That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 219

Ethan Had Found Out (4)

Alice’s eyes flickered in the face of Ethan’s question. Of course, I’m sure, she answered silently. He
was the man she married, and they were together for a long time. Wait, does he have nothing better to
do? Why is he refusing to let go of this issue? Is this question so important? Is it important? It shouldn’t
be important at all!

A stunned Lawrence was just about to arrive before Ethan knocked on the door. So, he didn’t see the
expression on Tanner’s face, but he did recall that Tanner sounded so sure and natural when he called
Ethan Mr. Knight earlier. He wasn’t making a guess. Rather, he sounded like he already knew Ethan
prior to this and was quite familiar with Ethan as well.

Once again, Ethan pressed. “Would you like to explain yourself, Mr. West?”

For a second. Alice had the urge to slam the door in Ethan’s face. They were already divorced, and she
had said to Britney that the Knights would be nothing but strangers to her if she ran into them again.
What else did she have to explain to him? Unfortunately, she was currently disguised as Tanner and
couldn’t risk her identity being exposed. If she hadn’t divorced Ethan, she probably wouldn’t
deliberately hide this from him. But alas, they were now divorced and were in no way related to each
other whatsoever. They were strangers and there was no obligation for her to inform him about her
personal affairs.

“Well, Mr. Knight and… Mr. Knight, if there’s nothing else, please leave.” Ethan was able to capture so
many details just from one slip of the tongue, so she didn’t have the guts to blindly make up other
excuses now. The more she spoke, the more mistakes she would make. Therefore, the best way was
to avoid the question and give no answers.

Nonetheless, Ethan was like a dog with a bone and he wasn’t about to give up easily. So, Ethan
brushed off that demand as he stared at Tanner and asked again, “Did you have a problem with the

Knights before?”

She answered quickly but naturally, “No.”

What problem could she possibly have with the Knights? She joined the Knight Family and married
Ethan because of Caroline and the prenup was signed from the get-go, so the divorce was settled
peacefully. Even if Britney made her uneasy in the end, she definitely didn’t have a problem with her.

Ethan stared straight into Tanner’s eyes and didn’t want to miss any changes in the other party’s
emotions. Then, he inquired right in the next second, “How are you related to my family?”

After a short moment of stunned silence, she answered, “How am I related to the Knights? What do
you think, Mr. Knight?” Actually, Alice wanted to give him the same answer as she did earlier by saying
no, but she wasn’t a good liar, especially when Ethan was watching her so closely.

He was watching her like a hawk, so he quickly concluded. “So, you are related to the Knight Family,
huh?” Then, he peered into the room through the tiny gap between Tanner and the door. “Do you want
to stand here and continue the conversation, or should we talk in the room?”

At this rate, she was becoming rather disgruntled as she thought, What’s his problem? Why did he
suddenly bombard me with questions so aggressively? He even has the intention to enter my room!
What gives him the right to enter my room, anyway? “Mr. Knight, I’m not a criminal, and neither are you
a police officer. Don’t you think that you’re being rather inappropriate?” Alice had been polite the whole
time, but her face had turned stone cold as a trace of ice could be heard in her voice.

Still, his eyes never left Tanner’s face. “What exactly are you hiding?”

“What am I hiding? What can I possibly be hiding from you?” For a moment, she even thought that he
had recognized her.

Ethan’s eyes turned piercing. “Your behavior is making me suspicious.”

“Is it because I refused your father’s offer?” By now, Alice was a little mad because there seemed no
end to his questions and skepticism. He’s suspicious? What’s he suspicious about? I have already left
the Knight Family and have nothing to do with them. Why should he be suspicious of me? Does he
think that I’m going to exact my revenge on them or something like that?

“It’s within your rights to turn down an offer. But your actions were too resolute, and you even seemned
a little guilty, Ethan pointed out.

Alice’s eyes wavered as she wondered whether he had an x-ray for eyes to be able to deduce so many
things after such a brief conversation. It was true that she was a little guilty when she turned down
Lawrence earlier, but that was because the person she was rejecting was Lawrence.

“Why are you feeling guilty?” Then, he suddenly took a step forward. As they were not that far, to begin
with, the distance between them was even closer now. So, she instinctively staggered backward, and
he took the opportunity to enter her room without a by-your-leave.

A bewildered Alice thought in alarm. What’s the deal with this guy? What gives him the right to enter
my room? Did I give him permission to come in?

Even Lawrence was surprised by Ethan’s rudeness. Although he knew that his son had always been
strong- willed, it was far from polite to barge into someone else’s room like this. On the other hand.
Tanner did seem a little suspicious. So, he couldn’t relax until the whole situation was clarified.
Moreover, Ethan only sauntered into Tanner’s room because he wanted to ensure that Tanner didn’t
harbor any malicious plans.

Alice swiftly blocked Ethan’s way. “Don’t you think you’re being impolite. Mr. Knight?” Even if I’m now a
man, it’s not right of him to barge in like this!

“What are you afraid of, Mr. West?” After Ethan casually swept his eyes past Tanner’s face, he stole a
look in his room.

Alice sighed inwardly as she tried her best to stop herself from punching his face. From where he was
looking in now, he could see some things in her room as well as the things she had laid out on her bed.
She hastily started to recall whether she had kept her clothes away properly, especially garments that
were distinctly female.

The last thing she would expect was Lawrence and Ethan’s sudden visit, not to mention that Ethan
would be so insolent as to force himself in. So, she hadn’t kept away anything prior to this. Hence,
there was no way she would allow him entry.

When she noticed that he was still trying to shove past her and continue moving forward, she lost her
patience and turned to Lawrence, who was still standing outside the door. “Mr. Knight, will you please
talk some sense into your son? He’s being impudent.” As far as she could remember, Lawrence was a
reasonable man and Ethan had always respected him. All she wanted now was for him to leave as
quickly as possible.

“Mr. West, why don’t we sit down and have a good chat?” This time, however, the reasonable
Lawrence didn’t take Ethan away as she wished.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Knight.” Alice rejected Lawrence for the fifth time today. But because of Ethan’s

impertinent behavior, she felt not even a hint of guilt when she snarked. “I can assure you that I won’t
do anything to harm the Knight Family, so there’s really no reason for you to be suspicious of me.
When she turned her attention to Ethan, her face turned sullen. Will that be all. Mr. Knight?”

Ethan looked at her. “What can you do against the Knight Family that I have to be worried about?”

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