That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 200

Ethan Is Looking For Her

The intense stare rendered Rosy with no courage to lie. “It’s me. I’m the one who said it,” she
confessed in a low voice.

Ethan took a deep breath and questioned, “When? When did you make that agreement?” His voice
trembled as if afraid of the truth.”

She succumbed to the pressure. “Her first day at the Knight Residence.”

In that split second, his heart dropped to the bottom of his heart. He closed his eyes, concealing his
emotions, but his trembling hands had exposed him.

On the day he had gotten the marriage certificate with Alice, he had some urgent business to do and
left Rodcaster. Yet, Rosy had said such harsh words to Alice on the first day she came here. He could
only imagine how Alice would feel at that moment. She was his wife, yet he could not protect her; he
was the cause of her misery.

In the meantime, tears brimmed Caroline’s eyes as she looked at Rosy. She knew that Alice had come
to the Knight Residence because of her, but she did not know that Alice had to endure such agony
because of her. If she had known it sooner, she would have agreed for Alice to leave immediately

After some time, Ethan snapped back to his senses. His eyes were full of emotions. “We’re legally
married. Even if she leaves, she will still be my wife. With her personality, she wouldn’t leave without
any reason.” Then, he looked at Rosy and continued, “Is there anything else I should know?”

He knew Alice well; she would do things nicely and never leave anything unattended. Therefore, she
would never vacate herself just because of a promise.

Hearing his words, Rosy froze and gulped harshly. Initially, she did not want to say anything, but as
soon as she saw his gaze, she replied honestly, “I let her sign an agreement.”


gaze darkened at that revelation. He knew it, but this was the worst scenario he could ever think of.
“Where’s the agreement?” He breathed heavily.

He could have guessed what was on it, but he still wanted to peruse it. He wanted to know what Alice
was forced to sign by Rosy.

Since Rosy knew that it was useless to hide the truth anymore, she took out the agreement and gave it
to him. Grabbing the paper, he tried to suppress himself, but his hands were shaking. Instead of
anxiety, there was fear.

After Ethan retrieved the agreement, he took a deep breath before looking at it. As he slowly scanned
the text, his heart sank, and his hands trembled violently. Once done, he raised his head and revealed
a smile filled with sadness, bitterness, and helplessness. At that moment, he seemed… løst.

Why? How dare my family forces her to sign such a thing! I always blamed her for acting so cold
toward me and even accused her of not liking me. Yet, how can she not act cold when forced to sign
such an agreement? How will she possibly love me? After all, the agreement clearly stated that she
was banned from falling in love with me. How ironic this is, to forbid my legally married wife to fall in
love with me?! This is all my fault. If I had known it sooner… If I had protected her… It’s all my fault
now that she’s gone. Yet, I didn’t want to let her go, but…

He knew Alice well, so he understood how severe this matter was. searched her for two days when she
left. However, he was not afraid then because he knew she would be back. Now that things had taken
a turn, he was devastated to learn she would never return. How will I find

Suddenly, he recalled how he had her? Where could she possibly go?

“We’ve gotten a marriage certificate and are still legally married, so she shouldn’t…” He stopped
talking, sensing a bad feeling in his gut.

With her personality, she will never allow this marriage to continue if she decides to leave. She will find
a way to get things out of the way.

At that thought, he asked tremblingly, “Mom, did you divorce us?” He knew Alice could not do it alone,
but it would be plausible if the Knight Family were involved.

When Rosy heard his words, she replied, “No, not yet.”

“Not yet?” Ethan’s eyes brightened up. However, he soon frowned and asked, “How will she leave if we
haven’t gotten a divorce?” That was unlike her personality.

She gulped again and explained, “I didn’t dare to handle the procedure since I was afraid you’d find
out, so I made a fake divorce decree and sent it to her. That day, she replied to my message.”

“What did she say?” he asked reflexively.

She hesitated momentarily. “She thanked me.”

“Ha…” Ethan chuckled, but his laugh was eerie.

Although they were not divorced, he could not feel happy; everything felt ironic and sad. He could
hardly imagine what Alice had gone through. No wonder she said she isn’t a part of the Knights. My
wife… Am I worthy to be her husband? What kind of husband treats his wife this way? Still, he wanted
to look for her. I need to find


Then, he turned around and looked at Caroline. “Caroline, do you know how to contact Mommy?” He
was putting all hopes on her.

Ever since Rosy had given Ethan the agreement, Caroline had her eyes on it. Although she did not see
the content, she vaguely guessed it.

Was Mommy forced to sign such an agreement on the first day she entered this family? Why? How
dare they! How dare they bully Mommy! Mommy doesn’t deserve any of this. She doesn’t deserve to
be in pain just because she wants to be with me.

As Caroline thought about it, she looked at Ethan and said stiffly, “I don’t know.”

Despite knowing how to reach out, she knew Alice would not want her to tell anyone in the family,
including Ethan.

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