That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 212

We Finally Meet Once More (3)

The reporter had asked another question. “Mr. West, which company do you plan on joining in

In the stream, Tanner replied, “Uncertain for now.”

This is the man you asked Ethan to headhunt?” Holland asked, looking down at the image of Tanner on
the phone.

“Yes. That’s him” Lawrence had been successfully distracted by the change of subject.

After a few seconds of staring down at the phone, Holland sighed in admiration. “What a beautiful

From what he said next, it was evident that he thinks Tanner was more than beautiful. “What a noble
countenance. He exudes an aura of confidence and integrity. His gaze is determined yet clear and
innocent. He’s a good kid.”

Those aren’t the main reasons. He is a truly talented man. Look, here is some of the information I dug
up on him.” Lawrence had thoroughly investigated Tanner beforehand. After all, he planned to hire
Tanner to be a very important member of the company.

Holland accepted the document and briefly scanned it. Admiration visibly shone on his face before he
eventually heaved a gentle sigh. “Still, he’s not from our family. If one of our children could be as
talented in business as he is, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about the company.”

“Right? Ethan is a genius, but he is not at all interested in the business. I had been waiting for his wife
to help out with the company.” This was a plan in the making for years.

“Alice isn’t bad, but she’s a little too foolish. If you let her take charge of the company by herself, she
might be able to handle it. Why not hire Tanner West to help her? It’s not impossible.” Holland’s
suggestion was very sensible.

Alice was Ethan’s wife-even though she was certainly a little dumb.

Still, Holland had accepted her.

He had no choice.

“Alice is not dumb…” Lawrence had subconsciously spoken up to defend her.

“Is that so? Why else would she help that brat from the Yeager Family? Holland snorted. “Don’t tell me
those are just rumors. If there are rumors, that means she

Lawrence frowned. He had always found the case of her stealing company secrets a little peculiar

From what he knew of her, she would never have done something like thi

Holland continued, “How can you say she’s not dumb? Ethan is such an amazing man, yet she doesn’t
like him. She leaves the moment we tell her to I say she is dumber than rocks

Lawrence was stunned by that statement. Then, he burst out chuckling. How is she stupid just because
she doesn’t like Ethan’ Perhaps, Ethan just isn’t her cup of tea”

“What’s so bad about Ethan? Which field does he not excel in? She doesn’t even spare him a glance.
What does she even want? Holland was not happy with that. In his eyes, Ethan was the best man
around. In fact, Ethan was better than Holland’s two sons.

Lawrence had to bite back his laughter as he listened. “No matter how good he is, she doesn’t like him.
She leaves at the drop of a hat without hesitation.”

Holland loudly huffed. “Thats why she’s a fool. She’s as dumb as a

a doorknob.”

“Dad, are you unhappy with how foolish she is or are you angry because she left!” expected of
Lawrence, he instantly saw through to the source of Holland’s frustration

“That’s none of your concern” He was now angry due to how his thoughts had been exposed. To your
job first. This Tanner West doesn’t look like he’s easy to hire. You would likely have to put in some

“Yes I had planned to ask Ethan to do it. After all, they’re around the same age. It would be less
awkward for them to talk. However, since Ethan has something to do, I’ll just convince Tanner myself”
Lawrence honestly declared.

“All talented men have their own egos. Do not be angry if he refuses your offer. Rome wasn’t built in a
day Approach him a few times to let him know your sincerity Holland might have an explosive temper,
but he was never a bully

“I understand. I will find a way to get him into the company” The moment Lawrence made up his mind,
he would never give up easily.

“Talents like him are the rarest of all Holland sighed once more “Ethan is not interested in the business,
and now we clearly can’t even depend on him to find a wife. If Ethan’s kids. wind up inheriting Alice’s
intelligence, the future.

“You’re thinking too far ahead, Dad. They’ll find their own way” Lawrence interrupted.

Tm just telling you what I think You listen to me when I speak. Don’t interrupt. Do you think I dont know
that they will find their own way I have a great-granddaughter now, but when will I have a great-

grandson Holland merely wanted to ruminate on fanciful wishes

With Caroline hanging onto his every word, there were certain wishes he did not dare to

voice out.

James has a great-grandson! I don’t know what he did to be blessed with such an amazing great-
grandson.” Holland pursed his lips. While he was reluctant to say so, he still had to admit it. That child
is as amazing as Ethan when he was a little boy.”

“Your mom and I went to the Rowland Residence to see that boy. He’s so very cute, considerate,
lovable, and respectful. He’s also very, very smart. Say, why is a boy like that one of the Rowlands?
Why can’t he be a Knight?” Holland was swimming in jealousy.

“Dad, there’s no point being envious of that,” Lawrence had no choice but to Holland once more.


“Of course, I know that. I was looking forward to Ethan siring a child so that I could compete. with
James. Now that he has married Alice, the child will surely lose in terms of intelligence. That boy is
simply a genius. You would love him as soon as you see him.” It was clear that Holland was particularly
fond of Apollo.

“No matter how great he is, he’s not part of this family. I much prefer my own grandchild,” Lawrence
declared, showing no signs of envy or jealousy.

“That’s because you haven’t met him yet. Holland rolled his eyes before pulling out hist phone. “Come.
Let me show you some photos and videos of him.”

While Lawrence might have declared that he only liked Coraline. Holland had already pulled. up the
video of the boy. It would be in bad taste for him to not watch, so he forced himself to look.

He had only planned on casually watching, but a few seconds into the video, he was hooked. That boy
is so handsome. One look and I can tell he’s a smart boy. What a cute child.”

“Would I ever lie to you?” Holland proudly huffed.

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