That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 223

Annual Meeting

When Dexter entered the venue, Josie was giving out roses to others. Everyone received one.

She didn’t raise her head from the start until the end and looked haggard.

Every Russell Group annual meeting when Dexter was in office would always make waves in the
business world yearly. This was when Russell Group employees felt the happiest.

At this time, Josie understood why Dexter wanted her to be involved in the annual meeting. Amid all the
bustle, she had come into contact with all the key personnel of Russell Group. Even if she couldn’t
remember exactly what everyone was in charge of, she had a rough idea.

She wasn’t sure if Dexter really wanted such a result, Josie didn’t think of anything else. She seized the
opportunity firmly and treated everyone politely. She was earnest and responsible, so she wouldn’t
leave others with a bad impression.

Her work ethic left a good impression on many people.

Dexter walked in dressed formally when he entered. He saw Alice dump roses into Josie’s lap. The
thorns had been removed. Josie was annoyed and amused. She looked up to see the tall man.

Josie was slightly surprised. She pursed her lips and didn’t dare believe he had walked over.

Alice was taken aback, and she stepped back. “Mr. Russell.”

Dexter was in a black suit tonight, looking highly solemn and indifferent.

Josie reacted quickly. She bowed slightly and gave him a rose. Mr. Russell.”

Her voice didn’t fluctuate.

He took the flower from her and walked into the venue. From where she was, she saw him give his
rose to an elderly woman. The woman must have held an essential role in the past and still attended
the annual meeting in her old age.

The dinner banquet was sumptuous, a fusion of North meets South. It suited most of the attendees”
tastebuds. Josie had put a lot of thought into it. Thankfully, it was well received.

Before the dinner banquet started, Dexter went on stage to give a speech. Instead of the script Ivy had
prepared for him, he said a few words and warm applause rang offstage. Josie stood in the corner and
looked up at the dazzling man. She had no expression on her face.

At this time, the host bravely asked a few questions. The last question was, “Mr. Russell, since this is
an annual occasion, can you fulfill our female employees’ hope of sharing a dance with you this year?”

Dexter smiled indifferently and didn’t answer. He raised his wineglass. “Please enjoy yourself.”

After that, Josie didn’t see him around. He was buried in the crowd. She couldn’t locate him even if she
wanted to.

She walked around the venue. The banquet took up the entire eighteenth floor. Besides Russell Group
employees, big shots from other industries were also present. Josie went up to help if she saw anyone


Her colleague called and told her she could stop, so Josie walked to the area Alice was responsible for.
When Josie turned, she saw a familiar figure.

It was Jesse!

She wore a long, bareback dress, and her makeup was exquisite. She looked straight at Josie. Her
target was clear. It seemed as though she had followed Josie..

Josie raised her brows in surprise.

Jesse approached Josie one step at a time, and a sneer appeared on Jesse’s face. “Nice to meet you,


“I don’t understand what you mean.” Josie narrowed her eyes slightly.

Jesse took out a pack of cigarettes. She lit one and put it between her lips before leaning against the
wall and puffing on it. She looked up at Josie. “Don’t be in a rush to refute. Since I’ve said it, it means I
already know.”

She used to be a celebrity and had some resources. Now that the news of Dexter being married spread
in the upper social circle, it was only natural for her to learn of it if she wanted to.

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