That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 205

Ethan Seeks Alice (5)

Never mind, I’ve given up. I just hope that my great-grandson won’t be too dumb. If he turns out to be
really dumb, he can join the military and rely on physical strength since he lacks intelligence. What else
can be done? “Never mind, I’ve given up. Holland sighed, realizing that this time he was destined to
lose to James.

“You may look down on my mommy, but she looks down on all of you too.” Caroline pouted angrily.

“Hey, can’t I speak the truth?” When he saw her pouty expression, he wanted to laugh but managed to
hold back his laughter. He didn’t want her to be as polite and respectful toward him as before; he
preferred her current attitude toward him. So, he intentionally teased her, although deep down he truly
felt this


“No, you can’t say anything bad about Mommy.” Suddenly, she had a lightbulb moment. “If you promise
not to say anything bad about Mommy from now on, I will consider liking you.” She realized that she
didn’t dislike her great-grandfather too much. I can try to like him for the sake of Mommy.

A noticeable smile played on his lips as he readily agreed. “Okay. I promise you.”

In fact, Holland had only criticized Alice that night, and it happened to be overheard by Alice herself.
After that, he never said anything like that again. Although he was still somewhat dissatisfied deep
down, he still restrained himself most of the time.

At this moment, Marie heaved a sigh of relief. Naturally, she knew what Holland was thinking, so she
didn’t intervene and let the two of them banter. Sometimes, such banter was more likely to foster

In the past few days, they had been overly cautious with Caroline, while Caroline had always been
polite toward them. However, something seemed to be missing in their interactions. Now, it was much

“Caroline, would you like to go upstairs and play with me for a while?” Marie eagerly desired to have a
closer relationship with Caroline, but Caroline hadn’t shown much affection toward them earlier. Today,
when they were about to leave, they had wanted to invite Caroline along, but she had refused. “I
promise never to let Great-Grandpa say anything bad about your mom again.” She was a smart woman
and had already grasped Caroline’s intentions.

As Caroline looked at Marie, she blinked and then lowered her voice slightly as she negotiated, “Can
he praise Mommy then?”

“Hey, aren’t you asking for too much now? What is there to praise about her? Why don’t you start by
telling me what there is to praise about her?” Holland couldn’t hold back and retorted directly.

At his words, Caroline’s little face instantly fell, and when she looked at him, her eyes revealed anger
and a sense of grievance.

Meanwhile, Marie glared at Holland. “Can’t you speak nicely?”

“Fine. I’ll do it. I’ll praise her. Okay?” Holland gritted his teeth.

Caroline was obviously pushing her luck. “Go on.”

5 Bonus

Holland was taken aback. “This is quite a chall-” When he saw the looks from both Caroline and Marie,
he swallowed the rest of his sentence.

With a helpless look, he pondered for a while and reluctantly said, “Alice has good manners, and she
has done a great job raising her child.”

“Okay, I’ll let you pass.” Caroline was finally somewhat satisfied and continued to negotiate. “If you
praise Mommy once every day, I’ll like you a little more every day.”

Shock, he exclaimed, “That would cost me my life. But didn’t you say she wouldn’t come back to us
anymore, and that she wouldn’t come back even when your dad went to find her? So, what’s the use of
my compliments?” He found her request to be quite extraordinary.

She simply replied, “I’m happy when I hear you complimenting Mommy.” Then, she added seriously,
“I’m very happy when Mommy compliments me every day, but when I hear someone else
complimenting her, I’m happier.”

“Well, apart from everything else, Alice did raise her child well.” Holland was straightforward and spoke
his mind. I admit this point about Alice, but it’s a pity that if her child turns out to be dim- witted and
inherits her intelligence, it may not help no matter how much we teach him or her.

“Come on, Caroline. Let’s go upstairs and leave your dad alone. Let him go find your mom.” Marie
beckoned to Caroline.

This time, Caroline didn’t refuse and followed Marie upstairs. She even affectionately held Marie’s hand
and assumed a posture of supporting her. She was indeed very considerate and thoughtful.

In the first-floor hall, Britney couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy when she saw that. It had been
several months since Caroline returned to the Knight Residence, and she had spen quite a few months
with her. Yet, Caroline had never been so intimate with her before. She hadn’t even gone to her room
with her.

At this moment, Ethan didn’t pay much attention to these at all, as he was currently contacting people
to find his wife.

When he learned that Alice had left, he immediately sent a text to Caleb, asking him to find Alice. Not
much time had passed since then, but he had already urged Caleb twice.

He was usually very concise with his words. His first message was ‘Find out where Alice is, and the
following two messages were just two question marks.

Caleb had worked for Ethan for quite some time, so even though Ethan only sent two question marks,
he was certain of what Ethan meant. Isn’t he pressing too urgently this time? It has only been half an
hour. That’s not enough time to find Mrs. Knight. Last time, we searched for two days without any
success. I hope that this time won’t be like the previous one.

Since Ethan was urging him, he didn’t dare delay. He immediately mobilized everyone he could to find

“We’re looking for Mrs. Knight again? What’s going on? Did she go missing again?” Sam was confused
when he received the task. What is going on with Mr. Knight? Why is he looking for Mrs. Knight so

“I’m not quite sure what’s going on either. Mr. Knight just returned from a mission, and ast soon as I
brought him back, he sent me a text asking me to find Mrs. Knight. It has only been. half an hour, but
he has already urged me twice,” Caleb expressed how he was in a difficult situation as well.

“I hope it’s not like last time,” Sam said, feeling somewhat scared as he recalled the previous incident.
It was truly terrifying. We searched for Mrs. Knight for two days but to no avail. She seemed to have
vanished into thin air, and then she reappeared on her own. “Why don’t we ask Mr. Knight to wait a little
longer? Perhaps Mrs. Knight will show up on her own,” he said half-jokingly.

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