That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 214

We Finally Meet Once More (5)

“I am responsible for this,” said Lawrence. Although he knew it was Britney’s fault, he needed. to
protect her since she was his wife.

“Yeah, just protect her like you always do. This is why she’s utterly spoiled rotten.” Holland glared.

Lawrence was dissatisfied by Holland’s reaction and retorted, “If Mom is the one who did it, you-”

The Knights had always been known to be protective over their loved ones, especially men in the
Knight Family. They would do anything to protect their beloved wives.

Thus, before Lawrence could finish his words, Holland snapped, “You b*stard! How dare you say such
nonsense? Your mother would never do such a thing! I suppose I have been too nice. to you recently
for you to act so ill-mannered toward her!”

He wouldn’t let Lawrence get away with this easily, especially when it involved Marie.

“How can Britney be compared to Marie? Don’t you know what kind of a woman you have brought back
to this house? Are you blind by the things she did back in the day? Your mother said nothing since she
is kind-hearted, yet your wife kept pushing her luck. Ever since she had been in the Knight Family, she
failed to be well-mannered. Instead, all she learned to do is to abuse her power.” Holland had never
talked to Lawrence about this since he wanted to keep the peace in the family. Regardless, since such
an incident happened, he felt the need to talk it out, continuing. “Don’t compare your wife to mine. She
is not even worthy to be compared to Alice. Although Alice is a fool, she knows not to cause trouble.
The family was. still living peacefully when she was around,” he added.

Lawrence couldn’t find the chance to speak and was forced to listen to Holland’s scolding,

“I’m done. I see no point in continuing this discussion. Now, it’s up to you to handle this,” Holland huffed
angrily as he left the room.

Finally, it’s over! Lawrence breathed a sigh of relief.

Although Holland had just reprimanded him, he did not dare to express his dissatisfaction. Rather, he
immediately got to business and told his men to investigate Tanner’s whereabouts. so he could meet
the latter in person.

Since Tanner did not bother to hide his arrival at Rodcaster, Lawrence soon got the address. of
Tanner’s hotel.

“We are not going to the same place,” replied Ethan without even asking where Lawrence was

Lawrence knew Ethan well, so he knew how to persuade him. “I know you are in a hurry to see Alice. I
know some things about Alice since she has been staying in the Knight Residence. for quite some
time. Maybe I can help you.”

Just as he expected, Ethan froze on the spot, falling for his bait. At the same time, the driver. parked
the car in front of them. So, Lawrence took the initiative to open the car door and said, “Shall we?”

Eventually, Ethan got into the car after a brief moment of hesitation.

Lawrence sneaked a glance at Ethan’s gloomy expression and immediately figured out that his son had
received less-than-satisfied results. Yet, he still decided to add some salt to the wound, commenting.
“Do you still not have any news about her? You have been searching for her for a long time.”

Ethan glanced at him but said nothing.

Lawrence twitched his lips and mumbled disparagingly, “Frankly, with this personality of yours, it’s no
wonder Alice decided to leave you.”

“Are you trying to take your frustration out on me because Grandpa scolded you?” As Ethan wasn’t in
the best of moods, he saw no point in playing the ‘nice’ son toward Lawrence today.

Lawrence couldn’t help but feel as though those words had pierced him right through the heart, but he
couldn’t possibly scold Ethan as how Holland did to him. Thus, he stopped teasing Ethan and became
serious. “Do you know any places that Alice would usually be?”

Ethan blinked in bewilderment at Lawrence’s shift in mood. Nonetheless, he didn’t answer. Although he
did know some of the places Alice would usually frequent, he only learned. about them after he started
an investigation on the woman.

“Do you know what kind of things she likes? Clothes, bags, makeup products, her favorite. food, or
even the things she likes to do. Do you know any of that?” Lawrence continued probing.

At first, Ethan was at a loss for words. However, the more Lawrence bombarded him with inquiries, the
colder Ethan’s expression became.

When Lawrence saw his expression, he was shocked. “Don’t tell me you are utterly clueless about it!
Son, I think you are destined to be alone.”

“I thought you were here to help me.” Ethan was upset.

This time, Lawrence was truly dumbfounded. He looked at Ethan in disbelief and remarked.

Ethan’s expression turned dark the very next second. “Stop the car,” he said. I knew I shouldn’t have
believed in his words. I would rather look for more clues than hear him blabbering non-stop. thought

“Control your temper, Ethan. No wonder Alice doesn’t like you,” Lawrence advised the man before
adding, “I once saw her looking through some medical books.”

Although he treated Alice like his own child, he couldn’t very well spy on her since she was his
daughter-in-law. Still, he did occasionally pay close attention to her.

Although Ethan had never seen Alice looking through medical books, he knew what she was doing.
“She’s doing that because of her brother.”

“Pierce?” Lawrence was surprised. “What happened to him? I heard he has suddenly gone berserk on
the Wolands and made them leave the company. Moreover, he even kicked them. out of the house. He
did all of it in one go, which is incredible. After all, not many people in the business industry can be as
fast and precise as he did. I have to admit, Pierce is definitely not an ordinary man.”

“He has been in a coma since the car accident seven years ago. I found a doctor for him. recently. I
hope he’ll regain consciousness soon,” said Ethan.

“You did well. Lawrence sighed softly. “I can’t believe Alice…” Suddenly, he stopped talking. and was
confused as he looked at Ethan. “Wait. Did you just say that Pierce is in a coma? Then… Who is the
one that did those things to the Wolands?”

“It’s Alice,” Ethan replied without hesitation.

Ethan was startled when those words naturally fell from his lips. When things happened in the Woland
Family, his first instinct was that the mastermind behind it all was none other than Alice as he knew that
Pierce was in a coma. Thus, his so-called entrustment was not valid. Moreover, he knew that Alice had
done a DNA test after what happened on Charles” birthday, and he could guess what the result was.
Hence, what Alice did to the Woland. Family was reasonable.

To be honest, he had been paying very close attention to the Woland Family since he had the mind to
help Alice finish off the Woland Family if she couldn’t handle the matter well. To his surprise, Alice
exceeded his expectations, and there was nothing else he could do. Thus, he decided to throw the
Woland Family to the back of his mind right after he heard about their downfall.

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