That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 220

Mr Knight’s Suspicion

Ethan asked, “What could you possibly do to harm the Knight Family that I need to be worried about?”

Alice’s heart skipped a beat. Fine. I have overestimated myself once again.

Well, frankly, she was already used to it at this point.

“If that’s the case, please leave, Mr. Knight.” If Alice were strong enough, she would have kicked him
out by


He narrowed his eyes slightly. “What are you trying to hide?”

“Who are you for me to report my personal matters to?” Alice’s tone was calm and distant.

She had cut off ties with him. Even if she was using her identity as Alice Woland, Ethan no longer had
any position to butt into her matters, especially now that she was Tanner West.

“You said so yourself. Mr. Knight. A small fry like me couldn’t do anything to harm the Knights. So, why
are you trying to force an answer out of me?” Alice stared at Ethan with collected and reserved eyes.

Alice felt that she had explained her stance enough and that Ethan would back up. Yet, to her surprise,
he did nothing of the sort.

Ethan’s eyes flickered and suddenly blurted, “We’ve met.”

It was a statement, not a question.

“What?” Alice was taken aback as she was unsure why Ethan suddenly said that.

“We’ve met.” Ethan stared at Tanner’s face and repeated himself in a slower, but more certain tone.

Alice blinked a few times and retorted, “Then, may I ask where we have met, Mr. Knight?”

She wanted to know where Ethan thought they had met.

He pursed his lips and didn’t answer. Still, he just had a gut feeling that he had met this person
standing before him.

He even had a moment where he suspected Tanner West could be Alice.

She had a track record of disguising as a man last time with Irvin. Her disguise was so good that even
he was fooled. So, there was a high possibility that she might have disguised herself as Tanner.

However, Tanner West was a well-known figure with his job and social circle. So, Alice couldn’t do
everything that Tanner had.

Besides, Tanner and Alice had too many differences and there was little to no interaction between

So, Ethan felt as if he had gone mad just trying to find Alice. He observed the person before him who
was in man’s clothes. Tanner was good-looking, but he had manly sculpted features instead of soft
feminine features.

Some of the male characteristics were also obvious such as the stubble on his chin and Adam’s apple.

He felt that one’s appearance could be faked, but these things couldn’t. He was sure that he could see
through it if it was makeup.

Besides, he had scrutinized every aspect and didn’t find anything off.

This meant that the person standing before him-Tanner was a real man with a beard and Adam’s apple.

So, he couldn’t be Alice.

“Excuse me, Mr. West.” Ethan silently let out a long sigh. He had probably lost whatever was left of his
sanity to have been possessed enough to barge into someone else’s room just now.

Alice looked at him without speaking. However, it was obvious she wanted him to leave.

This time. Ethan didn’t force his way in and turned around to leave without a word.

On the side, Lawrence stayed silent throughout the whole scene and left with Ethan.

“What’s this? What are you suspecting?” Lawrence demanded when they got in the car after exiting the

Ethan blinked his eyes as he recalled that one moment he suspected Tanner to be Alice, but it was a
ridiculous possibility.

He couldn’t even convince himself of it. So, he couldn’t possibly reveal this to his father.

“Are you

worried that Tanner would do something to harm the Knight Group?” Lawrence changed his query
when he saw that Ethan wasn’t going to answer him.

“He doesn’t have any ill intention toward the company, nor will he harm us,” Ethan stated in certainty.
He did not sense any hostility from Tanner when they were in the hotel earlier. That was why he felt
something was off.

“Then, why were you interrogating him?” Lawrence was taken aback by Ethan’s answer. He thought
Ethan was worried that Tanner would harm the Knight Group.

So, why was he so hostile when he was sure that Tanner would not harm the company?

That was what Lawrence couldn’t wrap his mind around.

“Dad, where’s the file you have on Tanner West?” Even though Ethan had ruled out the possibility of
Alice being Tanner by observing certain male characteristics, he had always been meticulous. Plus, he
figured that there was no harm in investigating this matter to lay his suspicions to rest.

“At home. Why? Is something wrong?” Lawrence looked at Ethan in confusion.

“I’ll take a look at it when we return home.” Ethan didn’t explain matters further. It was always better to
check personally for confirmation.

And so, Ethan and Lawrence returned to the Knight Residence.

He accepted the file from Lawrence in the study and quickly flipped through it.

Tanner was from Sasrith, which was far away from Rodcaster. He went to Cliaria nine years ago and
married a local woman there while obtaining a permanent resident card.

Seven years ago, his wife passed away due to a car accident. Later on, he started to shine in the
business. world and became a famous investor in a few years.

All of the projects he had invested in the last seven years never had a deficit.

“Is this Tanner’s son?” Ethan picked up a picture from the file and asked Lawrence.

“Yes. That’s Tanner’s son. This was taken by a magazine in Cliaria of Tanner and his son in the airport.
It’s quite clear.” Lawrence took a good look and continued. “His son looks like a mini him. It’s obvious
their father and son.”

“Didn’t he marry a Cliarian woman? Why doesn’t the son have any features of a Cliarian?” Ethan stared
at the photo with narrowed eyes.

He had to admit the two people in the picture looked alike. It was tell-tale that they were father and son,
but it was impossible for a child to not inherit any features from their mother.

Ethan didn’t see a single Cliarian feature in the picture. It was a little absurd as boys would usually
resemble their mothers.

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