That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 203

Ethan Seeks Alice (3)

“But I understand now. Alice never had any intention of becoming a member of the Knight Family. You
think she’s not worthy of Ethan, but she didn’t have any interest in him in the first place. Otherwise, how
could she have left so freely?” Marie no longer wanted to argue with Britney, so she sat directly on the
couch and waved her hand. “What’s done is done, so just let it be. Just as Caroline said, Alice is now
free. It’s a mutually happy outcome.” As she spoke, she intentionally shifted her gaze toward Ethan.
She saw his expression change several times, gradually becoming more and more unpleasant.

Seeing that, she inwardly sighed. Ethan is clearly happy with Alice, and he has set his heart on her.
Alice appears soft and will stay quiet when she encounters something. She won’t get angry and make a
fuss. However, a person who behaves this way is actually stubborn and determined. Now that she has
left the Knight Family, it may not be easy for Ethan to win her back again. Anyway, I’m old now. I
shouldn’t care too much about these things anymore. I’ll just let the children handle their affairs,

After she took a sip of water, she stood up again and looked at Holland. I’m tired. Let’s go upstairs and


“No way. This matter hasn’t been resolved yet.” Holland felt dissatisfied.

“It’s none of your business whether it’s resolved or not. She glared at him.

However, he still had his mind fixated on his great-grandson. “It’s related to my great-grandson. How
can it be none of my business?”

“Just shut up.” Marie wished she could shut his mouth. Seriously? You’re bringing up that topic now?
Immediately after, she held his hand and walked toward the stairs.

Yet, he seemed somewhat dissatisfied and muttered under his breath, “Alice may have been
disfigured, but she used to be beautiful. The child she gives birth to will be beautiful too. He might be
more beautiful than James’ great-grandson.”

“What does it have to do with you? Alice won’t bear any children for the Knight Family.” She found it
both funny and exasperating to hear his words. He finally sees how good Alice is now, but what did he
do before that?

“Alice and Ethan are legally married. They haven’t filed for divorce yet. We just need to find a way to
bring her back,” he muttered again.

Suddenly, Marie stopped in her tracks, then she quickly turned around to look at Britney and Ethan.-
She saw Ethan looking grim, while Britney appeared guilty. At this moment, her heart sank along with
them. She hadn’t considered this matter before, but when Holland brought it up just now, her thoughts
aligned with his. However, Ethan and Britney’s reactions made her feel that the situation might be even
worse. than she had anticipated.

Marie couldn’t help but ask again, “Did Alice file for divorce when she left?” If she has really filed for
divorce, she will never step foot inside the Knight Family’s door again.

Seeing that neither of them spoke, she started to feel anxious. “Ethan, did you and Alice file for

“We didn’t go through with the divorce proceedings.” When Ethan answered, he felt a pang of pain in


“That’s good, that’s good.” Marie visibly breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s a good thing that Alice is not the
type to leave no room for compromise.”

“No, that’s not true. Uncle Ethan hasn’t filed for divorce, but Mommy… She received the divorce

so she left without any hesitation, Caroline couldn’t help but reply. I heard everything

“If there was no divorce, where did the divorce certificate come from Holland frowned, completely

Marie also looked confused, but the next moment, she quickly looked at Britney and asked. You give
Alter the divorce certificate Where did you get it?”

Not daring to hide it from Marie, Britney lowered her head and answered, “I got a fake one.

At her reply, Marie burst into laughter out of exasperation again. Tve underestimated you all these
years. You’re really something.” After taking a deep breath, she asked again. “Tell me, what else have
you done? Make everything clear.”

“N-Nothing else.” Britney was nervous and afraid of Marie, so she stuttered.

However, Marie wasn’t easily fooled. She continued to stare at Britney without saying a word, making
her even more nervous and scared.

After a moment of hesitation, Britney spoke again. “I saw that her current situation isn’t good, so I
wanted to give her some money…”

Hearing that, Ethan, who was texting someone to find Alice, quickly looked up at his mother again. At
this moment, even with his good upbringing, his face turned cold. “You gave her money? You gave her
money when she left?”

Likewise, Marie’s expression turned uglier.

When Britney met his son’s gaze, it startled her so much, she flinched. She hastily added. “S-She didn’t
take it. She said you also gave her money back then, and you put the money in Caroline’s account. 72
million, not a penny less. She was possibly genuinely frightened, so she revealed everything.

Suddenly. Ethan laughed. I’m really a bʻstard.

“What makes you think she cares about your money?” Marie was so angry that she didn’t know what to

“She told me she didn’t lack money at the time, but considering her current situation, with her company
given away and being in trouble after working for only two days, how could she not need money?”
Britney still couldn’t believe the things Alice had said.

Marie was stunned and she narrowed her eyes. “You didn’t tell Alice such things back then, did you?”

Britney didn’t answer, but her silence and evasive gaze were enough to explain everything.

At this moment, Ethan’s eyes turned dark, and he didn’t want to say anything anymore.

Suddenly, Caroline spoke up. “Mommy doesn’t lack money. Back then, she bought me the best things.
The food, the toys, and the things I used were all the best. I had what other kids had, and even what
they didn’t. She even asked people to specially design my clothes, my shoes, and my accessories. She
said I was her precious treasure, so everything I used should be unique.”

Marie felt a sense of shame listening to Caroline’s words. Look at how Alice treated my precious
Caroline, and then look at how we treated Alice. I’m too embarrassed to see her again.

All this while, Ethan kept his head down and remained silent while he sent another text message. He
was on the verge of going crazy and losing his mind.

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