That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 202

Ethan Seeks Alice (2)

She then looked at Holland. “She said that even when she heard you insulting her the night. she came
back, Great-Grandpa.”

At her words, Holland’s face showed a hint of embarrassment. On that day, he couldn’t bear it and said
those words because he saw Alice stealing trade secrets.

Ethan, who had been silent all this while, looked at Holland and asked, “What did you say to her.
Grandpa?” This turn of events was beyond his expectations. The situation with the agreement was
already terrible enough, but he didn’t expect it to get worse.

Now that Caroline had decided to speak up, she wasn’t about to help them keep it a secret. “Great-
Grandpa said she’s dumb and foolish and that her children will be stupid, which will affect the
intelligence of the children in the Knight Family.” Shen then purposely added, “She won’t bear children
for the Knight Family anyway. So, what does their intelligence have to do with her?”

Ethan felt extremely uneasy hearing this. At the same time, he also remembered the words Holland
said on the phone that day, which Alice also heard. How much suffering has she endured ever since
she married me?

“Caroline is right. What does the intelligence of the Knight Family’s children have to do with. Alice? She
doesn’t even want to be a part of the Knight Family, let alone bear children for me. That’s wishful
thinking.” Ethan’s heart was in turmoil. Although he couldn’t vent his feelings. as directly as Caroline,
there were some things he still needed to say.

Suddenly, he chuckled, but there was no trace of amusement. He looked at Holland and slowly added,
“You’re overthinking, Grandpa.” He then let out a self-deprecating snort. His voice was low and heavy,
but it carried an unmistakable finality as he said, “She won’t bear children for me. I’m afraid you won’t

have any great-grandchildren in your lifetime.” The meaning behind his words was clear-he would not
marry anyone other than Alice in his lifetime.

Holland blew a gasket when he heard those words. “You blame me because she refuses to bear
children for you? What does that have to do with me? It’s not like I’m preventing her from bearing your
children. If you have the ability, go make her do so! You can’t even get your wife to bear children for
you, yet you dare to blame others!”

With that, Ethan’s already devastated heart was further wounded. He’s right. I can’t blame anyone
other than myself. I’m the one who didn’t discover the problem earlier, and I’m the one who didn’t
handle the situation properly.

“What is going on here?” Marie could sense the increasingly tense atmosphere, but until now, they still
didn’t fully understand what was happening.

Britney dared not say a word, for the agreement was her idea. She had kept it a secret from everyone
and convinced Alice to sign it.

As her son, Ethan naturally couldn’t expose his own mother.

Caroline, however, was filled with dissatisfaction and directly took the agreement from Ethan’s hand
and handed it to Marie, saying, “Take a look for yourself, Great-Grandma.”

Marie’s expression grew darker as she read the agreement.

After she finished reading, she took a deep breath and then looked at Britney. “Did you ask Alice to
sign this?” Marie was a smart woman and immediately guessed that since Alice was brought back by
Ethan himself, he would never ask his wife to sign such a thing. The only person in the Knight Family
who could do such a thing was her daughter-in-law.

Britney lowered her head and did not answer, but her silence was an admission.

At the sight of Britney’s silence, Marie took another deep breath, trying hard to remain calm and not get
angry. Yet, the more she looked at the agreement, the angrier she became. “Alice is Ethan’s wife, and
yet you made Alice sign this.”

“Ethan married her because of Caroline,” Britney said quietly, still unwilling to admit her mistake.

Marie was already angry, and when she heard Britney’s words, her expression darkened at once. “You
also know it’s because of Caroline, right? Alice saved Caroline’s life and raised her for three years. She
is our family’s benefactor. How can you treat our benefactor like this? Is this how we treat benefactors?
We don’t even treat enemies like this.”

At that, Holland also took the agreement and read it. His face turned unpleasant as well, but he didn’t
say anything.

Since he couldn’t say anything, Marie decided to say everything that needed to be said. “When did our
family become so cruel? How could our family do such a thing?”

Although she was not very satisfied with her daughter-in-law on ordinary days, she had never said
anything harsh. It was obvious that today’s events truly angered her.

I only saw Alice once that night, but I liked her. That night, even though Holland said such harsh words,
Alice remained quiet, not mentioning anything, but her quiet demeanor didn’t make Marie look down on
her. Instead, it made her look up to Alice. The next day, Marie didn’t see Alice at all. She asked a few
times, but her ‘good’ daughter-in-law told her that Alice might be too busy with work. If I had known
about this situation earlier, I would never have watched without doing anything. After all, she’s the one
Ethan married.

Thinking about the disadvantageous terms in the agreement, her expression became even more
unpleasant. “How did you force that child to sign such unfair terms? How could you

bear to do it?”

“I didn’t force her. She looked through it and willingly signed it.” Britney tried to defend herself.

When Marie heard her answer, she was so furious that she started laughing. “That’s because she has
dignity, she is generous, and she has high standards. She’s not impressed with the Knight Family” After
a deep breath, she asked again. “What were you planning to do if she hadn’t willingly signed this

At her question, Britney was stunned for a moment. “I didn’t think about it.” Mainly because Alice was
too cooperative at the time and things went smoothly, so she didn’t have to think much about it.

“Fortunately, that child willingly signed it. If she hadn’t, what kind of coercion would our family have
resorted to? It would have been…” Marie shook her head slowly. “Now that I think about it, I feel sorry
for that child.”

“But she isn’t worthy of Ethan.” Up until now, Britney still believed she was right.

“You think your child is precious, but does that mean other people’s children are worthless? Every
family cherishes their children!” Marie tried her best to suppress the anger in her heart, but Britney kept
fueling the fire. This made Marie unable to hold back any longer. “It’s pitiful that her parents are
deceased, and there isn’t even someone to stand up for her and seek justice from us, letting us freely
bully her.” She had a good temper and rarely got angry, but now she was truly furious.

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