That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 213

We Finally Meet Once More (4)

Lawrence watched the video for a few minutes before suddenly asking. “Dad, don’t you think that the
boy looks kind of like Ethan when he was a kid?”

Holland froze for a moment before letting out a loud shout. “Hey! You were just lecturing me about this
before. I think you’re the shameless one between us. Yes, the boy is adorable. Still, no matter how
much you like him. Apollo is not part of our family. What’s this? Are you going to steal him so that he’s
one of us?”

“No, that’s not it. I merely think he looks like Ethan when he was a kid, especially his eyes. Look closely
at those eyes, Dad. Don’t they look like Ethan’s?” Lawrence asked, pointing to the video of Apollo.

Something flashed in Holland’s eyes, and he solemnly examined the video. “Now that you mention it,
they do look quite similar.”

“Right? I told you so,” Lawrence added emphatically.

“Enough. Stop dreaming. While the boy’s eyes do look like Ethan’s, that’s all there is. It’s normal for
people to look similar to each other. Also, he looks very much like Keith. They even had a DNA
paternity test done. Go back to where you came from. Stop daydreaming.” Holland’s jealousy only grew
stronger now that Lawrence pointed out the similarity.

“I never said he’s ours. I just said he looks like Ethan. Keith’s son could never magically transform into
Ethan’s son.” Lawrence paused and abruptly asked, “Isn’t Keith single? Where did the boy come

“It must have been the girl he was dating a few years ago. They must not have known about the baby
back then because they had only just found him. The Rowlands didn’t say too much. about it. They

didn’t even tell us anything about the mother. I didn’t ask any further, but I think that must have been
what happened. Holland did ask about the mother during yesterday’s visit, but James had promised
Apollo to stay silent on the subject.

“That’s bad. If Ethan had done that, I would have broken his leg. Lawrence might believe in letting
others do as they pleased, but he was a strict man when it comes to certain issues.

“You wish. Too bad, you’re not that lucky. If Ethan does something wrong. I’ll disown him at most. Either
way, I would accept a great-grandson this amazing into the family” Jealousy gnawed at Holland. “You
should have seen him with your own eyes. He’s so very lovable. Even though I know he’s not one of
ours, I could still feel my heart melting into a puddle.”

“We’ll ask Alice and Ethan to have another baby once Ethan finds her.” Lawrence said as a way to
reassure Holland and also as a way to declare his stance on the matter.

Holland let out a chain of heavy sighs. “If Alice is able to give the family a child this amazing, I am fine
with handing over the entire family to her.”

He said that because he was sure Alice could never give birth to a child this


Of course, he still hoped that Alice could do so.

If she could do so, then handing control of the entire family over to her was equivalent to handing over
the family to his amazing great-grandson. There was nothing wrong with that.

Alice might not be that capable, but he would be okay with it if his great-grandson were.

Holland knew that it was only a scenario that could exist in his dreams, but he wanted to indulge in it.
With her intelligence, he was dreaming of the impossible.

“I truly wish to hand the company to Alice, though.” That was Lawrence’s plan. If Ethan would not take
over, Alice would have to do it.

Holland pursed his lips. “You’ll need to spend around a decade teaching her to see if she’s capable
first. You also need someone like Tanner West to help you. Otherwise, she’ll bankrupt the company.”

While Lawrence did not want to argue with his father, he did not agree with Holland’s opinion at all.
“She’s not as bad as you think.”

“Her intelligence is a fatal flaw. It cannot be made up for. Our children are all clever kids. We did not
have to work too hard on raising the kids, so you think it’s easy to teach kids. That’s because you have
never met an idiot like her. She would have you worried to death. I warn you, don’t dream big dreams.”
Holland sighed and shook his head. “Talent is especially important in business. No one can excel
unless they’re good at it, so what about someone less intelligent like Alice?”

“I’ve looked into her. When she was in charge of the Woland Group, the company did quite well. Every
project they started and finished within those 7 years made a profit. Not even we could do that.”
Lawrence had evidently done his research.

Holland was stunned and visibly shocked. “Someone must have been helping her.”

Lawrence’s investigation had certainly revealed a person like that. “Yes, but her talent made someone
willing to do their all in helping her.”

“That’s why if you want to hand the company over to her, you must also hire Tanner West. Then, Alice
will be in charge in name only. That’s probably what happened in the Woland Group.” Holland might be
rash at times, but he had a sharp mind and was very perceptive.

Lawrence did not say anything in response this time since that was exactly what his investigation into
the Woland Group had revealed.

During those 7 years, Alice never did anything in the Woland Group. Everything was decided by that
one talented person.

“Enough. Let’s leave it at that.” The look in Lawrence’s eyes told Holland he had been right. “Don’t
have too high hopes for Alice. Lower it down to average. After all, with what she’s starting out with, you
can’t expect too much from her.”

He then paused and sighed once more. “After all, not everyone can be a genius like Tanner West.
Someone like him is one in a million.”

Holland recognized talented people when he saw them and knew to cherish them. Otherwise, the
Knights would not have grown as powerful as they had.

“I know. I’ll introduce myself to him now. I’ll go personally. Tanner must work for us.” Lawrence agreed
with Holland. He, too, was afraid that someone might steal Tanner from under their noses.

After a moment of hesitation, Holland said. “Restrict yourself when it comes to your wife. Alice was
considerate enough to not hold it against her. If it were anyone else, who knows what would happen
then? If a fight truly broke out, the Knight Family’s reputation would inevitably be stained with the
adjected ‘ungrateful.”

“I’ll take care of it.” Lawrence knew his wife was wrong in this matter, but as a man, he had a duty to
protect her.

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