That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 221

The Other Woman

A woman laughed, and her gaze was filled with contempt. She didn’t comment.

Dexter talked to the men and mentioned the construction site. They should have been dealing with the
aftermath of the Sylmark projects. After three rounds of drinks, a few men were slightly tipsy.

Josie played cards with the wives. She didn’t know how to play and kept making mistakes. The women
sneered at her when they saw her flustered. Josic took a deep breath and restrained her emotions.

“Alright, Mrs. Russell is a nice woman. Do you think she sits around and has nothing to do all day, just
like you? Let’s stop playing” Mrs. Langman smiled and came to Josie’s rescue. She looked at Josie.
“Why don’t you tell us how you got together with Mr. Russell? We want to hear about it.”

Josie opened her mouth and glanced at Russell. He didn’t intend to come to her rescue. He held a
cigarette in his hands.

At this time, someone interrupted softly. “Isn’t Mrs. Russell the other woman who was promoted? While
the daughter of the Olsen family wasn’t in the country, she shamelessly got married.”

The air turned tense. Josie’s face paled before her cheeks flushed. One of the men at the main table
quickly smoothed things over. “What do women know? Don’t talk nonsense about things you know
nothing about. Don’t take it to heart, Mr. Russell.”

When Josie looked at Dexter, he was puffing on his cigarette. “It’s fine.”

Only Josie was humiliated. She teared up and put down the cards she had held tightly to. “I’m not the
other woman.”

No one said anything momentarily after Josie was so direct. After a moment, another woman said, “As
long as your conscience is clear.”

When Josie’s tears fell, the private room door was opened, and a voice rang. “Mrs. Camber, I heard
your voice from far away. I’ll get upset if you say such things.”

It was Arnold. He was in a bright suit today and was still carefree as usual with a bright smile.

“Mr. Carter…”

Josie was surprised. When she looked at Dexter again, he wasn’t looking up. He was trying food on his
plate. It seemed nasty because he spat it out.

“Everyone in Wavery knows that I like Sum. If you say that Summer was with Dexter, I’ll get upset,”
Arnold. said openly as he sat down. He leaned one hand against the table and chair, and his gaze was
directed only at Josie.

Mrs. Camber thought of it and nodded at once. “I apologize for my rudeness.”

But Josie knew that while Arnold confessed his feelings for Summer, he silently proved that Josie
wasn’t the other woman.

He was so thoughtful, but Josie didn’t feel thankful. She felt more panicked.

Dexter poured a glass of wine. “You’re late, Arnold. You must be punished.”

“I’m single, unlike everyone here. Let me go this time.” Arnold smiled nonchalantly as he quietly turned
it down.

“You must be kidding. You’re so accomplished, Mr. Carter. It would be easy for you to get married. If
you can’t find anyone, my wife likes to play matchmaker. She can introduce someone to you.”

Someone interrupted with a smile.

“Any type of woman?”


“Is there someone like Mrs. Russell?”

The entire private room fell silent. Josie took a deep breath and wanted to murder the man.

Dexter finally turned and glanced at her. “You seem to be particularly fond of my wife, Arnold. Summer
might be sad if she learned you fell out of love with her.”

“I must put myself first.” Arnold smiled and raised his head to drink the wine. “Dexter, would you give
her up if I wanted her?”

The room was quiet for a long time. Dexter kept quiet from the start until the end. No one understood
what he was thinking about.

Josie could no longer sit still. She found an excuse to go to the washroom. She turned on the splashed
water on her face.

This was the first time she was truly humiliated.

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