That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 210

We Finally Meet Once More (1)

On the live broadcast, Tanner replied, “That is the plan.”

“Wait a moment,” Lawrence called out to Ethan. “I asked you to invite Tanner over before. Since he is
currently in Rodcaster and has stated his plan to move to the city, you should invite him to a meeting.”
Then, he returned his gaze to the live broadcast and expressed his satisfaction with the on–screen
Tanner. “He is an exceptional business prodigy, and I even had my men investigate him. It’s surprising
to learn how much he valued trustworthiness and integrity. So, do whatever it takes to get him to work
for us.”

However, Ethan did not stop and listen to his father as he approached the stairwell. Instead of looking
at his father, he replied, “Go hire him yourself.” I no longer care about anything other than finding Alice,
who is currently missing.

“Why? Isn’t it better for you to go? You’re both about the same age, and I think you two could strike up
a conversation.” Lawrence cast a questioning glance at his son. The moment he saw his son walking
up the stairs, a spark of awareness shot through his mind. “Did something happen?” He knew his son
well and cared about him. Even though he could only see his son from behind, he could tell something
was off about him.

Ethan pursed his lips in response but didn’t say anything or turn around. I am certain someone would
tattle about my mom’s wrongdoings to my dad. Still, I shouldn’t blame anyone but myself because I’m
the one who caused all of this. Alice is my wife, and if I had performed my husbandly duties, I should
not have been completely unaware of what had happened. Naturally, she must have believed I was
responsible for whatever transpired. Otherwise, she wouldn’t constantly pretend she doesn’t recognize
and avoid me like this. It is my fault that she had such a mindset! In that case, what right do I have to

point the finger at others? It’s all because of me that this is happening! Following that thought, he
continued to climb the stairs in silence.

Meanwhile, Lawrence was dumbfounded by his son’s behavior. He knew the son he had raised, and
then he realized the gravity of the situation his son might be in. Hence, he suggested, “If anything is
bothering you, we can discuss it. Maybe I can help you.”

Suddenly, Ethan stopped in his tracks and replied stoically, “There’s no need.”

When he heard that, Lawrence stared blankly at his son’s back. What is going on? Since he is unwilling
to discuss the matter, I should not press him for an answer. Then, he changed the subject and asked,
“Oh, right. Where’s Alice? Why haven’t I seen her around?”

When he heard his wife’s name, Ethan’s body visibly stiffened.

Since Lawrence had no idea what had happened the day before at the Knight Residence, he was
unaware that Alice had left the home. “I want her to join the company. If you don’t help me, I’ll ask her
to do it instead. Now that I’m getting older, I can no longer manage the company for more than a few
years. Eventually, the company would have to be yours. If you’re not interested, let Alice handle it.”
There was never a time when he felt discontent with his daughter–in–law. Despite this, he never
developed any prejudice against her due to the rumors. Also, he never considered her a fool and didn’t
think such people existed. He believed that everyone had the potential to excel in anything they were
willing to put effort into learning and doing. Therefore, he meant it when he said he wanted to put Alice
in charge of his


Meanwhile, Britney had been supervising the chef preparing lunch in the kitchen when she overheard
that. So, she quickly turned around and noticed her husband’s calm expression, which indicated he
was serious. Why would he think his proposal is out of the ordinary and even considers it a matter of

course? I just don’t get it. What is it about Alice that everyone in the Knight Family adores? Why? She
is a foolish, stupid, and completely useless, disfigured woman. What witchcraft did she use to bewitch
all the men in the house?

In the meantime, Holland was walking down the stairs when he overheard what Lawrence said. Despite
constantly calling Alice a fool and stupid, Holland made no objections.

“That’s not something I can decide,” Ethan eventually responded as his eyes flickered. I can’t find Alice
at this time, and even if I did and she agreed to return home with me, I cannot decide on her behalf, as
that should be her


“Ask her for me. Don’t worry; I’ll ensure she’s comfortable and well cared for. She is free to take on any
role she pleases at the company. It’s entirely her choice.” Lawrence was a very open–minded man.
Moreover, he had always been extremely considerate of Alice. “I can talk to her about it. I’m willing to
hear what she has to say about it. She-”

In the meantime, Britney’s expression darkened as she listened to the conversation. Soon, her eyes
glowed with rage, and she could not resist storming out of the kitchen to interrupt her husband by
asking, “Didn’t you say Tanner West is an exceptional talent? You should first figure out how to hire

“Of course, I’d hire Tanner, but that doesn’t conflict with Alice’s position in the office,” he said to her in a
gentle voice. “Alice is a family member; I believe she is a very good kid. In the future, she might-”

“In what way? How good is she? She is an absolute joke, dumber than a bag of rocks. With that ruined
face, she’s even uglier than an ogre. She is useless! What is so good about her?” Since Ethan had left
the house last night, she had been fuming the entire night. She finally exploded when she heard her

husband heaping praise on Alice. Her fury burst forth as she ranted and raved at such a high volume
and speed that she hardly took a breath between her tirades.

However, Ethan merely responded by glancing at his mother indifferently. He said nothing, and his
expression was so blank that no one could tell what was going through his mind.

On the other hand, Lawrence was stunned by Britney’s rage and stared at her in confusion. “What’s the
matter with you? You and Alice usually get along fine. Why-” He had been so preoccupied with work
that he barely spent time at home. As he only witnessed the harmonious aspects of his family, he
believed that everyone got along quite well.

As she was beside herself with anger, her brain–to–mouth filter had vanished. In addition, Ethan’s
glance made it worse as it made her feel like she was about to go mad. “Why would I even get along
with her? I only know who she is because of Caroline.”

Despite his explosive temper, Holland would only yell and lecture at the boys in the family, never
reprimanding his daughters–in–law. However…

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