
needed to make things clear when divorcing.

Taken aback, Rosy did not expect Alice to be so straightforward. She returned to her senses and said,
“I’ll ask someone to deal with the divorce procedures. You don’t have to be present or prepare any
paperwork. I’ll deal with it. When it’s done, I’ll send someone to deliver you the papers.”

Alice did not doubt her words since she was absent when applying for the marriage certificate. At that
time, Ethan did not ask her to provide any paperwork, and Caleb gave her the marriage certificate after
not more than thirty minutes. Thus, when Rosy said she could handle the divorce procedures herself,
Alice trusted her.

“I don’t need the divorce decree. You can just take a picture and send it to me.” No matter how carefree
Alice was, she did not want to have a divorce paper in her house. All she wanted was for the

procedures to go through.

“This is the compensation.” Rosy pushed the cheque to Alice.

That did not receive a glance from Alice either. She stood up and said, “I don’t need it.” She added
when Rosy was about to respond. “Of course. I don’t need anything else either. I will earn whatever I
want by myself.”

However, Rosy did not seem to believe in her. “You’re a woman, Alice. Nothing bad will happen if you
have more money on you. Don’t be—”

Before she could finish her words, Alice cut her off. “Please tell Ethan I’ll transfer the 72 million he gave
me to Caroline’s card.”

Hearing her words, Rosy froze. She did not expect Ethan to give Alice 72 million, a much larger sum
than hers. Moreover, she was surprised and unsettled that Alice refused to accept it. “Just take the
money, Alice.”

“I don’t need it, Mrs. Knight. It’s not like I hate money, but I just don’t need it.” Alice knew what Rosy
was thinking and thought it was funny. After all, was her performance in the Knight Family not enough
to prove her point? Why would she keep on bugging Ethan after she left?

At that point, Alice did not feel the need to explain her purpose to Rosy because the latter’s doings
were disrespectful.

“You don’t need money? Your company is now in the hands of others, and you tried to steal the
confidential files of Galerprises when you had just worked there not long ago. You have nothing. Even if
you were to look for a job, no one would be willing to take you in. How is it that you don’t need money?”
It was clear that Rosy did not trust her. The more Alice refused to take the money, the more unsettling


At that, Alice smiled and said nothing. Then, she turned around and left the study room.

Before she walked out of the door, Rosy yelled, “You refuse to take my money, nor do you want
Ethan’s. Is it because you have other plans?”

Alice did not turn around but scoffed and said, “I plan to act like a stranger if I meet you on the streets.
Not only you but everyone from the Knight Family aside from Caroline. I hope you’ll remember this.”

Stunned, Rosy looked at Alice with mixed feelings and thought she was acting.

Meanwhile, Alice ignored her and left the study room to pack her stuff upstairs. Since she did not have
many things, she was done in just a few minutes. When she headed downstairs, she met Rosy again
and smiled politely to make way for her to pass through.

Her actions baffled Rosy as she gazed at her with a complicated expression. “Don’t you blame me,

“It’s not worth it.” Alice smiled brightly at her.

Rosy was startled, and her countenance shifted. However, looking at Alice’s smile, she realized she
had nothing to say. In the end, she could only move aside and allow her to leave.

After Alice had left the Knight Residence, she immediately started according to her plan.

Three days later, Ethan returned to the Knight Residence at 8.00PM. Holland and Marie were out, and
Rosy was the only one in the living room. When Ethan saw her, he asked, “Is Alice not back yet?”

The startled woman immediately had a change of face and uttered softly, “No.” She did not lie, though.
After all, Alice indeed had not returned, and she would never either.

“I see.” He hummed in response. Then, he asked another question. “Where is she?”

Rosy’s face changed drastically, and she lowered her voice even more. “She didn’t say anything about
her whereabouts.” It was true. Alice had indeed not told her where she would be going.

“It’s late. Why isn’t she back yet?” Ethan asked without noticing anything wrong. As he went up the
stairs, he dialed Alice’s number.

Her phone was off.

“Again?” He sighed. “What kind of habit is it to turn off your phone?” Although he seemed to be
complaining about her, his voice was laced with adoration.

As Rosy watched him walk up the stairs, she parted her lips, seemingly trying to say something.
However, she soon held back her tongue.

In the meantime, Ethan went to Caroline’s room. When he saw her reading a book quietly, he smiled
and approached her. “Do you know where Mommy is, Caroline?”

Hearing his voice, Caroline raised her head and looked at him without saying anything, obviously trying
to ignore him.

The usual cold shoulder treatment rendered him clueless about the latest situation. “What’s wrong,
Caroline? Are you upset?” he asked.

“No. Mommy says that I’m already grown up. Sometimes, I must learn to let go and not dwell in

She sighed softly. Truthfully, she missed her mommy dearly.

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