That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 204

Ethan Seeks Alice (4)

All this while. Ethan kept his head down and remained silent while he sent another text message.

“When the Woland Group was still Alice’s, she didn’t lack money. Britney felt somewhat embarrassed
upon hearing Caroline’s words, but she didn’t reflect on herself and only blamed others.

Marie couldn’t tolerate it anymore and yelled at her, “Shut up!”

Meanwhile, Ethan didn’t even glance at Britney.

When Caroline looked at Britney again, her expression showed a noticeable sense of distance.
“Mommy doesn’t lack money now either. Before she left, she made reservations for my clothes, shoes,
and matching accessories from 4 to 18 years old. They are all very, very beautiful.”

“You said your mom made reservations for your clothes and shoes from 4 to 18 years old?” Marie felt
even more remorseful toward Alice when she heard that, but she had one doubt. “How do you know
they are very beautiful? You can’t see them now.”

“Mommy gave me an album. I’ll go get it and show it to you. Caroline quickly ran upstairs while
speaking. After a minute, she came running back down with a thick album in her hands.

At this moment, Marie was standing by the stairs, so she took the album directly from Caroline’s hands
and flipped through it, becoming more and more shocked as she looked at it.

When Caroline mentioned that everything Alice gave her was unique, she didn’t think much about it.
However, now she truly realized that Caroline’s words were not an exaggeration but rather an
understatement. She could guarantee that the clothes and shoes in these albums were not available on
the market. They were truly one-of-a-kind designs. Just the designs alone made them priceless

“Sweetie, which shop did your mom go to make these reservations?” After Marie looked through the
album, her emotions were stirred up.

Caroline quickly replied, “I don’t know. Mommy didn’t say. She only mentioned that she would have the
items delivered to me periodically.”

“Alice is truly thoughtful Marie sighed deeply. “On the other hand, our family.

Holland was hot-tempered and straightforward. If this matter had been done by his son or grandson; he
would have blown a fuse. Yet, since it was his daughter-in-law, he couldn’t directly scold her. He tried to
endure it but couldn’t hold back anymore. “We’ve gone too far indeed.” Then, he turned around and
shouted at Ethan. “Hurry up and find your wife! What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for someone
to bring her back to you?”

“No need to look for her. She won’t come back.” Even though Caroline was young, she understood her
mother well. Since Mommy left, especially under those circumstances, she will never come back. It will
be useless for anyone to find her. She specifically added, “Even if Uncle Ethan goes to find her, it will
be useless.

“You’re still a child. Don’t worry about adult matters.” Holland was furious, but when he looked at
Caroline, his expression instantly softened.

However, Caroline’s face immediately turned sullen. That’s my mommy. Even though you not my real
mother, to me she is.”

all say


How could Holland bear to see the sadness in her eyes? When he saw that, he felt his heart break
“Who says she’s not your mom? She is your mom; she was before, and she always will be.”

The hot-tempered Holland would directly scold his son and yell at his grandson, but he has always
doted on and indulgest the girls in the family He used to pamper Christine excessively and now he was
even fonder of Careline. Even though Caroline had only been at the Knight Residence for three days,
he already wished he could pluck all the stars and the moon for her.

With a face full of grievance, Caroline grumbled, “You scolded my mommy, saying she’s dumb and

“I spoke the truth. She’s not very clever; otherwise, she wouldn’t have…” The straightforward Holland
instinctively started saying what was on his mind but stopped himself when he saw Caroline’s gaze

“Mommy is not dumb. She’s smart. Suddenly, the usually quiet Caroline became fierce and defensive.
No one can say anything bad about Mommy.

When Holland saw her reaction, he was visibly taken aback. In the past few days, he had noticed that
she was well-behaved, polite, and considerate. However, there was a slight lack of intimacy. He had
initially thought she was shy, but now he understood that she was angry at him because of what he had
said about Alice that day. To be so protective of her mother at such a young age, she truly lives up to
being a member of the Knight Family. “Alright, alright, you’re always right.” He nodded.

“You look like you don’t believe what I say.” She was clever and not easily fooled.

Feeling uneasy, Holland touched his nose. “We should stick to the facts. Your mom may be a little dim-
witted, but being dumb also has its advantages.”

I’ve already said Mommy is not dumb. She’s amazing. Her face turned red with anger.

“What’s so amazing about her?” His eyes lit up. Does Alice have some remarkable qualities we don’t
know about? Deep down, he had always harbored a grudge against Alice’s lack of intelligence. After
all, intelligence was inherited, and he worried about the possibility of her level of intelligence being
passed on to future generations of the Knight Family.

Although he had his reservations, Alice had married into the Knight Family and was their benefactor, so
he never even considered driving her away.

That night, he had been furious upon learning about her theft of trade secrets. His hot temper got the
better of him, leading him to say those things. If she has some remarkable qualities and isn’t as foolish
and dumb as the rumors suggest, that will be perfect. I don’t expect her to be highly intelligent. As long
as she isn’t too dumb, even being on par with an average person will be acceptable.

“Mommy, she… she…” Caroline, who had just been fierce, suddenly hesitated.

Alice had never told her about the things involving the Woland Family. She had never discussed those
matters in front of Caroline. When she was with Caroline, she was always a gentle and loving mother.
She only wished for her to grow up carefree and happy, so she hid certain things from her. This caused
Caroline to not know what she would usually do.

Disappointed, Holland pursed his lips. I shouldn’t have had any hope in the first place. It’s evident that
Alice lacks intelligence considering what she did. How can she have any remarkable qualities?

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