That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 229

Merciless Beating

Bleu spurted blood from his mouth.

“How dare you call her a wh*re?”

“She is not an unwanted toy!”

“How dare you call her wanton?”

Dexter punched him without mercy, landing punches on Bleu’s face and head.

The crowd had never seen Dexter behaving so violently.

It seemed he was determined to kill Bleu.

Yet, his movements were clean and sharp. It was mesmerizing to watch.

Bleu had no chance to fight back.

Meanwhile, Bleu’s father rushed over upon hearing the noise and saw Dexter punching his son from
among the crowd. His expression blanched, and his legs nearly gave way. What was Bleu thinking?
Doesn’t he know what Dexter is like?

However, he did not dare to come forward to help his son.

Dexter released the anger he had accumulated for years and stepped away when Bleu was bloody
beyond recognition. Bleu slumped on the floor, afraid that Dexter would punch him again. Thus, he
latched onto the hem of Dexter’s trousers and pleaded pitifully, “I was wrong. Mr. Russel. I’m sorry. I
won’t dare to do it again…

It was a pathetic sight.

Bleu had lost all trace of the arrogance from before.

Bleu’s father looked away from the scene. Although he was unsure of Dexter’s relationship with Josie,
he saw how Dexter defended her without hesitation and knew Bleu had doomed the Mullins family.

Meanwhile, Ivy finally arrived at the scene and was briefly stunned to her spot. She did not expect
Dexter to beat up someone in public for Josie,

He’s insane!

“Ivy.” Dexter still looked threatening even after he stopped punching Bleu.

“Contact the doctor immediately and tell him to wait for me.”

The crowd was in shock. No one expected Dexter to fly into a rage over a woman.

Still, the crowd thought it was understandable that he was furious. After all, Josie was not only an
employee of Russell Group but also the design department head. Therefore, it was natural for
someone to

forward to protect her after what she had gone through.


However, there were so many people on the scene. Why did Dexter personally step out to defend her?

Meanwhile, a few gray-haired elderly men stood at the crowd’s periphery and exchanged glances.
There were fear and confusion in their eyes. Yet, they were excited to see Dexter losing his usual

They knew they must not underestimate Josie’s importance to Dexter.

Dexter ignored the crowd and focused all his attention on Josie. He bent down and carried her securely
in his arms before leaving. The crowd heard him speaking gently to Josie as he walked past them.
“Don’t be scared, and don’t worry about anything. I will bring you home.”

We are going home.

It was New Year’s Eve. A time when the whole nation celebrates and counts down to usher in the

new year.

Apart from the incident near the swimming pool, people in the rest of the building were partying, utterly
unaware of what had happened.

Jesse went from one man to another, trying to get them to help her with her cause. Suddenly, a few
burly bodyguards showed up and dragged her away, throwing her out of Russell Group. “Leave, or we
will call the police!”

Her dream to be an actress was crushed at that moment.

Meanwhile, Ivy stayed behind to deal with the aftermath of Bleu’s rash behavior.

Bleu’s father was on the verge of kneeling to beg for mercy, but Ivy grabbed a glass of wine and
smashed it on the floor to vent her fury. “Your son has done something unforgivable. There’s no use
pleading with


His legs gave way.


A loud noise came from ahead, prompting Dexter to stop the car immediately.

The movement jostled Josie, who was dozing off in the front passenger seat. Her face was as pale as a

The bodyguard in the car before them got out to check the situation. He soon returned and reported to
Dexter, “There’s a car accident ahead. The police are on their way.”

Dexter silently indicated to the bodyguard to leave.

Then, he turned on the car’s interior light and checked on Josie. He asked gently, “Are you all right?”

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