That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 216

Ethan Had Found Out (1)

Lawrence immediately thought about delegating the job to Ethan and asked, “Since you’re coming
along. why don’t you handle this matter? You can be in charge!

“You should handle it yourself. I’m only accompanying you since I have something else in mind Ethan
clearly showed no interest in this matter. The only reason he agreed to go was because Alice had
mentioned knowing Tanner. In fact, he distinctly remembered that Alice had implied she had seen
Tanner’s interview online. Alice knew Tanner, but Tanner definitely wouldn’t know Alice. He was well
aware that it was impossible to find out anything about Alice from Tanner.

Thus, he didn’t know why he impulsively agreed to his father’s proposal just now. But since he had
already informed his father he would be attending, he couldn’t back out now. Plus, going over to take a
look wouldn’t take up a lot of his time anyway. At this point, after he had spent two days and nights
searching for Alice, he was now quite certain that she had gone to Cliaria. So, he made a call to Zayn.

Zayn was currently treating Pierce and Pierce was staying at Zayn’s private hospital for the sake of
convenience. If Alice had gone to Cliaria, she would definitely visit Pierce, and Zayn would surely know
about it. “Mr. Knight, how can I help you?” Zayn answered the call quite promptly this time.

“Has my wife been to your office these past few days?” Ethan, who didn’t like beating around the bush..
asked directly.

“No.” Zayn replied swiftly without any hesitation. As he was very concerned about Pierce’s condition,
he had been studying Pierce’s case whenever he had spare time, so he spent an exceptionally long
time in Pierce’s ward. That was why he was certain that Alice hadn’t visited in the past few days.

Ethan furrowed his brows upon hearing that answer. If Alice had been there, she would surely have
inquired about Pierce’s condition. If Zayn hadn’t seen Alice, then Alice surely wasn’t in Cliaria. But if

she hadn’t gone to Chiaria, where on Earth could she be?

Nonetheless, since Ethan was already on the phone with Zayn, he also took the opportunity to inquire
about Pierce’s condition. “How’s my brother’s condition lately? Lawrence glanced at his son and
couldn’t help but smile upon hearing that.

“Huh? Your brother?” Zayn, on the other end of the phone, didn’t immediately understand what he was
getting on and was momentarily confused. Still, once he realized just who Ethan was talking about, he
couldn’t help but chuckle. “Oh, you mean Pierce. Your sudden use of “brother caught me off guard.”

Ethan smirked upon hearing that. As Pierce was Alice’s biological brother, and Alice was his wife, so
technically speaking. Pierce could be considered like his brother as well.

Now that Zayn had interacted with Ethan prior to this, he didn’t dare to confuse Ethan with a load of
medical jargon that meant absolutely nothing. So, he said bluntly, “Pierce’s treatment is going

“Mhm” Ethan responded and paused slightly before adding. “Do notify me immediately if my wife pays


Zayn, who regarded Ethan as an idol, promptly agreed to what Ethan said. “Alright.”

However, right after that. Zayn realized something was off “Mr. Knight, what’s going on? Why should I
notify you about your wifes whereabouts?”

“Don’t ask unnecessary questions After so long. Edhan was already far too used to people accidentally
stabbing him in the heart with their innocent questions. Frankly, a few more wouldn’t make a hell of a

“Do you harbor suspicions that Alice has gone to Cliaria?” Lawrence couldn’t help but ask when he saw
his son had ended the call. “If Alice is indeed in Cliaria, shouldn’t it be easy for you to find out about
that?” Lawrence thought his son might still be caught up in exaggerated possibilities, so he wanted to
remind him, saying, “I think your way of thinking is flawed. I think there’s a probability that your intuition
regarding the previous incident may be incorrect.”

“What if she disguised herself as someone else?” Ethan suddenly thought of the situation when they
went to Irvin’s place to catch her. At that time, Irvin had posted a video, and he clearly saw her figure in
the video. He rushed over the instant he recognized her as the woman from seven years ago, but he
didn’t manage to catch her that time.

There were only a few people in that building at the time, and he could rule out the other suspects.
Only one person, a pretty boy, caught his attention which made him suspect that the ‘man’ was her
disguise. Yet, that ‘man’ managed to escape, and he couldn’t find any evidence about the other party
after the fact. What if the person he was trying to catch that day was Alice?! If Alice disguised herself
as a man and he didn’t notice anything unusual or recognize her, then it wouldn’t be impossible for her
to disguise herself as someone else and board a plane.

“Disguised as someone else?” Lawrence was stunned. “What kind of disguise? And she was utterly
unrecognizable? She fooled even you?”

“Mhm.” Ethan’s mind kept replaying that scene back then as he nodded solemnly.

“So, such an impressive disguise technique exists?” Lawrence seemed doubtful. “Anyway, even if there
is such a thing, what about the other party’s identity? If she has disguised herself as someone else to
board the plane, she should have a legally valid identity on hand. A person can’t possibly have two
identities. right? The government has tightened security recently, and technology is so advanced these

days. One person can’t possibly possess two identities. The application of every identity requires
several legitimate documents. It’s not possible to come up with an identity out of thin air.”

Ethan remained silent after hearing his father analyze the situation. Deep down, he knew that his father
was right, but he still trusted his gut. Hence, he didn’t say anything else. Instead, he quickly dialed
Caleb’s number.

Caleb thought that Ethan was going to inquire about their progress regarding Alice’s whereabouts.
Thus, he reluctantly answered the call and his voice sounded cautious, “Mr. Knight, we still do not have
news of Mrs. Knight.”

Caleb had nearly gone crazy trying to find her. He mobilized all the available personnel and used all
possible methods. They searched every nook and cranny, but they still couldn’t find the woman. It didn’t
help that Caleb could only watch helplessly as his usually spirited young master grew haggard from
countless sleepless nights, which made him feel even more anxious. Nonetheless, Caleb knew that as
long. as they couldn’t find Mrs. Knight, no one could talk Ethan out of it.

“Check the passenger lists of all flights from the 9th to the 11th to Cliaria, and also get the names of the
passengers of all flights returning from Cliaria during the same period. Look for individuals who have
traveled from Rodcaster to Cliaria and returned between the 9th and the 11th Ethan, who was a man of
few words, surprisingly gave such detailed instructions.

“Oh. Regardless, Caleb was puzzled by the request. Weren’t they looking for Mrs. Knight? Why check
the passenger lists of flights to and from Cliaria? On top of that, Mrs. Knight left the Knight Family four
days ago. Why would Mr. Knight be checking flights from the 9th to the 11th? What’s the use of
something that happened so long ago! Did Mrs. Knight go to Cliaria between the 9th and the 11th Even
if she did, what would it prove?!

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