That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 227

She Saved Her

Bleu was stronger and restrained her easily. He even took the chance to grope her and leered at her
full breasts. Then, he laughed menacingly and picked up her work ID. “Oh, you work in Russell Group. I
guess you slept your way in.”

Josie breathed heavily and struggled hard before finally breaking free of his restraint. She slapped Bleu
hard, causing his head to turn sideways. However, he quickly covered her mouth before she could call
for help and hit her.

“How dare you slap me? Do you wish to die?”

Josie faced a similar threat and humiliation when she tried to rescue Justin in Heaven on Earth.
Therefore, her instincts kicked in, fueling her will to survive. She reached for the phone in her pocket,
but Bleu caught her. He snatched the phone and threw it into the nearby swimming pool.

It was cold outside, so no one came out. Moreover, the glass on the floor-to-ceiling windows was made.
such that people could see the interior from the outside, but those inside could not see what was

Josie could see the crowd chatting happily in the hall, but no one noticed her situation.

They were so near, yet no one came to help her.

It filled her with despair.

Bleu also realized this and took off his jacket, grinning maliciously. He covered Josie’s mouth even as
he tears fell on his hand.

“Don’t bother pretending to be chaste. I’ve seen too many women like you. Women like you act pure

are wanton in bed.”

Bleu noticed she had quite an alluring figure and began touching her. “We don’t even need to get to
bed. We can make love here. Isn’t it exciting?”

Josie’s eyes burned with hatred. She kept kicking her legs and struggled with all her might, but he

restrained her with his knees. Despair filled her heart. Her cries for help were muffled by the hand on
her mouth. She had never wanted Dexter to appear as much as she did at that moment.

Bleu was at the end of his rope. He was desperate enough to do anything.

Where could Dexter be?

Laura was the first to notice something was off. She looked for Josie but could not find her anywhere.
In the end, she grabbed someone and asked, “Where is Ms. Warren from the design department?”

Alice was enjoying herself at the party. She glanced at the window but could not see anything. “I think
she’s still outside. She dislikes crowded places.”

Laura frowned and walked in the direction Alice pointed. “I’ll go look for her.”

Laura ran outside in time to find Josie restrained against the wall by a man against her will. The man
had pulled her evening gown below her shoulders. Revealing a large expanse of her fair skin.

She Saved Her

Moreover, Josie’s eyes were filled with despair.

Laura did not have time to think. She covered her mouth in disbelief before screaming, “Help! A woman
is being assaulted!”

Her voice alerted many people in the hall. The musicians immediately stopped the music.

Meanwhile. Bleu realized he had been discovered and glared at Josie as he cursed. He panicked and
grabbed Josie as he approached Laura. Laura immediately jumped into self-defense mode and gabbed
a wine bottle before smashing it on his shoulder.

Bleu hissed in pain and had no choice but to release Josie.

Josie was finally freed from the suffocating feeling. She fell to the floor and felt fresh air rushing into her
lungs. She hugged herself and could not help but heave like a fish out of water.

“How dare you hit me?” Bleu touched his shoulder and found blood. His gaze turned murderous. He
reached out and snatched the wine bottle from Laura. Being a woman, Laura’s strength was no match
for his. She found herself being pushed backward.

People in the hall rushed out at this moment. Dexter had just left the private lounge when he heard
Laura’s scream. He furrowed her brow and had a bad feeling. Thus, he grabbed his coat and ordered
Ivy as he ran, “Find out where Josie is right now.”

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