That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 209

Tanner West (4)

On the other hand, Holland would never publicly tell his son what his daughter–in–law had done, so he
lowered his head and concentrated on his food.

Marie heaved a sigh after seeing that and did not say anything either.

In the meantime, Caroline glanced at Britney before looking at Holland and Marie as she kept quiet and
continued to drink her juice. However, the elderly couple was surprised by her reaction.

When nobody answered Lawrence’s question, he assumed nobody knew the answer and dropped the
subject. He was always the kind of parent who didn’t like to pry into his kids‘ affairs, so his question
about Alice’s whereabouts was motivated purely by worry.

After breakfast, Holland dragged Caroline back upstairs. “You were very eager to tattle last night. Why
didn’t you say anything today?” He was astounded because he had never anticipated that she would
remain silent earlier.

Marie was also perplexed by the child’s actions as her eyes bore into Caroline and asked, “I would like
to know the reason as well.”

After that, Caroline gazed at the two elderly, gray–haired individuals before her and heaved a sigh that
made her look just like an adult. Then, she replied solemnly, “Mommy said I should act according to
whom I’m talking to.”

He was visibly startled upon hearing that. “Oh? Tell me more. I wish to know.”

“Mommy advised me to be kind and tolerant with my family and friends. Of course, that was only if they,
were worthy of my patience. Grandma may have bullied Mommy, but she is still my grandmother and is

usually very nice to me. I think I should be more lenient with her.” After a brief pause, she continued,
“Mommy would definitely want me to do that.”

She did not speak up earlier because of her mother. Marie mused as she gently stroked Caroline’s
hand and remarked, “Oh, how can a child be so mature?”

Although Caroline’s words had also tugged at Holland’s heartstrings, the girl’s single word remained
etched in his mind. Hence, he asked, “Didn’t you say you should act differently around different
people? What else?”

“Mommy said I should be calm and collected when dealing with strangers and other people,” she
explained. After some thought, she added, “When it comes to my enemies or rivals, I do not need to
hold back at all.”

He was visibly shocked by that and exclaimed, “Your mother taught you all that?”

“No, but while Mommy was on the phone, I overheard her saying that to someone else. Mommy says I
am a little princess who only needs to look beautiful, be happy, and lead a carefree life. I’m still young,
so Mommy wouldn’t teach me anything complicated. Still, she taught me how to protect myself and
what to do when I encounter mean people.” When she mentioned her mother, the girl spoke with pride.

After hearing this, Holland remained silent and then sighed. “Alice behaves exactly like a Knight but is a
little too foolish. If she were smarter…”

When Caroline heard that he was speaking badly of her mother, she glared at him with wide eyes.

When he saw that, he cleared his throat. “I’m an honest man. I would never lie-

“Hmph!” She was even angrier upon hearing his explanation.

“Can you be nice at all?” Marie hissed and glared at her husband.

At that moment, Holland felt so oppressed and wronged. “Can’t I even speak of the facts?”

“What facts? You say nothing about Alice’s strengths. Your statements are biased because they are
based on hearsay that may be inaccurate. Perhaps, she is a very smart woman.” At this point, Marie
was on Caroline’s side.

“What has she done that paints her as a smart woman?” He refused to back down and continued to
argue, “I’m just saying it as it is. From what she has taught Caroline, it’s clear that she’s not a bad
person. Still, her intelligence is a fatal flaw. It’s not something that could be made up for.”

After hearing that, Caroline’s cheeks puffed out in anger as she continued to glare at him. “I’ve decided
that today is Hate Great–Grandpa Day.”

“No! I’ll praise her. I’ll sing her praises, okay?” After seeing the girl’s angry, puffed cheeks, the elderly
man finally gave in.

“It’s too late. If you start praising Mommy now, you’re not being sincere. It doesn’t count.” Caroline was
a smart girl who was not that easily fooled.

On the other hand, Marie could not help but smile as she watched. She is so witty! Additionally, she is
kind, astute, respectful, and lovable. Alice has clearly taught her well. Then, she grabbed Caroline’s
hand and supported the girl’s declaration by saying, “That’s right. I’m with you, Caroline. It’s Hate
Great–Grandpa Day.”

Holland’s eyes boggled in response, and wailed, “No way. This is discrimination.”

With Marie’s support, Caroline was even more confident in herself and uttered, “You were the one who
bad–mouthed Mommy.”

Eventually, he heaved a long sigh and said, “Fine. I’ll be careful in the future. Some things simply
cannot be said.”

“Haha!” Marie could not resist guffawing upon hearing that. She knew her husband was a hot–
tempered man who would never listen to anyone but her and that no one else could sway his opinion.
Nonetheless, he was now entirely subservient to Caroline’s demands.

When Christine was a little girl, Holland doted on her. At that time, he was much younger and
somewhat stern, so she was naturally wary of him, and their relationship was not as close as it is
between Caroline and him now.

In the meantime, Caroline laughed when she saw that her great–grandfather had conceded. The look
of pure joy and contentment on her face as she did so was a sight to behold.

Her smiling face caught Marie’s attention, and she noticed how much the girl resembled Christine.
Nonetheless, Caroline is more vivacious, courageous, and upbeat than Christine. Since Christine grew
up in the Knight Residence, it stands to reason that she ought to be more confident and authoritative.
In contrast to Christine when she was a child, Caroline excels on all those fronts. How did Alice raise
Caroline to be such a young lady? What kind of life had Alice given Caroline that had shaped her into
someone so extraordinary? With that in mind, she became even more intrigued by Alice. Yet, Alice’s
departure from the Knight residence that evening was something she never would have predicted.
Otherwise, she would have spent more time with Alice and gotten to know her better.

In the meantime, when Ethan returned to the Knight Residence, Lawrence was sitting in the living room
watching the live broadcast.

It was unusual for Lawrence to tune in to a live broadcast of any show, and when he did, it was almost
always related to a business channel. At that moment, he was watching a live broadcast of an

When Ethan walked into the living room, he overheard the reporter on the live broadcast ask, “Mr.
West, are you in Rodcaster because you plan on staying here?”

Then, he glanced at his father without saying a word. Instead, he headed toward the stairs to grab the
thing for which he had returned.

On the live broadcast, Tanner replied, “That is the plan

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