That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 201

Ethan Seeks Alice (1)

In reality, Caroline knew that her mother left her a number before leaving, but she didn’t want to tell the
Knights about it, including her current father.

Why would she tell them?

If she told them, they would only continue bullying her mother.

She absolutely could not do that!

No one was allowed to bully her mother!

There was a gleam in Ethan’s eyes as he could see that Caroline was lying. Caroline probably knew
how to contact Alice, but she told a lie.

Ethan discreetly let out a sigh and decided not to pursue the matter.

He understood what Caroline was thinking, and he also knew her personality. Alice had raised
Caroline, so the child was as stubborn as she was. If Caroline didn’t want to say something, no one
could force it out of her.

Caroline had been suppressing it all along, but she was just a child. She remembered what her mother
taught her, so she would be a good and polite child. Hence, she suppressed her rage instead of letting
it out.

However, she couldn’t hold back the tears in her eyes. Her tears rolled down her cheeks, but Caroline
didn’t cry aloud. She simply stood there and silently let her tears fall.

“Don’t be scared, Caroline.” Britney’s heart ached for Caroline when she saw that, so she walked over
to comfort the child.

Caroline hastily took a step backward. However, she only took one step backward before stopping. She
gazed at Britney with her watery eyes as she said, “Grandma, you’re my grandma, but I don’t have a
mommy anymore. Not anymore.”

Britney’s heart was breaking, but when she remembered that Alice had already left and not longer had
any connections to the Knights, she thought that Caroline should forget about Alice too. “Caroline,
she’s not your real mother, after all…”

“Mom.” Ethan’s expression shifted. He had never been so stern to his family before; he had always
been gentle.

Perhaps realizing her slip-up, Britney stopped speaking.

Caroline’s expression shifted noticeably as well. She looked at Britney in disbelief, then after

a moment, she nodded earnestly. “Yes, she’s not my real mother, but she rescued me and raised me
for three years, yet my family treated her like that. She’s not my real mother, so why would she save
me and raise me? Why would she endure so much suffering for me? She’s not my real mother, so why
would she care about me? She’s not my real mother, after all…”

Caroline spoke the phrase ‘not my real mother’ again and again, breaking everyone’s heart when they
heard it.

Even Ethan’s eyes turned red.

Britney lowered her head and didn’t make another sound.

Just then, the door was pushed open. Holland and Marie walked in.

“What’s the matter? Why is Caroline crying?” Marie felt her heart aching when she saw the tears
streaming down Caroline’s face. She quickly walked over to Caroline so that she could. carry the latter
in her arms.

Caroline, who never rejected their touch before, subconsciously avoided her.

“What’s going on with Caroline?” Marie was stunned. In reality, she had overheard what Caroline said
last when she was opening the door moments ago.

Marie only heard Caroline saying, ‘She’s not my real mother, after all, but her heart was already
breaking. She didn’t know what exactly happened, but she knew that it had something to do with Alice.

Britney didn’t say a word because she didn’t dare to..

Ethan didn’t make a sound, either. He didn’t know how he should phrase his reply.

Caroline reached up and wiped off her tears furiously, then she looked at Marie, straightening herself
as she said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that Mommy-No, Alice. Alice left.”

“Left? She’s the daughter-in-law of the Knight Family. Where did she go?” Holland was confused, for he
had no idea what was going on.

Marie, however, felt her heart sink. Even though she only spent a few days with the Knight Family, and
even though Alice disappeared from the Knight Family the day after she arrived, from Caroline’s words
for the past few days, Marie could picture how close Caroline was to Alice.

However, Caroline corrected herself on purpose just now, switching from ‘mommy’ to Alice’s name. She
quickly looked at Holland, saying with a slightly higher voice, “She doesn’t have to be the daughter-in-
law of the Knight Family.”

Caroline had been holding it in these few days. After Alice left, she pretended as if she wasn’t affected.
She constantly remembered what Alice told her, so she didn’t say or mention anything.

But now, Caroline couldn’t endure it anymore. When Caroline remembered what Holland. said to Alice
before Alice left, her small face darkened. “She came to the Knight Family just for

my sake. She wasn’t trying to be a daughter-in-law of the Knight Family.”

“What’s Caroline going on about? Alice is the daughter-in-law of the Knight Family in the first place.” It
was obvious that Holland still hadn’t grasped the situation.

After all, ever since they came back, Caroline had been the only one talking. Caroline was just a three-
year-old, after all. Holland thought Caroline was merely throwing a tantrum.

Caroline froze for a moment. Her eyes turned red again, but she didn’t allow her tears to fall this time.
“She’s not anymore. She never will be in the future.”

Ethan’s gaze glinted as he moved to speak.

However, Caroline quickly continued, “Now, she’s finally free again. She doesn’t have to stay here and
suffer for my sake anymore. You think anyone can bully her, but that’s not true. I know that if there’s
something she doesn’t want to do, no one can force her to do it.” Caroline paused, then looked at
Ethan. Then, she added, “Not even you, Uncle Ethan.”

Ethan froze, but he didn’t refute Caroline’s words.

Marie looked worriedly at Caroline. “Caroline…”

Caroline turned to look at Marie. “I’m fine. I’m happy that she’s finally free, and she doesn’t have to
suffer for me anymore. I should be happy. I was wrong to ask her to stay in the Knight Family in the

past. She should pursue happiness for herself. She should find someone who truly loves her and cares
for her.”

When Ethan heard that, his expression instantly shifted.

However, Caroline wasn’t done with him. She turned to him and added, “Uncle Ethan, you’re not

She looked at the people in the room, then said earnestly, “Don’t worry, I’m a member of the Knight
Family, so I will stay here. I can’t keep on troubling her; she painstakingly raised me for three years, so
I can’t expect her to keep doing that. I’ll stay in the Knight Family and be good because before she left,
she told me to be nice to all of you.” Caroline had been suppressing it for too long, so now that she
could finally vent everything, she let all her thoughts loose.

She then looked at Holland. “She said that even when she heard you insulting her the night she came
back, Great-Grandpa.”

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