That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 207

Tanner West (2)

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What else could Ethan say? There was nothing he could say. My priority now is to find Alice. Even if
she won’t forgive me, even if she treats me as a stranger, I have to find her first. I’m afraid of not being
able to find her like last time. He ignored Britney and quickly left the hall.

After getting in the car, he immediately called Caleb.

“Mr. Knight, we are still looking.” Caleb was genuinely confused. It hasn’t been long since he urged me
last time.

“Mobilize everyone we can from other cities.” Ethan didn’t want to think about anything else right now.
He just wanted to find Alice as soon as possible.

“All of them in the country?” Caleb was shocked, and his voice carried astonishment.

Without hesitation, Ethan emphasized, “All of them.”

Surprised, Caleb gasped and composed himself before responding, “Understood.”

After he hung up the phone, he was still trying to process the situation. Did Mr. Knight go crazy?
Mobilize everyone we can? Does he realize how many people that involves? Just to find Mrs. Knight?
With this method, even if she turned into an ant and hid in an anthill, we would still be able to find her.

Sam, who was sitting next to Caleb, listened with only partial understanding, so he couldn’t help but
ask, “What’s going on?”

“I think the situation this time might be very serious; even more serious than last time.”

Caleb’s face

grew solemn.

“Very serious? How serious can it be?” Sam asked jokingly.

“Mr. Knight just called me and told me to mobilize everyone we can.” Caleb paused for a moment, then
emphasized, “Everyone.”

At his words, Sam’s eyes widened. “Mobilize everyone? Just to find Mrs. Knight? T-This is insane.”

“That’s why I said it’s serious, and when I heard Mr. Knight speaking just now, he seemed off.” Caleb,
who had been by Ethan’s side, understood Ethan’s situation the best.

Even Liam, who was usually silent, couldn’t help but ask, “What do you mean ‘off”?”

“His voice was deep and heavy, carrying a kind of dead silence in it,” Caleb said with concern. “I think
something very serious might have happened.”



Chapter 207 Tanner West (2)

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“Why are we just standing here then? We need to find her quickly.” Sam’s face changed from relaxed to

At once, Caleb contacted the available personnel as per Ethan’s instructions.

Everyone who could come was already here, and those who couldn’t come were searching locally.
Perhaps Mrs. Knight has left Rodcaster and gone somewhere else. This method of investigation was
like casting a wide net. Any trace, no matter how small, couldn’t be missed.

However, even until the next noon, there was still no news.

Ethan had ordered the search four days ago when Alice left the Knight Residence. What was even
more terrifying was that they only found the record of Alice leaving the Knight Residence around
12.00AM on the night she disappeared. Shortly after leaving the Knight Residence, she vanished
without a trace, just like last time when she disappeared from Royale.

At this moment, Caleb was reporting to Ethan with a heavy heart, “Mr. Knight, we haven’t found Mrs.
Knight yet. She disappeared the night she left the Knight Residence four days ago, but we found no
records of her leaving Rodcaster. Despite a thorough search in Rodcaster, there were no indications of
her presence. We also checked Galerprises, but she didn’t go there. We assigned personnel to
investigate other companies as well, but unfortunately, there’s still no sign of her.”

When he reported to Ethan, he was on tenterhooks. It wasn’t just because they hadn’t found Alice, but
also because Ethan seemed visibly distressed. In the previous incident, when Alice went missing for
two days, Ethan was anxious, but it was different this time. Now, he wasn’t just anxious; he was filled
with fear and even despair. It felt as if Alice would never be found. again and as if she would never

“Keep searching.” Ethan said with a hoarse voice. He hadn’t uttered a word throughout the night and
morning, but his voice was now so hoarse that it was barely audible.


Stunned, Caleb looked at Ethan with concern. “Understood. I’ll assign more people to search
thoroughly.” I’ve worked for Mr. Knight for a long time, but I have never seen him like this before. Just

as Caleb was about to leave, he suddenly remembered something. “By the way, I found some
information about Tanner West. He has come to Rodcaster.”

Ethan raised his gaze, his eyes empty and confused, as if he didn’t understand why Caleb would bring
up Tanner at a time like this.

In the end, Caleb had to remind him once again. “Your father asked you to meet Tanner.”

When Ethan heard that, his eyes flickered, and he seemed to finally remember. “Don’t worry about that
for now.” All he cared about at this moment was finding Alice; everything else was insignificant. So, he
pushed aside the tasks his father had assigned him.


Chapter 207 Tanner West (2)

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“Alright, I understand.” Caleb, having received his instructions, didn’t dwell on it anymore. He would
focus all his efforts on finding Alice and ignore everything else.

Suddenly, Ethan gave another instruction. “Not just Rodcaster; continue searching in other cities.”
Although they hadn’t found any records of her leaving Rodcaster, they also hadn’t found her within the

The last time she returned, he thought he should respect her and not pry into her affairs, he didn’t ask.
If I had known it would come to this, I would have asked for a clear explanation from her back then.


“I’ve already given the order. People in other cities are also searching tirelessly. They will report
immediately if there’s any news.” Caleb had notified them the previous night, and at that time, Sam had
laughed at him, thinking he was being too excessive. Now it seemed that his actions were not
excessive at all.

Seeing Caleb come out, Sam asked anxiously, “Still no news? No news at all?”

With a sigh, Sam shook his head.

“Do you think Mrs. Knight is some kind of fairy? How can she disappear without a trace? Can a normal
person do that?” Sam felt that this situation couldn’t be explained by normal circumstances.

“I also find it incredibly strange. How can a person suddenly vanish?” Even Liam was puzzled.

“We searched all night and all morning, and there’s still no news. I don’t know how long it will take this
time to find her.” Sam wasn’t complaining; he was just stating the facts.

“Mr. Knight hasn’t slept all night either. He reviewed the surveillance footage tirelessly, starting four
days ago, when Mrs. Knight left the Knight Residence. He meticulously examined the footage, frame by
frame.” Caleb noticed this as soon as he entered the room. “And he probably hasn’t eaten anything, not
even taken a sip of water. His voice has become hoarse.”

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