That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 215

We Finally Meet Once More (6)

Suddenly, Ethan thought of something-Pierce’s fingerprints on the agreements. He remembered that
experts claimed the fingerprints were recently imprinted on the documents. But he was well aware that
Pierce was in Cliaria. Thus, one would need to go to Cliaria to get those fingerprints, and Alice would
definitely do it herself since it was such an important thing.

Then, he recalled Alice’s disappearance at such a crucial time. His men had never found traces of her
leaving Rodcaster, and he believed that when he saw her leave Galerprises. However, now that he
thought about it. Alice had indeed left Rodcaster and been to Cliaria during those two days. The
problem was that he needed help to figure out how she managed to avoid his men and leave without a
trace. Moreover, why couldn’t he find any clues about her departure?!

On the other hand, Lawrence was surprised by Ethan’s confidence in saying that Alice was the
mastermind behind it all. He genuinely wondered if Ethan had been blinded by love. Lawrence liked
Alice, but he had never considered her capable of pulling such a power move. Moreover, not many
people were capable of executing such a plan flawlessly. When he first heard about the Wolands, he
wanted to find ways to help her out but soon noticed that there was nothing more he could do.

Thus, Lawrence didn’t feel that Alice could be the one behind this, at least not by herself. “Ethan, I think
you might not know Alice well. About the Woland Family…”

“Say, Dad, under what circumstances will one be able to leave Rodcaster and fly to Cliaria without any
trace?” Ethan really couldn’t figure it out.

“That’s not possible. If you want to fly to Cliaria from Rodcaster, you have to take the plane, and the
airport will surely have records of the individual’s trip. Plus, with your capability, you should be able to
find where that person would be going even if they were to take a private plane. There’s no way they

could disappear out of thin air like that.” Lawrence didn’t understand why Ethan had suddenly changed
the topic.

A glint flashed across Ethan’s eyes. “But what if I can’t find anything?”

Once Lawrence saw that Ethan wasn’t fooling around, he started to analyze the situation. “If they didn’t
board a private plane, then there are only two circumstances. First, that person has never left
Rodcaster in the first place. Secondly, they managed to change their identity. However, the rules are
strict nowadays, so you can’t leave with a fake passport. Lawrence looked at him and added, “So, it’s
highly likely that it’s the first situation.”

Does that mean Alice has used another identity to leave Rodcaster? Ethan frowned. But Dad’s right,
though. The airport has been very strict recently, so she won’t be able to get past the gate with a fake
ID. Still, if she were to leave with a different identity, that means the ID is legal. More importantly, the
picture on the ID is truly herself. This doesn’t make any sense. After all, no one can have two different
IDs with the same face! Unless… She had undergone plastic surgery. Yet, Alice has only left for two
days, and she was still the same as ever when she returned!

While Ethan was deep in thought, Lawrence saw him frowning and asked, “What’s wrong? Did you
encounter some trouble? Did some dangerous person escape without a trace?”

“It’s Alice.” Ethan looked at Lawrence. “A few days ago, she disappeared out of the blue. I searched for
her high and low for two days and found no trace of her leaving Rodcaster. But I am certain that she
has indeed left and gone to Cliaria.”

“Alice” Lawrence blinked in confusion.

“How do you think she did it? Ethan demanded as he turned to Lawrence.

Lawrence burst out laughing and replied, “That’ll only happen if she turns into a bird.” He didn’t mean to
joke at a time like this, but what Ethan was implying was insane.

Ethan’s eyes darkened when he heard Lawrence’s answer. After all, he merely decided to throw the
question to Lawrence since he didn’t know the answer. Yet, it seemed that Lawrence was equally in the
dark about this.

“I think you might be overthinking it, Ethan. Alice is just a normal girl. Don’t think of her like those rivals
of yours.” Lawrence felt that Ethan’s imaginations were absurd. “I know you are anxious since you can’t
find her. It’s normal, so you don’t need to overthink it. We need to be realistic and stop making excuses.
Maybe it’s because you didn’t look for her hard enough, Lawrence intoned thoughtfully.

Ethan glanced at Lawrence and said nothing. After all, he himself had no idea what was driving him to
think this way, so there was no way he could explain his thoughts to someone else.

“Calm down, Ethan. Just relax,” Lawrence said earnestly.

Nevertheless, Ethan ignored him and instructed the driver. “Stop the car at the front.”

“You can’t just run away from your problems, Ethan. You have to face it.” Lawrence felt Ethan had
gotten himself bent out of shape and was pursuing a dead end. He wondered if Ethan had placed
himself under pressure since he couldn’t find Alice. Thus, he suggested carefully, I’m planning on
meeting Tanner. Do you want to tag along? After all, you guys might have some things to discuss since
you are both youngsters.”

“Are you sure about that?” Ethan shot a bland look at Lawrence.

Lawrence didn’t say anything. After all, he knew Ethan like the back of his hand. Considering how
reserved and quiet Ethan was, he barely had any connections with anyone within his social circle.

Just come with me. It won’t take long. Plus, not only did Alice stay in Cliaria for some time, Tanner did
too. Didn’t she say that she knew him? Who knows? Maybe you might be able to find some clues if you
visit him.” Lawrence was trying his best to persuade Ethan to tag along.

Initially, Ethan had no intention of accompanying Lawrence. But he changed his mind the moment he
heard that Alice was familiar with Tanner. “Alright. I’ll go.”

“Excellent. I’m certain that things will surely go well now that I have you coming along.” Lawrence knew
how capable Ethan was. Although he was a man with few words, he would always get what he wanted.
Otherwise, Lawrence wouldn’t have persuaded him into meeting Tanner in the first place.

Lawrence suddenly felt an idea forming in his mind and decided to toss this matter to Ethan instead.
Besides, he was ready to retire at any time now that Ethan was an adult. So, he mused, “Since you’ll
be tagging along, why don’t you take over the reins for today’s discussion?”

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