That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 206

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“Why don’t we ask Mr. Knight to wait a little longer? Perhaps Mrs. Knight will show up on her own.”
Sam said half-jokingly.

“He’s pressing more urgently than last time. Go find her quickly. Caleb remained the most reliable, for
he would never be careless with Ethan’s orders.

The previous search for Alice clearly left Sam traumatized. “Alright, I’ll go find her. I hope we can find
her quickly this time. It’s already late. If it’s anything like last time, we won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

On the other hand, only Ethan and Britney were in the first-floor hall of the Knight Residence. Suddenly,
Ethan started walking toward the door.

Britney quickly stood up. “Everything I do is for your good, Ethan.”

Instantly, he stopped in his tracks but didn’t turn around. Today, he found out everything his mother had
done to Alice, but his upbringing prevented him from reprimanding or shouting at her. “I cannot stop
you from doing whatever you want, but Alice is my wife. I chose her for myself, and I’ll only make that
choice once in my lifetime. If I can’t bring her back…” He suddenly paused and narrowed his eyes. “So
be it.”

“What do you mean? What do you mean by ‘so be it? So be what?” She was taken aback. In fact, she
knew his son well, so she understood the meaning behind his words. However, she couldn’t believe it,
or rather, she didn’t want to believe it.

“What else do you want from me, Mother?” He finally turned around and glanced at Britney.

At this moment, he referred to her as ‘Mothead of the usual ‘Mom’. Sometimes,

excessive respect lacked certain things.

She looked at him with a pitiful and aggrieved expression. “I’m your mother, and I want you to be
happy. Everything I’ve done is for your good.”

Ethan remained silent and resumed walking toward the door.

“How can someone like Alice be worthy of you?” Britney couldn’t help raising her voice as he was
about to leave.

At her words, he halted his steps once again, but this time he turned around. His cold eyes were fixed
on his mother. “What does it matter if she’s worthy or not? Me liking her is already enough.”

“What do

you like about her? What does she have that makes you like her? You married her because of
Caroline.” Britney still believed she hadn’t done anything wrong.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes. I married her because of Caroline? Everyone thought he married
Alice because of Caroline; even she believed that. Yet, only he knew that Caroline was just an excuse;
his true purpose had always been Alice.

He wasn’t certain if the woman from seven years ago was actually her. He still hadn’t found any
evidence to prove it. However, when he saw her at the wedding in the hotel, he noticed her apparent
helplessness masked by a calm demeanor, the cunningness in her bright foxlike eyes, and her frail yet
stubborn figure when she left. At that time, he was uncertain about his own feelings.

It was only when Chris mentioned that she had a child that he felt a surge of nervousness and
excitement in his heart. At that moment, he truly understood his feelings. Deep down, he hoped that

she was the woman from seven years ago. Yet, it was later confirmed that he had allowed his
imagination to run wild.

Nevertheless, a thought flickered in his mind when he saw the photo of the child. If Caroline was a
descendant of the Knight Family, he could naturally bring Alice into their fold. Even if she wasn’t the
woman from seven years ago, he was determined to make her a part of the Knight Family. So, his
ultimate purpose had always been her.

“She’s disfigured and so dumb. She has done so many stupid things and she’s worthless. Even your
grandpa isn’t satisfied with her. Why do you insist on…” Britney listed Alice’s shortcomings, even
bringing up Holland’s name.

“She is my wife. Even if she truly is worthless, she is still the only wife I will have in my lifetime.” Ethan’s
cold and resolute eyes gleamed with determination as he spoke each word calmly. As he looked at her,
he said word by word, “If you cannot accept her, there’s no need to force it. Likewise, if she doesn’t like
it here, I won’t let her suffer.”

That was just the way he was. He was destined to be unable to please everyone, and even if he tried,
in the end, it would only result in Alice being the one who suffered, as she was younger. Why should
Alice be the one who suffers? Why, after my mother has done all those things to her, should I let her
continue to suffer? There’s no reason for that. As a son, he couldn’t do anything to his mother, but as a
husband, he absolutely could not let his wife be mistreated any longer.

At his words, Britney was stunned. “What are you saying? Are you going to disown me for Alice? I’ve
done so much to raise you, and this is how you treat me? You only think about how Alice is suffering.
Why don’t you think about whether I will suffer or not? When she left, she even threatened me. Why
don’t you care about that?”

Clearly, she hadn’t expected her son to protect Alice so fiercely, to the point of wanting to disown her
for Alice. This was something she couldn’t tolerate at all. Why should I be treated like this?

“What do you mean?” Ethan’s heart sank, suddenly feeling a bad premonition.

“When Alice left, she said that from now on, she and all members of the Knight Family were strangers.
She told me to remember that.” She clearly still cared about the words Alice had said at that time.
Although she also had the same thoughts, such words should have come from her, not from Alice. After
marrying into the Knight Family for so many years, Britney developed the habit of being superior. She
was used to everyone treating her with respect.

Ethan stared straight at his mother, his lips twitching slightly. However, he felt his throat dry up and he
was unable to say a single word.

Alice usually appeared soft and gentle when she was in the Knight Residence, restraining all her sharp
edges for the sake of Caroline. Yet, his mother had pushed Alice to the point where she spoke those

He knew Alice. She appeared soft and gentle, but in reality, she was more resilient than anyone else.
Once she made up her mind, no one could change it. And if she had spoken those words with her own
mouth, she would definitely follow through. All members of the Knight Family, which includes me. So,
she was saying that from then on, she would treat me as a stranger! My mother has truly left me with
no way out.

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