That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 217

Ethan Had Found Out (2)

What would it prove even if Alice had gone to Cliaria between the 9th and the 11th? Caleb paused
briefly before suddenly remembering something. “Mr. Knight, the 9th to the 11th? Wasn’t that the time
when we were looking for Mrs. Knight? We didn’t find any evidence of Mrs. Knight leaving Rodcaster
during that period. She didn’t go to Cliaria.” Caleb had great confidence in his men’s ability to handle
matters. If Alice had. gone to Cliaria at that time, they wouldn’t have been unable to find any traces.

“Don’t check for Mrs. Knight but perform checking for all the passengers. Check on all the passengers
who traveled back on the 9th and the 11th. Investigate the passengers who went to Cliaria and
returned between the 9th and the 11th Ethan explained once more.

“Why? Is it to find Mrs. Knight? What’s the point of doing so?” Caleb had always followed Ethan’s
instructions unconditionally, but today he genuinely didn’t understand Ethan’s motive behind such

“Just do as you’re told. Don’t miss out on anyone.” Ethan didn’t explain his guesses further. After all, it
was just his speculation. Plus, even his father found his assumptions unrealistic, so he wasn’t able to
explain them clearly without proof to back up his claims.

“Okay.” Caleb naturally didn’t ask any more questions after hearing Ethan’s words. After the call ended,
Caleb immediately instructed one of his subordinates to investigate what Ethan had asked for.
Previously, Sam would handle these matters because he was the most skilled employee they had
when it came to matters such as this, but he had been dismissed by Ethan recently, so Caleb had to
assign someone else to handle this task.

“You suspect that Alice has disguised herself and changed her identity when she traveled to Cliaria?”
Lawrence looked at Ethan with mixed feelings as he felt like his son was becoming rather obsessed.
This was clearly impossible, yet Ethan still ordered someone to investigate something so unlikely.

Ethan’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he didn’t say a word. He wouldn’t miss any possibility of finding her.
even if it was a remote possibility. He would do his best to dig out any information even if the possibility

was slim.

“Fine, just do whatever you want.” Lawrence understood his son’s urgency as no one could sit still
when his wife had gone missing. Lawrence pondered for a moment before suggesting. I think Alice
might be staying somewhere in Rodcaster, and you just happened to miss that place in your search.
Even if your men conducted a meticulous search, it’s impossible to go door-to-door. There’s bound to
be a possibility that you’ve missed something.” Lawrence analyzed the situation.

There was a glint in Ethan’s eyes upon hearing that. His father was right about this as they couldn’t
possibly barge in and conduct a search at every household.

Lawrence smiled at his son and said, “I have a solution for us to do a door-to-door search.” Ethan
quickly looked up at his father after hearing that.

“I know that Rodcaster is about to conduct a major census, which is already a time-consuming and
laborious task. Why don’t you let your men help out? The Knight Group can offer some manpower as
volunteers for such a task, which would also be able to aid you in getting what you want. What do you
think?” Lawrence truly lived up to his reputation as this arrangement was indeed thoughtful. It not only
helped his son but also saved the trouble for the personnel involved, while also offering welfare
benefits to the public. Since Lawrence was the one who suggested it, the benefits wouldn’t be meager.
He had truly made a generous move just so he could help his son.

“Alright.” Ethan nodded. Regardless, he couldn’t help but admire his father’s arrangement. This way,
they could achieve a thorough search without letting a few fishes slip through the net.

“In that case, you will be in charge of Tanner’s matter today.” Lawrence, through his practical actions,
showed that he was a businessman who wouldn’t engage in unprofitable deals.

“Okay,” Ethan, who originally had no intention of dealing with this matter, readily agreed this time.
Lawrence couldn’t help but curl his lips into a satisfied smile after receiving the answer he wanted.

Soon, both of them arrived at the hotel and the hotel manager who recognized Lawrence personally
escorted them to Tanner’s room before taking their leave. Ethan was more proactive this time around
and directly knocked on the door. When the door opened, Alice, who was disguised as Tanner, was
visibly startled when she saw Lawrence and Ethan standing outside.

Why are they here? Alice hadn’t expected to meet Lawrence and Ethan in this manner after leaving the
Knight Family. Still, she quickly remembered that she was currently Tanner, and that Lawrence had
brought up wanting to invite Tanner to the company numerous times. So, is Lawrence here to
personally invite Tanner over?

Fortunately, she was currently Tanner, and neither Lawrence nor Ethan knew that Tanner was Alice.
They couldn’t recognize her in her current disguise. When Alice left the Knight Family, she explicitly told
Britney that she would treat the Knights as strangers if she ever encountered them.

Although Lawrence had always been especially good to her, and she respected him a good deal, she
didn’t want to have any further involvement with the Knight Family at the moment. So, Alice
immediately regained her composure after a few seconds and subtly tried to distance herself from

Ethan, who was standing in front of the door, narrowed his gaze when he noticed the momentary daze
on Tanner’s’ face and his subsequent reaction. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Tanner’s instinctive
response earlier was somewhat strange. So, he carefully examined “Tanner’ who was standing before
him. Normally, he wouldn’t spare a second glance at any woman, no matter how beautiful she was, let
alone a man.

But at this moment. Ethan’s gaze was wholly fixated on “Tanner, and for some reason, he found this
‘man’ somewhat good-looking. Especially those eyes, even though the ‘man’ was wearing glasses,
they couldn’t conceal the clear and… twinkling eyes. Ethan felt that it might be inappropriate to
describe a man that way, but when he locked eyes with those eyes just now, he genuinely had that kind
of feeling.

On the other hand, Alice felt rather uneasy being stared at by Ethan as though she was an insect under
a microscope, which made her anxious and utterly unlike her normally calm demeanor. Could it be that
Ethan has discovered something? However, it seemed highly unlikely as she had full confidence in her
disguise skills. She was sure that even someone familiar with her wouldn’t be able to detect any flaws,
let alone Ethan, who wasn’t familiar with her at all. Moreover, she was currently assuming the identity of
Tanner, and Ethan would never think that Tanner was her. After all, the difference between Alice and
“Tanner’ was incredibly significant.

But even if Ethan did recognize her, it didn’t matter since she had already divorced the man. So, they
were now merely strangers.

When Lawrence noticed that his son was remaining oddly silent, Lawrence had no

“Hello, Mr. West, I’m Lawrence Knight.”

“Hello, Mr. Knight. Alice greeted Lawrence politely and courteously.

choice but to speak up.

“Mr. West, I apologize for this impromptu visit and any inconvenience we have caused. I came here
specifically today to speak to you. Is now a good time for a chat?” Although Lawrence was a highly
successful businessman, he was civil and refined as he didn’t put on any airs and graces

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