That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 211

We Finally Meet Once More (2)

Holland could no longer hold back. “You are an adult woman. How can you have less self- control than
Caroline? She even knew to keep quiet during breakfast out of respect for you, to keep the peace. She
knows the importance of a family’s harmony. Must you turn this family on its head?”

Britney might have the guts to shout at Lawrence, but she would never dare retort to Holland. No
matter how upset she was, she did not dare to say another word.

“Did something happen that I don’t know about?” Lawrence was a smart man. Naturally, he noticed
something was off. He had also guessed that Alice was involved in some way.

However, he did not realize the actual severity of the situation. Perhaps it was because he was unable
to imagine something that serious.

He tentatively asked Britney, “Did you and Alice fight?”

In his mind, that was the worst-case scenario.

That was because fights were rare in the Knight Residence, even though Holland screamed and
shouted at times.

Marie was a gentle woman with a calming temper who was also very laid-back. She never once
reprimanded her daughters-in-law, let alone fight with them.

After what happened last night, she did not scold or lecture Britney that harshly either. She merely
spoke to Britney calmly and factually.

“Alice is still a child. Why are you angry with a child?” Lawrence truly saw Alice as one of his


“All of you are on her side. I did all that for Ethan’s sake! Was I wrong? I did not do anything wrong.
You’re the ones who threw away his happiness all for some gratitude!” His words had prompted Britney
to burst out once more.

“Ethan married her willingly. No one forced him to do anything. It was entirely his choice. You keep
saying you’re doing this for him, but have you asked him what he wants? We do not believe in
authoritarian, tyrannical parenting in this household. We never force our kids to do anything they don’t
like. When Lawrence chose to venture into business, I respected his decision. Do you think this family
needs to sacrifice the happiness of our children just to pay back a debt?” Holland was a hot-tempered
man in the first place. Hence, Britney’s attitude utterly infuriated him.

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How did it end up being painted as the family sacrificing Ethan’s happiness?

#5 Bonus

“Ethan would never have married her if not for Caroline!” Her wholehearted belief in that very opinion
had intensified her dissatisfaction with the marriage.

Ethan finally turned around to look at her. His lips twitched as he replied with two simple words, “I

He did not speak all that loudly, but he had spoken with so much resolution that it was impossible to
doubt or question his belief.

She stared at him in shock. “How can it be? If not for Caroline, you would not even have known Alice.
Also, with how Alice is, how could you even like her?”

“My marriage to her had nothing to do with Caroline. If I must name Caroline’s involvement in this, I can
only say that she is an excuse that I used to get Alice to marry me. If not for Caroline, she would never
have married me.” He might look calm when he said that, but the way he enunciated every single word
conveyed a strong sense of determination and


“Impossible. How can that be? How could you and Alice.” She could not accept or believe it. at all.

Even Holland and Lawrence were surprised by his declaration. They had always thought Ethan had
married Alice because of Caroline.

“In reality, I forced Alice to marry me using Caroline while you….. While Ethan did not finish his
sentence, his message was clear to all.

Lawrence’s face twitched, but he did not say anything. He had now realized how serious the

situation was.

“You should get back to your tasks, Ethan,” Holland said. His heart ached for what Ethan was going

He did not understand the situation before, but after Ethan’s declaration, he understood just how
important Alice had been to Ethan.

Ethan did not come home last night. Only when it was noon did he finally return. He must have been
searching for Alice the entire time.

When he noticed one obvious fact, he unwittingly blurted out, “You’ve been searching all night and all
morning. Have you not found her yet?”

Ethan’s face visibly darkened as his brows furrowed. He did not reply.

Still, Holland knew the answer. “No way,” he exclaimed.

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