That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 218

Ethan Had Found Out (3)

“I came here today to speak with you especially, Mr. West. Is now a good time?” Lawrence had come
with a bagful of sincerity today.

“I’m sorry. Mr. Knight.” Alice knew the reason that brought him here and what he wanted to speak
about, still she wouldn’t agree to his request because she wanted nothing to do with the Knight Family
anymore. So, even though her tone was courteous, there was no concealing her clear refusal on the

Nonetheless, Lawrence clearly wasn’t expecting Tanner to turn him down so firmly, and neither was he
a man who gave up easily. Furthermore, he was a person who truly appreciated talented individuals.

So, instead of being displeased, he simply smiled. “If it’s not convenient for us to speak in your room,
we can go to other places. This hotel has a parlor on the second floor.”

Alice sighed silently as she regarded the smile on his face. The man in front of her was the renowned
businessman, Lawrence Knight, and he was especially nice to her when she used to live with the
Knights. She had already bit the bullet and rejected him once earlier. Was she going to reject him the
second time?

Frankly, her heart shuddered at the thought, but she had to turn him down because there was no way
that she wanted to have any connections to the Knights again. Moreover, she had other plans in
motion, so it was currently impossible for her to join the Knight Group. I’m sorry, Mr. Knight.” She
repeated the same words using the same courteous tone, but there was definitely a significant cadence
of dissent when she said them.

“Ah, is it because we’ve dropped by when you’re busy? Then, we can schedule a meeting for another
day. May I know when you’re free? I would like to make an appointment with you.” Lawrence refused to

give. up. His attitude was humble and amiable, extending his invitation with utmost sincerity.

Alice sighed secretly as she wasn’t expecting him to be so persistent when she had rejected him so
resolutely. Plus, her heart was actually very flustered after rejecting the man twice in a row, but she just
had to do it a third time. I’m sorry, Mr. Knight.” It was the same words, and her decision couldn’t be
more obvious.

Yet, she had to admit that Lawrence was no ordinary man as he kept a smile on his face even though
his offer was rebuffed three times. There wasn’t even a twitch as he smiled warmly. “Mr. West, I have
no intentions of forcing you into anything. Just take it as a casual chat between friends.”

The look on Alice’s face shifted slightly, and she casually placed a hand on the door frame to support
her weakening legs. She felt that she had sinned greatly today; even if her identity as Tanner West in
the business world was just a newbie, she just rejected Lawrence three times. To make matters worse,
Lawrence still wasn’t ready to give up and she had to reject him for the fourth time.

Fortunately, she was disguised as Tanner now. If she was dressed as herself, she could never bring
herself to reject him so many times. So, she screamed inwardly as she breathed out, suppressing the
panic and guilt in her heart, and had no other choice but to say, “Mr. Knight, I’m really sorry.” This time,
she added an extra word to emphasize her decision.

If Lawrence still had no intention to give up, she reckoned that she wouldn’t have the guts to reject him
for the fifth time.

Lawrence’s eyes flickered with surprise as he wasn’t expecting Tanner to turn him down in such a
determined manner. He wasn’t so surprised by the fact that he was rejected, but the way Tanner turned
him down struck him as a little odd.

In the business world, more friends meant more opportunities. Even if Tanner had no plans of joining

Knight Group, he shouldn’t have rejected all of Lawrence’s invitations so firmly. That was especially so
when he said it was a casual chat between friends. But Tanner still rejected him without hesitation. This
behavior was far from normal for a regular businessman.

“In that case, we won’t bother you, Mr. West.” Tanner’s decision was now very clear to Lawrence, and
he knew that everything else he said would be useless.

“Goodbye, Mr. Knight.” Finally, Alice could breathe a sigh of relief. Thank god Lawrence gave up in the
end. Earlier, she felt that her heart was about to stop beating right then and there and thought that she
would suffer retribution if she turned him down the fifth time.

Lawrence wanted to walk away, but Ethan stood in the same spot and didn’t move a muscle. His eyes
were fixed on Tanner when he suddenly spoke, “Do you have anything against the Knight Group, Mr.

“Huh? No.” As Alice was still feeling very guilty from rejecting Lawrence four times, she hadn’t gathered
her thoughts together when Ethan suddenly popped her a question.

Ethan narrowed his eyes at her. “Then, do you have any opinions about anyone from the Knight

She was stunned as she turned to him. “Why are you asking this, Mr. Knight?”

“Do you know me, Mr. West?” He hadn’t introduced himself earlier and had always kept a low profile by
not attending any events held by the Knight Group. Only a handful of people in the industry knew him,
so how did a person who just arrived in the city know who he was?

A gleam flashed in Alice’s eyes. That’s Ethan for you. Did he discover my disguise from that one thing I
said? As Tanner had never met Ethan before, he shouldn’t be aware of just who Ethan was.

“Well, you look a lot like your father.” Alice reckoned that this answer should be fine since they were
father and son. Yet, after she said that, she immediately noticed a problem-Ethan didn’t actually look
like Lawrence.

In fact, he took after his mother. Then, it hit her that Lawrence didn’t look like Holland either and looked
more like Maric. All in all, the men in the Knight Family basically inherited their looks from their
mothers, so they turned out more attractive after each generation.

“You’re the first to say that, Mr. West. Ethan’s eyes swept past Tanner’s face. “You’re the first to guess
that we’re father and son based on our features.”

Alice breathed out silently and thought, Fine, so I’m the first. It’s not a big deal.

Ethan added out of the blue, “Mr. West, you guessed that we’re father and son from our looks, right?”
Ethan continued the topic, as though he was merely asking another question naturally. Even the
suspicion. in his voice was very indistinct.

Nevertheless, it would seem very jarring if she denied it now, so she could only grit her teeth and
answer, “Yes.”

To be honest, she hadn’t really thought things through when she gave him that answer. That was
obvious enough when Ethan observed her steadily as he mused slowly, “But you didn’t seem to carry
any trace of hesitation when you called me Mr. Knight earlier. You sounded so sure that there was no
trace of doubt at all.”

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