That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 230

Leaked Information

Josie’s eyelids throbbed. She felt a persistent panic and wondered if it was because she was nearly

She let Dexter comfort her before leaning into his embrace. She still could not speak. However, she
sensed Dexter’s patience running thin during the prolonged silence and said, “The hotel layout has to
be changed”

She was traumatized by the feeling of isolation and helplessness.

What… What would happen to me if Laura didn’t come out? What if she decided not to help me? What
would happen

to me then?

Dexter also felt a lingering fear over what had happened. His expression turned stern as he answered,
“Yes, it has to be changed.”

The placeneeds more thanminor changes. It requires extensive remodeling.

Therefore, the most exclusive hotel in Wavery underwent a significant renovation for the next two
months. Rumors said Dexter spent tens of millions on this and would only allow the renovation to stop
once he was satisfied with the result. Meanwhile, Bleu’s family faced catastrophe. Initially, Dexter
showed some mercy and did not force their destruction. However, after that incident…

The family suffered a bloody end.

Of course, all these happened much later.

In the present, Dexter realized the road ahead would take a long time to clear. Thus, he decided to turn
the car around and bring Josie to his other house in Wavery.

He rarely stayed here, and there were no servants. It was quiet and peaceful.

Dexter carried Josie across the yard. Josie looked up from his embrace and saw two lamps on the

They seemed to guide them home.

Dexter patted her shoulder and placed her on the bed in the master bedroom. This was a single-story
villa, and the outside of the bedroom was planted with greenery, filling the window with lush scenery.
There was also a pond outside where water dripped from the eaves, producing clear and melodious


Since Dexter rarely came to the house, he forgot where many things were placed. He got up to find all
the necessities while Josie lay in bed and watched him searching around busily.

Her emotions were a mess.

past few

Dexter was now gentle and caring as she remembered. However, he was so cold and cruel the days
that he was a completely different person. She could not understand how someone could have such
contrasting behaviors.

Her heart ached as she thought about it.

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