That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 199

Getting a Divorce (5)

She believed that she had already grown up and should learn to protect Alice instead of being a burden


“How thoughtful of you.” Ethan chuckled. She is such a considerate child. She listens to Alice’s words.

“Mommy is gone. What else can I be other than being thoughtful?” As she spoke, she glanced at Ethan
with disdain but suppressed her dissatisfaction when she remembered what Alice had told her.

When he heard her words, he was startled. “What are you talking about? Isn’t Mommy coming back
late because she has some business to attend to? Why do you talk like she’s not going to be back?”

“Mommy is gone. She abandoned me and wants me to stay here. I will be a good girl and listen to her.”

Ethan’s expression shifted, but he subconsciously assumed Caroline was mistaken. “No. Mommy won’t
abandon you. She won’t leave.”

Initially, she was suppressing her emotions, but as soon as she heard his words, she could not stand it
and raised her voice. “Mommy is gone! She’s truly gone! She won’t be back anymore. She will never
return to the Knights!”

Ethan froze and grabbed her shoulder, staring deep into her eyes with a question. “Who told you this?”

Met with his gaze, Caroline became frightened and lowered her voice. “Mommy told me herself before
she left. Plus, she’s been gone for three days.”

“Three days?” He breathed heavily and squashed his emotions, trying to soften his voice since he was
afraid of scaring Caroline.

“Yes.” She nodded.

Ethan narrowed his eyes at her reaction. Whether or not Caroline is telling the truth about Alice’s
departure, Alice hasn’t returned home for three days. Yet, Mom didn’t say anything about it. She even
told me that Alice was just going out. Did she know that Alice had already left?

As he thought about it, he recalled that Alice would not leave without a trace. She was a woman who
would never do things by halves. Thus, Rosy should be aware of it. As such, he stood up abruptly and
left the room. When he went downstairs, Rosy was still sitting in the living room doing nothing but
lowering her eyes, seemingly deep in thought.

When Ethan saw her, he cut to the chase and asked, “Mom, where is Alice?”

Rosy froze at his interrogation. After some time, she slowly raised her head and looked at him. “Alice…
She’s gone.”

“Gone? What do you mean by gone?” His heart dropped. He could have his suspicions on Caroline,
but it was useless when he heard Rosy’s words.

“Just… Just go,” she stammered with guilt.

For a moment, he said nothing and merely stared at her.

“Alice said she could be at ease and leave since Caroline has gotten used to us. Then, she just left.”
Rosy avoided the important and dwelled on the trivial. It was true that Alice had said those words, but
the agreement was the main part of the cause, which she chose to conceal.

As Ethan heard her words, he suddenly recalled what Alice said. Indeed, she had told him that Caroline
had gotten used to the Knight Family. As he thought about it, he kept staring at Rosy without moving.

Creeped out by his stare, she could not help but add, “Alice said that we can contact her if anything
happens. When Caroline misses her, we can call her too.”

Truthfully, Alice had never said those words. After all, Rosy was being forceful against her, and even if
Alice were reluctant to leave Caroline, she would not utter such words. However, she did say such a
thing to Caroline and even left a contact number for her, so only the kid knew how to reach out to her.

Frustrated by the situation, Ethan took out his phone and redialed Alice’s number, but her phone was
still off. “Where can I find her? Tell me.” He gripped his phone and looked at Rosy. “Tell me, Mom.
Where can I find her? Did she leave any other contact before she left?”

She was startled and slowly shook her head. “No.” She and Alice had an unpleasant conversation
before she left because Alice refused to take her or Ethan’s money.

A glint suddenly flashed across his eyes, prompting him to ask, “Why all of a sudden, Mom?”

When the guilty Rosy met with Ethan’s gaze, she replied faintly, “She… She told me that Coraline had
already gotten used to us, so she left.”

“I’m married to her, Mom. We have a marriage certificate. She’s my wife, so why would she leave?
Even then, we’re still legally married. Why would she leave like this?” As he spoke, he narrowed his
eyes and examined her. He could tell she was hiding something from him but could not pinpoint it.

“She just said she’s leaving. As for the rest-” Her voice gradually lowered, and she did not dare look at

Before she could finish her words, he cut her off. “I want the truth, Mom.” He wanted to know what was
going on.

Her body visibly tensed up before she lowered her head and remained silent.

However, Ethan did not give up just because of her silent resistance. “Are you still going to hide it from
me, Mom? Will you talk to me, or will I have to find the truth myself?”

It was only then that Rosy quickly raised her head at him. She knew what he was capable of. If she
allowed him to investigate things, he would discover the truth sooner or later. Thus, after a moment of
hesitation, she decided to be discreet about it. “That’s what we had agreed on.”

“What do you mean?” He frowned, confused by her words. Or, he might have known what she was
talking about, but he refused to accept the truth.

As he slowly closed in on her, she could not handle the pressure anymore and confessed, “We had an
agreement that she would leave the Knight Family after Caroline had gotten used to us.”

Instantaneously, Ethan froze on the spot. His expression changed drastically, and his voice was
dangerously low. “Who? Who said it?” His eyes widened at her. At the same time, Caroline, who had
followed him down the stairs, was also staring at Rosy.

With all the pressure, she could not help but tell the truth softly, “It’s me. I was the one who said it.”

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